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Name: JiM
Type: fanwriter
Fandoms: Hawaii Five-0, Star Trek: AOS, The X-Files, The Avengers, Bourne, Stargate Atlantis, Peter Pan, Tin Man, RED, Doom, The Thomas Crown Affair, Chuck, Highlander, Harry Potter
URL: JiM (AO3)
JiM's Fiction Page
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JiM is a slash fanfiction author.

From the AO3 profile:
I started writing fanfiction before I even knew there was such a thing (*cough* Jonny Quest *cough*). Slash came later. Sometime in 1996, I tripped over some Mac/Methos in the Highlander fandom and was appalled. Unh huh. That lasted about 20 minutes and I was hooked.

Since then, I have dabbled in Highlander, X-Files, SGA:Atlantis, Harry Potter, and made a host of other little forays into other fandoms.

Writing in fandom has been a near-constant joy.

JiM's story Lest I Wither was nominated in the drama category of the Pure Magnetism's Harry Potter Slash Awards.


Hawaii Five-0

  • The Cost of Living - Ex-cop Danny will do anything he has to in order to stay in Hawaii and close to his daughter. Too bad it’s something that goes against most of his principles. But he’s just what Steve McGarrett needs. Written with kalena. (Steve/Danny, 2011)


  • A Crack in the Hearthstone - Set in the I Still Have Plans to Go to Mexico Universe in these... stories, Skinner must deal with Mulder's mother when she visits for Thanksgiving. But Mulder's plane is delayed, and for the first time in three years, Krycek is not gone on walkabout, so now Mrs. Mulder is convinced the man her son is committed to (against her wishes) is cheating on him with another man she's never met. It's madness! In another story, Skinner must deal with Mulder's bizarre e-mail reports from a little town out in the middle of nowhere when he's supposed to be giving a lecture at a very important conference. Skinner isn't sure what he's going to do to his AWOL agent, but it's going to be good. Written with MJ. (between 1999 and 2002)
  • I Still Have Plans to Go to Mexico - Mulder makes the decision to take life by the horns and proposition his superior--but how he does it will have you rolling in the aisles! The love between Mulder and Skinner grows as time passes, becoming all-consuming, but not so much that they can't make room for a third when Krycek shows up in town. Mulder tracks him down and saves his life, then brings him home to an understandably upset Skinner. But through gentle patience and perseverence, Mulder gets the two men in his life to grudgingly like, then respect, and finally love one another--even when Krycek leaves town to exact revenge upon some bad guys. Will he return to his lovers--or is it Mulder and Skinner alone again? Written with MJ. (M/Sk/K, 1999)