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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Delta Quadrant of Venus
Author: Tenderware
Dates: 16 May 1999 - today (last update 2002)
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
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Delta Quadrant of Venus is Tenderware's J/7 website.

"The site was originally hosted on AOL's hometown pages, which AOL shut down on October 31, 2008. The DQV site was resurrected and moved to this new home on November 30, 2008 because fans asked to have it back. Thank you for your continued interest in my stories. I'm truly touched. --T'ware"

DQV hosts Tenderware's fanfiction, her art gallery with J/7 manips, commentary, and The Janeway/Seven Fanfiction FAQ. The site also hosts J/7 stories by EmptyFlask and Otter.

Site description from Loving Is Perfection:
Delta Quadrant of Venus: Oh my... what I can say about the lovely human being that hosts this site? Uhmmm, she is my J/7 fan fiction goddess for one thing. I can honestly say that if I hadn't been introduced to J/7 fanfic by her MARVELOUS story "Sustenance" I don't know if I would even be reading, much less writing J/7. "Sustenance" is wonderful, its sequel is wonderful, Tenderware is wonderful and her site is wonderful. Check it out.[1]

Fanfiction by Tenderware

Sensations (May 16, 1999) was the first story, By Thirds (December 31, 2001) the last. All summaries are from Tenderware's website.

The "Sustenance" Couplet:

  • Sustenance -- VOY J/7 NC-17 (Drama). Another "first-encounter" story. Rescued after weeks stranded on a desolate planet, Janeway tries to come to terms with what she and Seven were forced to do to survive. (Posted May 31, 1999.)
  • Adaptations: A Sequel to Sustenance -- VOY J/7 NC-17 (Drama). Their love helped Janeway and Seven survive several weeks on a desolate planet. Will it also sustain them now that they're back on Voyager and confronted by a crew that seems incapable of adapting to the captain's new relationship with the former Borg? (Posted February 6, 2000.)

The Standalone Stories

  • Sensations -- VOY J/7 NC-17 (Comedy). A "first-encounter" story. Janeway's gratitude for Seven's birthday gift leads to some unexpected emotional repercussions. (Posted May 16, 1999.)
  • Transported -- VOY J/7 NC-17 (Comedy). Another "first-encounter" story. A transporter mishap forces Janeway and Seven to get to know each other better than either of them ever expected. (Posted July 5, 1999.) Bodyswitch fic.
  • Bride of Arachnia -- VOY J/7 NC-17 (Comedy). Another "first-encounter" story. When Janeway returns as Queen Arachnia and tries to get Seven to loosen up by playing Constance Goodheart, they unwittingly uncover a seamier side to Paris's "Captain Proton" holodeck program. (Posted September 19 & 20, 1999.)
    Lunacy wrote in her review that "combining humor with passion in a thoroughly indulgent little tale, this one pushes all the right buttons."[2]
  • The Journey Home -- VOY J/7 PG-13 (Romance). A short first-kiss tale. After several years absence, Q returns to Voyager to make Janeway an offer. Lesbian theme but not sexually explicit. (Posted October 17, 1999.)
  • Rain -- VOY J/7 NC-17 (Comedy). Another "first-encounter" story. Janeway and Seven get caught in a downpour and become....very wet. (Posted October 29, 1999.)
  • Personal Time -- VOY J/7 NC-17 (Romance). Another "first-encounter" story. Worried by Seven's request to be alone for a day, Janeway interrupts the young woman's personal time, with pleasantly surprising consequences for both.(Posted November 1, 1999.)
  • Scaring Seven: A Halloween Tale -- VOY J/7 NC-17 (Romance). Another "first-encounter" story. Seven can't understand the allure of Halloween, so Janeway plays a trick on the former Borg to treat her to a few thrills and chills of her own. (Posted November 30, 1999.)
  • My One -- VOY J/7 NC-17 (Romance). Another "first-encounter" story. After catching a glimpse of an erotic holo-image in Janeway's possession, Seven discovers the woman behind the captain..... and within herself. (Posted May 9, 2000.)
  • The Borg with Five Fingers -- VOY J/7 NC-17 (Erotic Horror Comedy). Seven gets into a handful of trouble when her implant develops a mind of its own and has eyes only for Janeway.(Posted December 24, 2000.)
  • The Four-Pips Club -- VOY J/7 NC-17 (Comedy). Surprises are in store for Janeway when she discovers that Seven and about half the crew belong to a secret writing club featuring stories about the captain's love life. (Posted August 15, 2001.)
    One reviewer describes the story as "A very funny and somewhat metatextual story where Janeway discovers that she is the star of a fanfiction community within Voyager. Tenderware gently mocks some of the fanfiction tropes, including one of her own stories, even while embracing the joys of fandom too."[3]
  • By Thirds -- VOY J/J/7 NC-17 (Romance). A first-time story. A menage-à-trois with a twist ensues after an accident separates the Starfleet-disciplined Captain Janeway from a surprisingly fun-loving Kathryn Janeway, who declares her true feelings for Seven of Nine and leaves the Borg feeling suddenly torn in her affections. (Posted December 31, 2001.)


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