Last Train to Clarksville

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Title: Last Train to Clarksville
Author(s): JiM
Genre: slash
Fandom: The X-Files
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Last Train to Clarksville is a Mulder/Skinner story by JiM.

Reactions and Reviews

I'm sure many a fandom and pairing has had this cliche of a scenario written. Two people with a combative relationship. Locked/trapped in a room/location. One gets weak/cold, so the other has to take care of him. Sex ensues. The End. I've seen this done so many times but not as expertly as JiM does. And true, it's a PWP, and in fact, the writer more than adequately offers us a sizzling serving of Skinner/Mulder slash. But in my opinion, what makes this transcend your usual cliche fic is that it is infused with a soft, gentle undercurrent of sweetness and romance. It is also charmingly funny as Mulder's quirky humor can sometimes be. [1]


  1. recced at Crack Van, March 2004