The Hitch Hiker

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Title: The Hitch Hiker
Author(s): Bongo Bear
Date(s): July 1997
Fandom: Xena: Warrior Princess
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The Hitch Hiker is a Xena uber story by Bongo Bear.

It is one of the first uber stories.

It features Mel and Janice as an architect and a military historian.

Its Place in History

Bat's IS THERE A DOCTOR ON THE DIG was of course the first Mel/Janice tale and thus an uber, but even prior to this story some writers had already visited the uber concept. Over in the HERCULES fandom in January 1997, a writer named Terra Chang had posted a story named A MEETING OF CHANCE featuring modern-day versions of Hercules, Iolus, Xena and Gabrielle. That same month, the weekend after XENA SCROLLS first aired on TV, A Xenite named Darkone released the story WARRIOR'S HEART on a private mailing list. With the uber-Gabrielle as a rock dancer and the uber-Xena as her bodyguard, the story was publicly available on the Web by February 1997. "Uber" as a fanfic term was not being used as of yet but in the months ahead as more Xenites were inspired to write stories featuring versions of Xena and Gabrielle other than the originals, the term, first coined by Kym Tayborn from WHOOSH, became popular. Bards Miss and Aisa began posting an uber named GET YOUR KICKS ON ROUTE 66 which unfortunately was never finished but in July 1997 we got Bongo Bear's THE HITCH HIKER, which paired an architect and a military historian - and by the end of that summer we had three of the fandom's most beloved uber classics online, Della Street's western TOWARD THE SUNSET, Nene Adam's Victorian detective mystery BLACK BY GASLIGHT and the gritty modern-day spy thriller SURFACING by Paul Seely & Jennifer Garza. The uber genre was here to stay! [1]


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