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Recommendation Website
Name: Cee's FanFic Reviews
Reccer(s): Cee
Dates: 2001-2002
Focus: Alt, Uber
Fandom: Xena: Warrior Princess
URL: http://ceesreviews.tripod.com/
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Cee's FanFic Reviews is a Xena fanfic review site. From the main page:
I am an avid reader of Xena and Uber fanfic. If you're like me, you often find yourself looking for some new and exciting story to read, but don't know what's good and what's not so good.
I created this site mostly because I really miss Lunacy's updates and feel there is a lot of newer fic out there that isn't getting "catalogued" since Lunacy's semi-retirement.
My goal is to have a handful of new reviews each week. I will focus mainly on newer stories, but some older ones will probably sneak through. ("New" being a very relative term here). There are also stories that are new to me, but might have been around for a while.
From Lunacy's Fan Fiction Reviews: "Making its debut March 4, 2001, this site features reviews of classic and uber Xena tales."[1] In her review guide Cee says about story types:
I know most fanfic stories are divided into two categories these days: Classic Xena/Gabrielle and Ubers. I feel there should be a distinction made between a true Uber and what should rightly be called Original Lesbian Fiction. To me, a true Uber should make a direct reference to the idea that the characters are the reincarnations of Xena and Gabrielle. Just because one character is taller with dark hair and blue eyes and the other is shorter with red/blonde/strawberry blonde hair and green eyes, doesn't mean they are based on anything remotely connected to the TV show Xena. However, I know that the term Uber is the accepted description for those stories. So, I have labeled the Classic Xena and Gabrielle stories as X/G and most so-called Ubers as U/O (Uber/Original). You can assume that a story with a U listing only makes an overt reference to Xena and Gabrielle.[2]
The page was last updated August 9, 2002.[3]

Thematic Lists

Cee's FanFic Reviews has a few special theme pages for groups of stories that revolve around a central theme.

  • Conquer Me, Baby - Xena, the Conqueror Stories
  • Dysfunction Junction - Tales of families more screwed up than your own.
  • Memories…Like the Corners of My Mind - Who can forget these stories all about amnesia and memory loss?
  • T. Novan Stories - Stories from the woman who is, quite possibly, the best bard in the Xenaverse.
  • The Wild, Wild West - Stories with a Western theme - Cowgirls, Indians, Gun Fights and Bandits - Yippee Kay-ay!.
  • Xena Series Finale - It's not the Ending. It's just the Beginning. Stories that rework a Friend In Need.


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