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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Amirin's P/K Slash Page
Author: Amirin
Dates: 03 July 1998 - 11 June 2000 (last update)
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
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Amirin's P/K Slash Page was Amirin's P/K slash fanfiction site at Artists in Residence. The site was a member of the Paris/Kim Slash Ring.


The A Series: Harry’s dream of having a deeper relationship with Tom comes true in a way he never anticipated, when Tom is Awakened from a dream of his own.

Harry seems unwilling to take a more active role in his and Tom's new relationship, prompting Tom to seek B'Elanna's help, in Assertiveness.

Another enjoyable evening spent together puts Tom and Chakotay's friendship back on solid ground, in Absolution.

Tom makes sure Harry has some well-deserved down time, after a dismal day of ship's maintenance, in Adored.

Disaster strikes when Tom, Harry, and Chakotay go on an away mission together, in Avalanche.

The I Feel Hot Series: Tom and Harry's relationship changes dramatically after a near-fatal accident almost costs Harry his life, in Ignition.

Tom and Harry are both Famished, but an early break for lunch lets them satisfy a different kind of appetite.

A few verbal thrusts lead to another kind, but the consequences are worth it for Tom and Harry, in Escalation.

Tom, Harry, and a sauna. The heat rises to new levels, in Evaporation.

Tom and Harry spend a lazy morning in bed, then enjoy a rare day off together, in Lassitude.

Tom and Harry discuss various uses of the words 'I do' and 'Yes' in Hallelujah.

Tom and Harry think back on their wedding, and the contributions of the crew that made it memorable, in Overboard.

Yours, Mine, and Ours:

Harry is trapped on a planet where time has gone crazy and Tom defies orders to go down and be with him. Their relationship takes an unexpected turn soon after, in Yours.

Years pass as Tom and Harry adjust to a life together on their planet, while the crew works frantically to find a way to bring them home, in Mine.

After Tom and Harry are rescued, they find themselves having to deal with much more than just their new life on Voyager, in Ours. The Q Ball Series: One year after his abduction and violent death, Tom is returned to Voyager by Q, with whom he's spent the last 240 years in a custom-made 'afterlife', in Scratched.

The Bound in Blood Series: After an alien assault dramatically alters Harry's life, Tom takes matters into his own hands in an effort to ease his friend's suffering, in Consanguinity. First in the Bound In Blood Series.

Other P/K Stories: An encounter with an alien species leaves Tom transformed and trapped as a wild animal, in danger of losing his humanity, until Harry chooses to help him, in Animalia.

After helping an alien begin a new life with the one he loves, Tom is given the means to start fresh, with Harry, in Consecration.

A series of Wagers adds a whole new dimension to Tom and Harry's friendship and they both end up winning.

Tom comes to the rescue after Harry gets Bitten during an away mission.

A bet, a promise, and the Captain's middle name give Harry a chance to show Tom just how Underhanded he can be.

A purple-prosed parody of sweeping desire and passion's storm, which buffets Tom and Harry about on here-to-fore uncharted seas of love and lust, in Harlequin.

New! Actions speak louder than words as Tom and Harry have help discovering new things about one another.