Methos Boxer Brigade

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Name: Methos Boxer Brigade
Date(s): 2000 (Wayback date) - present
Archivist: Taselby
Founder: Taselby
Fandom: Highlander
URL: (defunct)
Methos Boxer Brigade.png
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Methos Boxer Brigade is a Methos-centric archive for fanfiction, art, essays, recipes, a fanfic glossary and filk. The stories are sorted by title and by author.

Original graphics and page design are by Don C. and Taselby. Index and Adult Index page art has been provided by Killashandra. The page is a member of the Duncan Methos Slash Ring. Additional note:
The MBB has a general fiction policy of "All Methos, All the Time," with certain notable exceptions. Firstly, if a chapter of an otherwise Methos-intensive series is inexplicably Methos-free, it will be included for the sake of continuity. Secondly, if a story moves me to such a degree that I cannot bring myself to exclude it from the MBB (and policy be hanged, it's good to be Chief sometimes), it will be included. This has only happened twice so far, and I highly recommend you read "Darwin's Sonata," by elynross and "Intimations of Destiny," by Merry Lynne. You won't be disappointed.

Fan Comments

The meeting place of the MBB, it contains a small archive of Methos-centric GEN, ADULT, and SLASH fiction. Browse by author, title, and genre. Oh, and while you're there, don't forget to stop by the Gallery for some truly lovely pics. :) [1]
From Chelle's Nightstand:
Methos Boxer Brigade - One word: Taselby. This is where you will find Taselby's writings, as well as the work of other authors she has chosen to archive.[2]


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