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Name: Slash-o-holics Anonymous
Owner/Maintainer: Trar
Dates: 17 March 2000 - ?
Type: slash recource
Fandom: Star Wars TPM, Highlander, X-Files, Star Trek, BtVS, Vampire Diaries, Power Rangers
URL: (intro page, 2001) (main page, 2001)
"This is a male-pregnancy free site" banner. The text inside the sign said "let men be men"
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Slash-o-holics Anonymous (or The Velveeta Continuum's Slash-o-holics Anonymous, aka SOHA Index) was a multifandom slash resource site with links and recs. It featured a banner that said it was a male pregnancy free site.

New Around here? Then you should know that SOHA is an obsessive / phile's multi-fandom resource intended for mature audiences. Note that I did not say adult--if you can't be open-minded, just run away and hide now.
The site was a member of the Paris/Kim Slash Ring with the description:
"A refuge for philes and obsessives of various fandoms."[1]
Description from Spirit's Heavens:
Slash-o-holics Anonymous - a refuge for slash addicts of all fandoms - includes a Helmboy Stalkers' Union!!! [2]


SOHA Index

Useful Stuff

  • Multi-Fandom Links - Requisite links to pages far better than mine. Star Trek, Star Wars and X-Files have their own pages. For specific indulgence ...->
  • Multi-Fandom Recs - Much like the links page, but with specific fics to check out in listed fandoms.
  • Slashy Book Recs - I begged off commercial slashy book recs to supplement my own, and have added some other's book/movie rec pages. I'm just throwing it up here because, heck, ye gotta research!
  • Fanfiction for Dummies--the beginners guide
  • About the freaks behind the Velveeta Continuum - You know you want to... *cackles*

Other Junk

  • Image Archives
    • Alterna-shippers Image Archive - Many Fandoms. Many pairings. So little time.
    • H a l l o f D O H Image Archive - And you thought that it couldn't get any worse. Beware the stupid side.
    • Pretty Pics Image Archive - The most luscious shots we've found of our favorite slashable characters.
  • MIDI Archive - Sci fi bits and ...well, here's where that 'and other junk' applies.
  • Trar's Trash - Try it. You might like it.
  • Quotes - We're working on it. It was her fault. *points fingers at each other*

Companion Sites

  • Harry Potter - *flicks switch to trap door* go on, you know you want to...
  • Trar's Underworld Grafix - My free web graphics site. Slasher-friendly web sets and custom orders for FREE. Helpful links for do-it -yourself-ers and some tips.
  • Twice Fallen's Lair - Yaoi, Hentai, BD&D, S&M... explanations with "educational" links.


Multi-Fanom Links page

Star Trek Links Page

X-Files Links Page

Star Wars Links Page

Multi-Fandom Authors and Archives

Jadzia's Fanfic - Dedicated to her favorite fandoms, Star Trek, X-Files, Highlander, The Sentinel and Due South.

Amothea's Angst Archive - Do I already have her in here? Hmm. Many fandoms, lots of rape and disturbing themes, but some really cute ones, too. (cute?!? what have I been drinking?!?)

Slash Fanfiction on the Net - A guide to... well, you read the title.

The Complete Kingdom of Slash - The best, and probably the largest of its kind. Every fandom you can think of from Velvet Goldmine to Family Ties. *double takes* Family ties? Yumm. ;o)

The Pretty Boy Slash ring - Featuring sites that worship Ewan McGregor, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Chrisian Bale, David Duchovny, Jude Law, David Boreanaz, Seth Green, James Marsters, Rodney, Rowland, Adrian Grenier, Robert Duncan McNeill, Nicholas Lea, Callum Keith Rennie, Garett Maggart, Robert Sean Leonard, and some slightly older pretty boys: Liam Neeson and Sean Connery

Wonderful World of Make-Believe, or WWOMB alternate WWOMB site - Tons of fandoms, both slasher and shipper with links to the best writers-help sites, including Peja's own fanfic bible bible [SIC] B careful, she's dumping webspace providers constantly. This is the correct URL as of March 25th 2000

Torch's Flambeau Factory - Essentially my (Trar) FAVORITE author! She does X-Files and Vampire Chronicles slash, but most importantly, she does GREAT P/K. If only she gave Chakotay more of a chance... *grins ruefully* I reccomend you dive in with plenty of oxygen in that tank. Her best Vamp fic is over 600k long. And wow, way to go! The new layout looks great!

Debra Fran Baker's Fan Fiction - Great new must-read Spike/Giles Buffy fic with fanfiction in the Voyager, X-Files, Sentinel, Due South, Highlander and TPM fandoms.

Merain's Fanfiction Universe - An archive for many fandoms, esp. the harder-to-find ones like Due South, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Mystic Knights of Tir-Na-Nog. Er, mostly (all?) shipper

Pandemonium - Voyager and Highlander archive for authors like Andrea, Arachne, Briony (read her fic! Beg her for more!), John Blonde, and whitecrow

Rauhnee Ranshanka's Art Main Page - Adult fan art for fandoms like Biker Mice from Mars *Trar cheers* Her main (with all the furry fanfic goodies is here.

Belynda's Fan Fiction Page - Listmom of slash_update (see webrings and email loops page) and devoted disciple/keeper of the Complete Kingdom of Slash, she also writes for the fandoms of Voyager, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Highlander: The Series, and The Sentinel and has thrown up some pretty good sketchings recently

Nifty Archive - Well, this has to go on here, for Stardust's sake. A huge archive of erotica in many categories. Probably one of the best on the web, actually and features a huge and GROWING section dedicated to band slash (N'SYBC, BSB... you never pictured THEM until anything but annoying until this moment, right?!?).

The K9 Caporegimes Homepage - Another Stardust Must-have. The archive and home to the Queer As Folk mailing list. But I don't know how yummy the fanfic is... *Trar dips toes* Just Updated

Slash Resources

Fanfiction for Dummies

Fan Fiction Primer - History and Definitions

Slash Without Consent - If you like it Amothea-styled... ^_^

Basic Slash 101 - A Trekker tribute

Welcome to - Trar of the grammatically inept society concedes speeling is moi importante.

Tham's Sexed-Up Grammar Guide - Who cares about grammar?!? Just read the examples. *inordinately pleased grin*

Luke Skywalker Is Gay? - Yet again, They try to figure Us out. SOAPBOX MOMENT: I was so stupidly thrilled to see Nova D. in the documentary Trekkies. Now, tear yourself from the collection of Ewan flicks in the Sundance section of Blockbuster and spend your money in a worthwhile manner--on the scary Live Long and Prosper baby!

Slash_Theory_Links - Guess...


Labyrinth Fan Fiction

Yaoi & Hentai

If you need encouragment, get a taste of slashy anime. And checkout the SOHA FAQ, Twice Fallen's Lair.

   Everything Sailor Moon- Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
   Bomis: Jupiter Star Power - grep SailorMoon* : Your Online Sailor Moonn Resource
   Ronin Warrior Pictures and Stuff
   Yoroiden Temple Archives
   The Ronin Caverns
   My FanFic
   Jammin's Domain
   Unacera's Front Room - Dark Warlord / Ma Sho fanfic stories
   M i n k s R o n i n Y a o i C a k e A r c h i v e
   y a o i - n o - h e n t a i s
   Paperthin Pleasures
   You are about to enter a Yaoi gallery....
   100 %free hentai anime pics

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy/Giles - Let us convert you... - Yes yes yes!!! Go Giles! *Trar shuts up, albeit with a stupid grin plastered on her face* Contains requisite listing of G/B newbie fic.

UnConventional RelationShippers - The Ultimate in Buffy Slash.

Xander Slash Archive - Self-explanatory. Yumm.

Babylon 5 Links

   Sorry... I have many more, but this takes you to most of them... if you're really hyped for B5, I recommend Yahoo! Search. It gets you to a lot of the juicy ones... I swear that I'll dig out the Ice Cream chronicles link as soon as possible. Yumm...
   AcmeCity Babylon 5 Web Ring
   Sorry, guys. Totally straight sites. General info and such.


Everything HL fic is to be found at the recs page!!!

   Maygra's Musings
   Sabotini's House O' Fanfic
   Boy Toys-Highlander Richie Slash
   Highlander: The Animated Series - Pazsaz Entertainment Network
   Ashlyn's Highlander Fiction
   Adrian Paul, a Highlander hunk--Dark pics. in Kasin Keep by Kasin Hunter.
   Highlander Pics
   H³ - Heather's Hallowed Halls - Highlander Indeex
   Methos: Our Blue-Faced Love God!
   Jen's Methos Obsession
   Peter Wingfield / Methos
   Highly Highlander
   Kirk's Highlander page 
   Famous Methos Quotes
   Highlander: The Official Site
   Seventh Dimension -- Highlander Fanfic Archive Main Page
   Athers' Fiction Library
   Maygra's Musings (fiction)
   Methos Boxer Brigade
   Highlander - Index of Synopses
   Highlander Slash Fiction Index
   Ascendk9's FanFic Red Pearl Fan Fiction 
   also check out the Voyager/Highlander crossover at slashcity by Zorrojo

Young Hercules

   Lorraine Marker's Slash Stories -Wondeful Hercules slash, both Young and Legendary.

Power Rangers

   Yes, such a thing exists! In fact, I am a member of, if you want to join the mailing list. Though most archives are shipper, there are many slash authors out there who live in that fandom.

Power Ranger In Space Fiction - Umm, what more can I say? Shipper.

Jenga's Library - Aww, Sithspit! She's really cut down on the size of this archive, but there are still some goodies there. Dear deities above, but she's going all Buffy on us!!!

The Command Center Archives - *Trar sings 'We are, PR, we are, PR...* *Other VCers gather about and whack her over the head* whoops.

   Okay, so there's also not much PR stuff... but I have a bunch of other fandoms down here. Enjoy!

USS Trafalgar - Star Command Fic - A total AU series based on the UPN movie that we all loved. Why can't this author embrace slash? THEN it would be perfect!

Mystic Knights of Tir-Na-Nog - I don't know why I'm putting this link on here. It has no fanfic... but maybe if I can get someone hooked enough, they may help me type some fanfic...? *hints, nudges, hits you over the head with a frying pan*

Yaoi Cake Archive - For those unenlightened, Yaoi is Japanese for slash. Yaoi is usually anime fic like my fav, Ronin Warriors (yumminess!) This archive is quite extensive with fanfic and fanart... not quite my usual mushy romantic thang, though.If you like the idea of Sage in drag, though, run, don't walk! ;o)Update your bookmarks! The Yaoi Archive has finally abandoned AOL!!! Wahoo!

Goth and Vamp links

Ok. So Anne Rice has to go and start the fan bashing. *growls* This means that many may be closing their archives.

   More coming soon... in fact, I think I'll add a section of slash-o-holics for the vampire chronicles... *muses* I will tell you right now that if you're dying for the best Interwiew with the Vampire fanfic online, head straight to torch's site above or in the Star Trek: Voyager links page. For clarification, VC stands for Vampire Chronicles, of which Interview with the Vampire is based on/ a part of. This fandom's vamps are termed Ricean Vampires after the author who styled them, Anne Rice. Online, you may notice the difference in spelling of vampire/vampyre. When not speaking of Ricean vamps, vampire indicates that the vamp survives off of stealing life force (Sailor Moon fans, read: Negaverse) while vampyre's live off blood. End lesson.

fanfic spec page (Ricean)

   Coven of the articulate (Ricean) - this is where the links are for this particular fandom. The coven of the articulate strike me as about as pompous as the Citizens Against Bad Slash organization, but they're the best I can find.}}


Recs page
Trar's land of enchantments, horrors and wares.

(Otherwise known as the Master/Apprentice* rec page.) *Ok. So, I've stumbled onto some new obsessions that need... shall we say, sharing. *evil grin* Short and sweet: This is the recommended reading list for any slash-o-holic.

Are you a glutton for angst-filled romance? Mushy endings that require bloodletting? Gut wrenching tales may be found here.

So, I admit, I'm only human. It will take me at least a year to read every story at MA, even if I were so inclined. But I read voraciously and I've found a common thread in good writers and good fic. I say I've read most of it out there-- why make you do the same thing? So, pick your fandom. I will list prevalent authors, archives and stories. If you have any questions at all, reach me through my request form.

Now, if I were any website I could be when I grow up, I'd be the Renegade Slash Militia. Hey, wait a second... that sort of makes me think... is there any such thing as Renegade slash? *anxious, hopeful pleading look*

Star Trek: Voyager

   Evil child that this one is...  I ADORE her fic! She writes suspenseful Tuvok / Harry that could blow a few fuses, and delectable TPM.
   BJ Cohcran


   The Shadow of the Sword This has got to be my fav--ignore the Parisian rent boy and get to the end... unless you likes that sort of thang... *bats lashes innocently*
   Stardust LOVES Fleur
   Kamil's Highlander Recs Go go go!!!
   Capitulation The Methos/Duncan fic with the ultimate quote: "There were two couches and a bed, but the floor had the advantage of proximity." By Meredith Lynne. Thanks to Stardust for the rec.
   Las Vegas Night at Our Lady of the Perpetual Indulgence
   Issue I


       Jo B.
       Orithain MulderTorture

Star Wars TPM

M_A Archive - I dont want to offend the archivists in any way, so to get to any of these fic, head through M_A to "the fiction archive" (my current start-up page ;o) and then go directly to "index by authors", and search under the first letter of the author's name. Then hit ctrl+F buttons to get a search string box and type in the name of the fic or author (i.e.: "Augusta"), or just scroll on down. T.O.T.O.

The Obi-Wan Kenobi Estrogen Brigade Fanfic Archive - A whole archive (?!?) you ask? Well, it's ALLLLLlllllllllll good. I esp. am fond of the authors N-Z page, but that's just me. All the angst in one happy package! Augusta Pembrooke

My absolute favorite AU-in-the-AU as it were is Augusta Pembrooke's After Badomeer Universe. The fics go as follows:

       After Bandomeer
       Returning a Padawan
       Sleeping Arrangements
       Padawan Kisses

if there seems to be a jump in plots, the author has mentioned that there is a story being planned. I don't trust "planned", but I'm definitely hoping!!!

If you want to know how the Jedi Apprecntice series goes without guiltily stationing your slashy self in the children's section of B&N, visit the Jedi Apprentice Spoilers Mailing List Homepage!!!

Esmerelda - I adore Esmerelda's work. It's intense angst with rape and should find a blinky spot in Amothea's Argst Archive! But it's still sweet enough for me, and more addictive than chocolate. These links head to MA but her works can also be accessed through Complete Kingdom of Slash. In Order:

       The Truth
       Another makes-the-flesh-on-the-back-of-my-neck-crawl-in-pleasure fic-in-progress by Esmerelda, is The Trade.

Jane's TPM slash - *tries to form coherent praise* *fails miserably* you'll just have to read them yourself. Carefully Everywhere Descending then its sequel, Breath. I mean, yumm.

Keelywolfe - Much loveliness rampant in this webpage though my big rec goes out to her chan-slash (underage in a completely non-squicky way) Xanatos/Obi fic Any Port in a Storm that I am impatiently waiting for a sequel to! I've also heard things about some Harry Potter slash... *rubs hands together evilly*

Ladonna King AKA Sleeps With Coyotes - Ok, this is easy. All of her slash is wonderful, esp. the TPM slash. Read all of them--you won't be disappointed.

Lillith Sedai - When I find words to describe this, I will have achieved enlightenment and people may rub my belly for a quarter. READ: Creator of THE Shower Scene!

Yvette Again, delectable TPM Q/O and mind-blowing Tuvok/Kim.

Waldo - For some reason I can't divine, Waldo has none of her fic ON her webpage... but luckily M_A has it for us. The Last Night of the World is a hurt/comfort before the hurt, and I am AVIDLY awaiting the sequel that will detail the aftermath of the hurt.

Obi-Wan's Birthday - Shameless romantic sentimental mush by Astra

Vampire Chronicles

torch - the Best. Fanfic in general. This is why I have tears in my eyes whenever I hear / read the expression "amateur by necessity". *sobs pitifully*

Other Recs Pages

   All Jewels Have Flaws... or... Net (dot) Bitch does Fic Recs
   torch's recs
   Kamil's Highlander recs
   Killa's Links


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