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Recommendation Website
Name: Lunacy's Fan Fiction Reviews
Reccer(s): Lunacy
Dates: 1997 - 2012
Focus: Alt, Gen, Uber
Fandom: Xena: Warrior Princess, Star Trek: Voyager
URL: WayBack link to the earliest archived version, (Wayback link to the last version)
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Lunacy's Fan Fiction Reviews is a review site for Xena: Warrior Princess and Star Trek: Voyager fanfic as well as original f/f online and commercial fiction. There are also links to fanfic art and to fanfic and writing resources. Links to Xena fanvids also appear. In Lunacy's own words:

I invite you to sit back, explore and read 'til your heart's content. The only request I will make is that you please remember to thank the bards and artists after you've enjoyed their work. These talented people share their time, their effort and their imagination with us for free so lets make sure they feel appreciated!

Even more than a decade after it was created, it is still one of the best organized rec sites on the net and a great resource for Xena/Gabrielle and Janeway/Seven fans.

The site has been online since 1997 and it includes reviews of Xena fanfic organized in a number of different indexes. Currently there are indexes of reviews for alternative, general, Uber-Xena, Warlord/Slave, Conqueror and Holiday stories. There's also an index of reviews for lost stories. The reviews include an approximate release date, mention of any awards a story has garnered, links to fanfic art and story descriptions. The site features crosslinks to sequels, prequels, and/or other stories in a series.

As of October 2012, the site seems to have disappeared.


Reviews dated prior to 5/20/99 are from Lunacy's Fan Fiction Reports which were published by Lunacy from March 1997-May 20,1999 and posted to a number of Xena: Warrior Princess mailing lists. Reviews after that date have been posted exclusively to Lunacy's Fan Fiction Reviews.[1]

Reviews are sorted alphabetically by title and author and are organized by type (taken from the Explanatory Notes section of the site[1]):

  • ALTERNATIVE and GENERAL XENA FAN FICTION: Reviews for stories which feature characters and/or situations and settings from the XWP TV show.
  • UBER-XENA AND ORIGINAL FICTION: Reviews listed here are for stories which feature uber-Xena characters. Lunacy also list in this index reviews for original fiction which remind her of the Xena/Gab characters and/or relationship.
  • MEL/JANICE FAN FICTION: Reviews for stories featuring the characters of Mel Pappas and Janice Covington. Mel/Janice fanfic reviews are also included in the UBER-XENA AND ORIGINAL FICTION index because these two characters are ubers of the TV characters.
  • WARLORD/SLAVE FICTION: Reviews for stories which revolve around a relationship between two main characters in which one of the characters assumes a warlord persona while the other is placed in a submissive role as servant or slave. These stories are popular in Xena fan fiction and are present as well in the uber-Xena genre.
  • XENA THE CONQUEROR FAN FICTION: Reviews for stories featuring the Xena The Conqueror character introduced in the HERCULES episode ARMAGEDDON NOW and/or any of the other characters from that alternative world.
  • HOLIDAY TALES: Reviews for Xena, Uber-Xena and original fiction which celebrate the spirit of three major holiday periods - Halloween, Thanksgiving and Solstice.
  • STAR TREK VOYAGER: Reviews of Star Trek Voyager fanfic - currently only alternative stories are included.
  • COMMERCIAL TITLES REVIEWS: Reviews of commercial fiction and poetry available in print. All of these to date are works written by former or present fanfic authors.
  • LOST STORIES: Reviews of online stories no longer available on the Web.


The site has a comprehensive FAQ section and a fandom glossary page that explains such terms as Alternative Fiction, Uber-Xena, Warlord/Slave, Xena the Conqueror, etc. Other resources include:

  • THE BARD'S REFERENCE LIBRARY - Xena Collection - "Listed here you will find documents, articles and how-to manuals written by Xenites about the writing process and/or about XWP fan fiction. You will also find links to other sites on the Net that might be of interest to writers. You will find everything from technical instruction on how to construct a sentence to advice on how to develop characters and plots. Do keep in mind that the writing process itself tends to be a very personal thing. [...] In fan fiction there is nothing wrong with either approach. The MOST important thing to keep in mind is that fan fiction both for writers and readers should first and foremost be FUN! The documents listed here are NOT "official" guides on writing XWP fan fiction. They are simply contributions from fellow Xenite bards in which they share what works for them. Locally hosted documents include the date they were added to the library's collection at the end of the item description."[2] The General Fanfic Article section of the page also hosts a few essays by Loch Ness and links to some of torch's fanfic essays that sadly are no longer available on the net. It included Art by Slash.
  • THE BARD'S REFERENCE LIBRARY - Voyager Collection - Star Trek: Voyager resources and links.
  • INDEX TO VIDEOS - Xena Listing - an index to XWP music videos and video parodies that lists title, vidder, music/artist, and has a link to the host site(s).
  • INDEX TO VIDEOS - Voyager Listing - a small collection of Janeway/Seven vid links.
  • Uber-Xena FF Contents Guide - a guide for reviewed Uber-Xena stories that lists title, author, type (alt or gen), whether the story is Mel/Janice or not, description of Uber-Xena and Uber-Gabrielle (who the characters are or what they do in the story), time (indicates the approximate time period in which a story takes place), and location (geographical location of a story).
  • Searching For Xena Fan Fiction - this is not just a list of index and review sites, it also explains searching methods in XWP fandom.
  • Experts Directory - Listed in this directory are individuals who have agreed to share their knowledge in selected subject areas with Xenite fan fiction writers in hopes of making the fanfic stories more realistic and more accurate.
  • Beta Readers Directory - XWP/VOY
  • Posting Your Fan Fiction Story On The Web - suggestions for people who want to post their Xena fanfiction to the net.
  • Micky's Xena Covers And More


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