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Star Trek VOY Fanfiction
Title: Sustenance
Author(s): Tenderware
Date(s): 13 May 1999
06 February 2000
Length: ~19,600 words / ~30,600 words
Genre: femslash
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
External Links: Sustenance (DQV)
Adaptations (DQV)

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Sustenance is a Janeway/Seven couplet by Tenderware. It consists of the stories Sustenance and Adaptations.


Summary: Rescued after weeks stranded on a desolate planet, Janeway tries to come to terms with what she and Seven were forced to do to survive.

Lunacy described the story in her review as "one of the most unusual and beautiful hurt/comfort stories I've ever read."[1] LZClotho says in her long review that "no way is Sustenance 'just another' anything. [...] At first a simple tale of survival and companionship on an Away mission, Sustenance turns into one of the--no, 'the' best complex tale of love, support, and reconciling oneself to human need that can only be healed by the first two."[2]

Sustenance won the Delta Dreams 2001 Janeway/Seven Fanfic Contest in the PWP/NC-17 Category. It also won Platinum in the Janeway Seven Blue Awards in the Best Guilty Pleasure category.


Summary: A Sequel to Sustenance. Their love helped Janeway and Seven survive several weeks on a desolate planet. Will it also sustain them now that they're back on Voyager and confronted by a crew that seems incapable of adapting to the captain's new relationship with the former Borg?

Lunacy says in her review: "For the crew of Voyager their leader's new association with a Borg is problematic - some seeing it as a conflict of interests, some seeing it as simply repulsive. It's a situation that comes to a head when the opportunity presents itself for Voyager to shave decades of travel from their journey home but in order to take advantage of that opportunity a manned shuttle must be left behind - a shuttle whose inhabitant will never be able to follow Voyager home. In the difficult days that follow tempers will flare, old hatreds will resurface, a vulnerable heart will be trampled and Captain Kathryn Janeway will risk it all to show her crew just what one Borg means to her. In a sequel that easily matches the exceptional quality of its predecessor, Tenderware has written a story that is gripping and emotional, grounded in what is without a doubt one of fanfic's most sensual and sizzling depictions of the Janeway/Seven partnership - this is one to avoid at work people!"[1]


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