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Name: Paris/Kim Slash Ring
Date Founded: 1998/1999
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Focus: Paris/Kim
URL: Terabithia's Illusionary Realm
Paris/Kim Slash Ring
list of sites

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The Paris/Kim Slash Ring was a webring "for those of us who think that Harry Kim and Tom Paris are the two cutest guy on the Starship Voyager, and that they belong together." The official homepage of the ring was Terabithia's Illusionary Realm.[1]

"This Paris/Kim Slash Ring site is owned by CKoS". Each member of the ring had such a banner and the links at the bottom allowed one to find the other ring members.


Paris/Kim Slash Ring members[2] included:

  • A. Kite's Fanfic - "All of my fanfic will be posted, most of it is P/K, but there are a few other slash pairings. These include Wes/Kim, G/B and one, so far C/P."
  • Aimee's Fanfic Page - "This site, as my title so eloquently puts it, is the page where I keep my fanfic -- my P/K fic, to be specific."
  • Amirin's P/K Page - "Amirin's entire collection of Paris/Kim slash fiction. Site maintained by Mona Ramsey."
  • Anhedonia - "The home of envoy, Calico, Anagi and Julad. P/K aplenty for your reading pleasure." (see Anagi's Atrium)
  • Astarte's Secret Lair - "Astarte has P/K stories of her own and also runs an Artists in Residence site which contains P/K stories as well as stories from other fandoms."
  • Calico's Lair - "P/K - Yet another place where Tom and Harry go enjoy themselves... :)"
  • Denise's P/K Realm - "I've got fan fiction, pictures, and links all about the cute young ensign Harry and helmboy Tom!"
  • Elizabeth Davis' Story Page - "A small collection of my P/K fanfic stories."
  • the flambeau factory - "Schmoopy slash stories about Tom Paris and Harry Kim."
  • Helene Black's Fan Fiction - "Highlander and P/K Themed ST:Voy stories."
  • Merri-Todd's Slash Page - "A page of my personal website, The Viriditas Experimental Project, devoted to Paris/Kim and X-Files slash fan fiction of my own creation."
  • Paris/Kim Slash Party - "Star Trek: Voyager Paris/Kim Slash Party Mailing List home page."
  • T'LIN's STAR TREK SLASH FANFIC - "T'Lin's.... were IDIC is our moto! Discover diversity like you'll never see it on TV.... everything from Paris/Kim to Garak/Bashir... and for all the fans of Classic TREK, we have some Kirk/Spock, too."
  • Tauna's Slash Stories - "Kim/Paris stories, Kim/7 stories, Slash done from my favorite old school Kung Fu movies, Links to more Slash and as many Harry Pix as I can cram in."
  • Terabithia's Illusionary Realm - "Realm where the creations of my mind run free."
  • Terranfem's P/K Slash Page - "This site is dedicated exclusively to stories (long, short, PWPs and totally silly ones) involving my favorite Lieutenant, Tom Paris, and the beautiful Ensign Harry Kim!"
  • S'Belles Links - "I am not a author so I am placing the best fan fiction I can find on a hopefully tasteful and easy to read page for all to find and read. Spidered into lycos as well."
  • Slash-o-holics Anonymous - "A refuge for philes and obsessives of various fandoms."
  • Slash TV - "A pointer to other P/K slash from my Slash TV page."
  • VSPS - "Voyager Slash Perspectives - This is a discussion list for slash fans of the Voyager Universe. All same-sex pairings including C/P, P/K or J/7 and any other possible pairings are welcome to join. Please note, this *is* a Slash List therefore no P/T, J/C or other heterosexual relationshippers need apply."


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