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Zine Publisher
Name: Justice House Publishing
Fandoms: Original Fiction, Xena Uber
URL: http://www.justicehouse.com/ (defunct)
Open Library: Justice House Publishing
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Justice House Publishing (short: JHP) was a publisher of lesbian original fiction.

From the 1999 article Luscious Lucy gets naked:
[Robin] Paterson has founded Justice House Publishing, and is putting out in paperback the most popular Über titles (there's no copyright issues with them), and selling them via the Internet. JHP's first three books are slated for release in mid-May and pre-sales have been brisk, she says. Within two weeks of announcing the publication of Good's Tropical Storm, Paterson had 500 orders for the 512-page, US$17 book. Who knows where the future may lead for some of these bards. What started out as a way to enhance their experience in the Xenaverse has turned into something more.[1]

The first novel published by JHP was Tropical Storm, the second Accidental Love and the third Lucifer Rising. According to the list of JHP novels at the end of Lucifer Rising, Gun Shy was originally supposed to be published by Justice House Publishing in winter 1999, but it seems that didn't work out.

Uber Xena Novels

Published Xena uber novels include:

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