The Bluest Eyes in Texas

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Title: The Bluest Eyes in Texas
Publisher: Fortitude Press, Yellow Rose Books
Author(s): Linda Crist
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 2000 (online), May 2002 (FP), 21 November 2005 (YRB)
Medium: online, print
Fandom: Xena: Warrior Princess
Language: English
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The Bluest Eyes in Texas is an alt uber Xena: Warrior Princess novel by Linda Crist.

The Fortitude Press version had 305 pages and the Yellow Rose Books version, 2nd edition had 376 pages.

Publisher's summary: Kennedy Nocona is an out, liberal, driven attorney, living in Austin, the heart of the Texas hill country. Once a player in the legal community, a personal tragedy for which she blames herself causes her to re-evaluate her life. Seeking redemption for her tormented past, she loses herself in her work, strict discipline of mind and body, and the teachings of Native American roots she once shunned. Dallasite Carson Garret is a young paralegal overcoming the loss of her parents, and coming to terms with her own sexual orientation. After settling her parents' estate and examining her failed past relationships, she is desperately ready to move forward. Bored with her state of affairs, she longs for excitement and romance to make her feel alive again. A chance encounter finds them inexplicably drawn to one another, and after a weekend together, they quickly find themselves in a long distance romance that leaves them both wanting more. Circumstances at Carson's job escalate into a series of mysteries and blackmail that leaves her with more excitement than she ever bargained for. Confused, afraid, and alone, she turns to Kennedy, the one person she knows can help her. As they work together to solve a puzzle, they confront growing feelings that neither woman can deny. Can they overcome the outside forces that threaten to crush them both?

Lunacy calls it "a fascinating emotional journey from friends to soulmates and lovers" and a "delightful, sexy romance and a suspenseful thriller in one package". [1]

From Cee's FanFic Reviews: "The Bluest Eyes in Texas is a sweeping romance that is also a great thriller. [...] This bard skillfully builds the tension as she lets her characters piece together the clues that will help them try to stop the bad guys before it's too late. This story has great edge-of-your-seat suspense and a wonderfully developed romance."[2]

The story was a Swollen Bud Award winner and recommended by The Bardic Circle.


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