Accidental Love

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Title: Accidental Love
Publisher: Justice House Publishing
Intaglio Publications
Author(s): BL Miller
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 1998, June (or August?) 1999 (JHP), July 2005 (IP)
Medium: online, print
Fandom: Xena: Warrior Princess
Language: English
External Links: BL Miller's website
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JHP cover of Accidental Love

Accidental Love is an alt uber novel by BL Miller. It was the second uber novel published by JHP. The book has 326 pages and the last 11 pages are a preview for Lucifer Rising.

Author's summary: Veronica Cartwright is a rich executive born with a silver spoon in her mouth. The world is hers for the taking. Rose Grayson is a young orphan living just above homelessness. On a dark and snowy night, their worlds collide with a terrible accident. They grow closer than either would ever have imagined but just when happiness seems to be theirs, a hidden secret threatens to tear their Cinderella world apart. This is a full length novel, please don't try to read all in one sitting.[1]

IP cover of Accidental Love

The JHP summary is an abridged version of Lunacy's review. Lunacy described the novel as "romance, SIZZLING passion, humor and GREAT angst all wrapped up in an original, well-written story you wont want to put down. The story begins on a cold winter evening in modern day Albany with Rose Grayson on her way home after working her shift as a cashier in a local supermarket. Heading home that evening also [...] is wealthy executive Veronica "Ronnie" Cartwright - her life about to be forever changed when a fleeing figure suddenly darts in front of her Porsche. Horrified by the accident but hoping to avoid the repercussions that would come from acknowledging her involvement, Ronnie rushes the unconscious young woman to the hospital claiming simply to have found her but willing to take responsibility for her care. [...] What begins as a responsibility for the executive soon leads to a very special friendship and then to something wholly unexpected for Ronnie - as she finds herself falling deeply and completely in love with the young woman, trying to deal with old fears from the past and with the knowledge that what happened on a cold Winter evening may very well come back to haunt her someday."[2]

An online version of the story is available at the author's website and there are several fan covers and artwork on a separate page.


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