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Synonyms: Über
Related: AU, Reincarnation
See Also: Femslash, Filing Off The Serial Numbers, Original Slash, Original Fiction, Profic
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Uber is a popular fanfic genre in the Xenaverse.

The term was coined in 1997 by Kym Taborn, a fan who created the online Xena journal Whoosh!.[1]

An Uber-Xena story takes the essence of the characters and places them in another time, another place, or another reality.[2] The uber characters do not have the same names and do not have to be mirror images of the canon characters. Sometimes they are descendants or reincarnations; usually they resemble the originals physically, and they share the same type of bond.


See Whoosh! for more information on the first Uber fics and popularity of the genre.

See also: Beyond Uber

Bards In Print

Star Trek Voyager Janeway/Seven uber novels

In early 1999, Tropical Storm by Melissa Good [4] became the first commercially released Uber-Xena novel, which started a trend that led to more and more Uber-Xena print publications[5] and the creation of a few small publishing houses.

(Published Uber novels and publishing houses, how this relates to original lesbian fiction, etc.)

Examples: Accidental Love, The Bluest Eyes in Texas, Breaking Away, Gun Shy, Josie and Rebecca: The Western Chronicles, Lucifer Rising, Redemption, Retribution...

A fan in 2014 remarked about Xena fandom and fiction:
"I'm a big lesbian fiction reader, but not a huge Xena fan. A really remarkable percentage of lesbian romance/adventure novels from the mid-90s through the early 2000s are Xena fanfic with the serials sort of filed off. I say sort of because Xena canonically has Xena & Gabrielle being reincarnated in different lives where they don't remember their pasts, but find each other anyway (and get married in at least one instance). This gave fans the room to create an entire genre of "Ubers" with canon support, many of them modern day. Naturally many were published almost unaltered and didn't particularly need to change anything, even the names were usually different already. If you run into a lesbian romance with a tall, dark, very physical lead and a short, blonde one (especially if they're both viewpoint characters) check the front-matter or epilogue. Chances are you'll see a Xena or bards references." [6] [7]




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