Janeway Seven Blue Awards

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Name: Janeway Seven Blue Awards
Date(s): 2003
Frequency: just once
Type: femslash award
Associated Community: Janeway/Seven fandom
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
URL: http://www.angelfire.com/jazz/j7/
Janeway Seven Blue Awards Results.jpg
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Janeway Seven Blue Awards was a fanfiction award in Star Trek: Voyager fandom.

From the FAQ:
This site was a reaction to the odd awards that appeared in the world of J/7 in early 2003. I threw together a nomination form because I kept looking at those mysterious awards and thinking, "hmmm, I’d have nominated x or y given the chance." So on March 26th I threw this site up and let people nominate stories.[1]
Results were posted August 2, 2003.[1]


Category J7Platinum.gif J7Gold.gif J7Silver.gif Bronze

Best Post End Game Story

Veracity by Nomedeplume Timeless Passages by Gina Dartt Game's end by Anik LeChev Adrift by Gina Dartt

Terribly Amusing Story

The Morning After by Gina Dartt Not Just Strip Poker by Pink Rabbit Productions Transported by Tenderware Fleet Babe by Wendy aka weebod

Best Guilty Pleasure

Sustenance by Tenderware Just Between: Truth and Lies by Gina Dartt Turning Point by LZ Clotho Permanent Scars Series by Ellen Milholland

New Story of Note

At Last by Casta Diva A Little White Bunny by An B. Cay Tropics by Snowolf Melting Ice by Glynis aka gjg

Interesting Uber

Campus by Anik LaChev In Waning Light by Nomedeplume Unexpected Sparks by Gina Dartt Island Series by GB Raven

Amazing Sex Scene

Just Between Us by Gina Dartt Bound by Bailey B. Sensations by Tenderware Dance with Me by Casta Diva

Most Romantic Story

Just Between Series by G.L. Dartt Campus by Anik LaChev Arte/Scienza by DiNovia Roommates by LZ Clotho

Under the Cradling Moon by TheTilde


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