Josie and Rebecca: The Western Chronicles

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Title: Josie and Rebecca: The Western Chronicles
Publisher: Justice House Publishing
Intaglio Publications
Author(s): Vada Foster, BL Miller
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 1998 (online), March 2000 (JHP), July 2005 (IP)
Medium: online, print
Fandom: Xena: Warrior Princess
Language: English
External Links: The Western Chronicles (BL Miller's website)
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Josie and Rebecca: The Western Chronicles is an alt uber novel by Vada Foster and BL Miller.

Publisher's summary:

"At the center of this story are two women; one a deadly gunslinger bitter from the injustices of her past, the other a gentle dreamer trying to escape the horrors of the present. Their destinies come together one fateful afternoon when the feared outlaw makes the choice to rescue a young woman in trouble. For her part, Josie Hunter considers the brief encounter at an end once the girl is safe, but Rebecca Cameron has other ideas...."

The summary is an excerpt from Lunacy's review where she gave the novel her highest recommendation and described it as "an epic western saga with all the elements familiar to that genre, rousing adventure, heinous villains, heart-stoping action, outlaws-turned-heroes and of course - a romance that will just warm the heart. [...] This is an outstanding uber interpretation not only of the characters of Xena and Gab but also of the XWP series as a whole.[1]

It is a beautiful, passionate love story that develops slowly, pulling the reader into this drama as the leads themselves discover the growing intensity between them. The authors spent considerable time researching the Old West which shows in the tale's air of authenticity. Set aside some time for this one because it is a long, thoroughly satisfying read you WONT want to put down."[1]

The JHP version has 380 pages and according to Amazon the IP version has 408 pages. The latter is difficult to verify as the IP version for some reason doesn't have page numbers.

The novel won a Swollen Bud Award in May 2000 in the category "ALL NIGHTER -- Novel-Length Stories"[2] and Angelique created several beautiful drawings based on the Uber-Xena and Uber-Gabrielle in the story. Barbara Maclay contributed a drawing as well. The fanart of both artists can be found on BL Miller's website here.



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