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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Amirin's C/P Slash Page
Author: Amirin
Dates: 1997, last updated 2000
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
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Amirin's C/P Slash Page was Amirin's homepage to C/P fanfiction and was hosted at Artists in Residence, Or: the Home for Wayward Slash Writers.

Amirin's C/P Slash Page was a member of the Chakotay/Paris Slash Ring and linked back to the ‎Chakotay/Paris Writers' Support Group.

Description from Spirit's Heavens:
Amirin's C/P Slash Page - admittedly one of the most talented C/P writers out there. A definite highlight includes the C/P backstory to Yvette's Tu/K series, 'Love and Logic', as well as 'Parry'. You will cry, I guarantee it. She also write great P/K, and X-Files slash.[1]

The C/P Stories

  • Stewing. Summary: Chakotay goes to the holodeck to apologize to Tom, and finds him Stewing in a hot tub filled with...what *is* that stuff? (1/97)
  • Falling. Summary: After Tom and Chakotay have an accident on an away mission, Tom has to get them out of it. The after-effects leave him with a problem only Chakotay can help with. (3/97). This story was listed as an "Essential C/P" story in the CPSG's C/P Fanfic Bible.
  • Interrogation. Tom's gumshoe holoprogram ends with him accused of the crime, and at the mercy of Chakotay, who takes charge of the Interrogation. Gods love a man who enjoys his work! (9/97)
  • It. Summary: Tom's latest prank backfires and Chakotay takes his revenge in a jefferies tube. (9/97)
  • Parry. Summary: After an ugly breakup, circumstances in two quadrants, a ship called Integrity, and a child named Parry conspire to bring Tom and Chakotay back together. (12/97). This story was listed as an "Essential C/P" story in the CPSG's C/P Fanfic Bible.
  • Resurrection. Summary: Chakotay's misunderstanding with an alien brings about Tom's execution and a second chance at life for Tom leads to drastic changes for them all. (5/98)
  • Release. Summary: It's taken a long time, but Tom and Chakotay finally end up together. (3/99)
  • Stay. Summary: When Chakotay catches his current lover being unfaithful, he heads to his former lover, with whom he now has a lot more in common. (3/99)
  • Insight. Summary: An accident has injured Chakotay, but his relationship with Tom is suffering even more. This was an answer to the "Anti-Sentinel Challenge. Write a story in which either Tom or Chakotay (preferably Chakotay, only because *everything* happens to Tom) loses one of his senses on an Away mission, and the impact this loss has on their sex life - good, bad, or ugly."
  • Doppelganger. Summary: A planet-stranded Tom and Chakotay work out the last of their differences, while a surprise awaits Tom back on Voyager.
  • The History Series. Includes the stories: Comrade-in-Arms, Call-to-Arms, Men-at-Arms, Up-in-Arms, Outrageous (prequel to Yvette's Tuvok/Kim series), Impossible, Perceptive. (Companion Tuvok/Kim stories by Yvette were available on AiR space as well and hosted on the The Tuvok/Kim Slash Page.)
  • The 'A' Series. Includes the stories: Adversaries, Allies, Acknowledgement, Argument, Advantage, and Attrition. The last part marks the end of the C/P relationship and the series continued as P/K on Amirin's P/K Slash Page.


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