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Name: Anhedonia
Owner/Maintainer: Julad
Dates: 1999 (maybe) – ?
Type: slash, m/m
Fandom: Due South, Star Trek Voyager, Sentinel, Blakes 7
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Anhedonia was a website hosting a collection of slash author pages. It had a separate page for links and webrings.

The site was a member of the Star Trek Slash Ring, Slash Fan Fiction Ring and the Paris/Kim Slash Ring.

From the webring page:

Shame on me, Shame

For putting the webrings in this dark little corner.
but they're just so UGLY!!!
(AND they take too long to load.)

Visitors will be wanting to hit THIS LINK, which will whisk you to the front door for the full anhedonia experience (recommended), or you can jump straight to...

For those now departing this humble house of smut, please choose your method of transportation from the webrings below... but do come again!

Description from the Paris/Kim Slash Ring:

"The home of envoy, Calico, Anagi and Julad. P/K aplenty for your reading pleasure."