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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Anagi's Atrium
Author: Anagi
Dates: 04 June 1999 or before (update note on oldest Wayback capture) - 26 December 1999 (page last updated)
Fandom: Due South, Star Trek: Voyager, The Sentinel
URL: (Wayback, 2001) (Wayback, 1999)
Anagi's Atrium, June 1999
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Anagi's Atrium is Anagi's fanfiction website. Description from the Due South Slash Site:
Fan fiction of due South, Sentinel, and Star Trek, Voyager. There's some of very diverse writing here, a great place to go to stretch your mind."[1]

Anagi's Atrium was part of a group of author pages (Anhedonia) that also included Calico's Lair, envoy's mezzanine and Julad's Hideout.

Together these pages were a member of the Star Trek Slash Ring, Slash Fan Fiction Ring and the Paris/Kim Slash Ring.

In 2001 the page moved to a new URL where it's still online but hasn't been updated since December 1999.


Due South

  • Thinking Outside the Box (NR) Any advance on NC-17? Major warnings for yucky stuff. Don't bother reading this if you can't take a joke. *KINK*
  • Caribou (BF/RV - R) Fraser thinks of drowning animals.
  • Snow (R) Fraser thinks of home.
  • Welcome to Canada (BF/RK/RT, R) A medically dubious but highly effective treatment for shock.
  • Skin Flick (BF/RK, NC-17) The boys have a nice time at the movies.
  • Ebb & Flow (BF/RV, NC-17) A happy sappy little death story. Honestly! Written with Cheryl Barnes.
  • Down the Rabbit Hole (BF/RK/FV(/RT), NC-17) The pairings should say more than you need to know already.
  • Sole (BF/RK, NC-17) Ray develops a fondness for boots. *KINK**
  • Listening (BF/RV, R) Turnbull has a hobby.
  • Circle Jerk (BF/RK/RT, NC-17) The things Mounties learn at the academy.
  • Breathe (BF/RT, NC-17) Sometimes comfort isn't always what it seems. *KINK*
  • Silver Kisses (BF/RK, R) Because sometimes love hurts. *KINK*
  • Kind of Perfect (BF/RK, NR) *Warning* Sometimes it's hard to tell someone how you feel.
  • Snapshots (All M/M, G - NC-17) Fraser's photo album.
  • Sometimes (Poem BF)

Star Trek: Voyager

  • ...And a Shower (P/?, NC-17) Tom needs a blowjob.
  • Wolf in the Fold (P, G) Quick reply to an "unredeemed Paris" challenge.
  • I Want (P/K, PG-13) Paris is up late one night, wanting.
  • Mine (P/K, NR) Paris spends some *quality* time with Kim. Warnings for violence and non-cons.
  • Subroutines (VOY, P/K, NC-17) Tom demonstrates his 'holoprogramming' skills. Written with julad. **Winner of the 1998 Golden Orgasm Award**
  • Blood (P/K, NR) Yes, it's as nasty as it sounds. The boys in the Chute.
  • Passion's Rapturous Flame or Regency Novel # 47 (P/K, R) Something lighthearted and harmless, for a change. If the title doesn't scare you off, nothing inside the story will.
  • Rite (P/K, NC-17) Paris, Kim, and a festival.
  • All That I Can Get (P/K, NC-17) Angst between the boys.
  • Addict (P/K, NC-17) Sequel to All That I Can Get.
  • Deep (P/K, R) Sequel to Addict. The last chapter in the unhappy saga of Harry and Tom.
  • Fine Art (C/P, NC-17) Chakotay. Paris. BDSM. Really, do I need to say more?

The Sentinel

  • Gone (Sentinel, J/B, PG-13) Blair's dead. Angst is inevitable.
  • Something in the Air ( Sentinel, J/B, R) An evening in the park where there's more than music in the air. Written with Derora.


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