Beyond Uber

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Name: Beyond Uber
Dates: 2000-2006 (last update)
Type: f/f
Fandom: Xena: Warrior Princess, Original Fiction
The banner is by Calli (2001)
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Beyond Uber is a website dedicated to uber stories that go beyond Xena: Warrior Princess fanfic into original fiction territory.
This is where the lines grey as some consider these Xena-Uber fiction and others consider these original fiction. Many of you who have read and enjoyed uber will LOVE these stories which we will for ease of use will call Beyond Uber. We only hope to offer you the means to be informed of more new fiction available for your reading pleasure! So Please, sit back... relax... get comfortable with a little snack and a warm tea and enjoy!!!!![1]
The site is maintained by Raven.

The page has a What's New Archive (2000 - 2004), a list of Fiction Sites (including archives, author sites and "graveyard fiction sites" that haven't been updated in years), a small uber artwork section, book publishing resources (publishers for uber fiction), and fun stuff.


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