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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: JiM's Fiction Page
Author: JiM
Dates: 1997 or before - ?
Fandom: Highlander, The X-Files, Jonny Quest, Space: Above and Beyond
URL: http://www.geocities.com/Paris/Metro/4859/JiM.html
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JiM's Fiction Page was JiM's slash fanfiction page. It was hosted at Artists in Residence, Or: the Home for Wayward Slash Writers. Mona Ramsey was site admin.[1]

The site was hosted by GeoCities.


But before you rush out to hit the e-mail, do read After Archangel, a M/J slash story which grew out of the heavy season finale. We all need such therapy (g).

Did you ever wonder what happened to the Watcher database CD left in Don Salzer's store at the end of 'Finale 2'? Unfortunately, Joe and MacLeod and Richie find out in It's Probably Me.

The sequel to IPM, It's Probably Me 2, is a delicious D/M - erotic, romantic, titillating, sexy - um, while I get the thesaurus out, out can go read the story.

The last piece of this trilogy (aren't you sad to see the end? I am), It's Probably Me 3, gives a wonderful denouement to make up for the fact that there's no more - although I'm sure that JiM can be turned towards more HL if encouraged. . .

Okay, were getting heavily in the angst, here, with Sorrow which is a *very* aptly titled D/M story. Ready yourselves, people - and enjoy.

Yes! Proving that feedback does bring results, JiM wrote a sequel to "Sorrow", What Do You Want From Me, which brings Duncan and Methos together for some painful truths and decision-making. Will they make it? Read and see!

A "codpiece-ripper" (I love that phrase!) featuring D and M on a pirate ship. Methos does wonderful, terrible things in Brought to Heel, a collaboration between JiM and Piper.

The X-Files

Happily, JiM's also embarked on another couple for slashfic. Mulder and Skinner are exploring something beyond their normal working relationship in Winning, which, as all of her other writing, is quite beautiful. Enjoy.

A self-admitted PWP, this posits an interesting scenario involving Mulder, Skinner, and an overnight stay on a train. Not quite the romantic getaway you might expect. :) And I can assure you you will never be able to look at a Fruit and Nut bar the same after you read Last Train to Clarksville.

Wakened by Silence is an M/Sk story that's lovely, quiet, and hopeful, as Skinner realizes that there's someone in the world who understands him better than he thought possible. . .

Head Games: A car accident brings back some old memories for Skinner. Mulder is the "c" part of this h/c for a change.

Lure: Mulder finally realizes why he will never live the sunlit boring life he thought he wanted....

JiM described these three stories as short M/Sk "shmoops". Works for me.

Rug Burn


Au Naturel

Weights: Sweaty men checking each other out in the gym.

Cade: or Errant Madness: AU. Mercenary Skinner. Tavern boy Fox. Nasty mean baron. Scheming brother, baronial succession, sisters restored, massage oil, leather, dungeons, romantic escapes, heroic stuff. *You* know....

Rain: A rainy Saturday and someone damp turns up on Skinner's doorstep.

Some Place Warm: Mulder has crawled off into the north woods to lick his wounds -- so why is there an Assistant Director on his doorstep and what does he want? A first time tale with a pile of h/c and shmoop levels that could be considered radioactive.

A Dog in the Manger: Skinner's old friend opens his eyes by chasing something Skinner never knew he wanted.

Dog in the Night: Sam Hamilton meets a man...who just happens to be shot and bloody on Skinner's front porch. Romance blossoms.

Dogs of War: It's the night before Xmas and Alex Krycek doesn't come home. Sam Hamilton, Mulder and Skinner go looking for him.

Every Dog Will Have His Day: An accident shakes everyone up and some truths fall out.

The Edge: Mulder just has to push Skinner to the edge.

All Cats. . .: Mulder has been frying with lust for Skinner. He finally gets what he wants in the copy room.

Therapy: Sometimes, the strangest things help you heal.

Descent: When you think you have nothing left to live for, how do you fill your time?

Formerly Unsuspected: Alex Krycek's POV on what happened after the hospital. Epilogue to "Descent".

In Dreams: After the episode "Via Negativa", Doggett's insomnia blurs the lines between Real Life and the world of dreams.

The Mexico Stories:

Plans: This M/Sk first time answers the question raised in MJ & JiM's piece "I Still Have Plans to Go To Mexico" -- what happened in St Louis that first time? What did Mulder do and how clumsy was he, exactly?

This is the sequel to "Plans" and a prequel to "Mexico" and a companion piece to MJ's "Got My Mojo Working". Sinner's Prayer: Mulder got what he wanted -- so why is he running so fast?

"The collaboration piece "I Still Have Plans to go to Mexico", by JiM & MJ, a M/Sk/K piece, can be found here. Another "what happens when it's all over?" tale. Mulder and Skinner have made a quiet life for themselves out of the Bureau; at least it's quiet until Alex Krycek reappears, at the end of his rope and in need. Written in collaboration with MJ, with a foreword by Kass, whose story we did not steal.

Three Men In a Boat - It's been 4 years and all is peaceful, until Alex comes home to find Skinner in the hospital and no Mulder in sight. It takes time to grow into yourself, as Alex and Mulder rediscover.

The No Common Senses Series:

Ah, another pairing, as well - this time Mulder and Krycek. Poor Alex - he's alone in the world, no friends, no arm - well, maybe Mulder can help him (or maybe not) with A Touch of. . ..

This new M/K is rather intense, and just as good as the last one. Alex's better - or is he? Perhaps he should just learn to stop playing with fire after The Scent of. . ..

A Scent of. . . Another POV was written by Leila as an accompaniment to JiM's story, and it's very complimentary, and very good. There will be more alternate POVs in the series, as well.

The third in the series, A Taste of. . . skews the couple to a trio, sort of, as Skinner fights temptation and wins - or does he?

A Sound of. . . features the eternal struggle between love and lust, as Skinner succumbs - or is that Mulder finally breaks down?

And Leila's companion pieceA Sound of. . .Another POV is the voice of Mulder's need - ooh, lovely. . .

It's only fitting that the final piece of the puzzle be spoken in each of the three main characters voices, isn't it? Here we have "A Sight of. . ." from Krycek and Skinner.

As promised, Leila brings the series to a close with her take on events, as we see "A Sight of. . ." Mulder.

The 'Houseboat Variations'

I'll call this a M/K, but only reluctantly - it isn't like any sort of M/K you'd expect from anyone but JiM. But that's not necessarily a bad thing, now is it? Just a peek into a possible future for our heroes, Don't Rock the Boat.

A kinder, gentler M/K from JiM, A River in a Dry Place is a "companion piece" of sorts, for Don't Rock the Boat, but takes a different view of the future for Mulder and Krycek.

A houseboat variation story, JiM's finally hit upon the final slash combination for our three heroes (?), and posits yet a different type of future in Courage to Forget.

*Another* houseboat story - and I'm told that there's more to come, so people must be very good with their feedback, which always makes me happy. :) This one's a M/Sk story, with yet a different take on the end of the mytharc story (and there are *hundreds* of possibilities, no?), called Snows and Sins.

Well, I didn't think it could be done, but JiM's graced us with an M/K story that actually has hope - yes, and it's a "Houseboat" story, as well. I, for one, am hugely relieved - I thought I was the only one left who had a soft spot for poor little Ratboy. . . Just kidding! Here's In the Shadow of the Rock.

The final "Houseboat" story, A Moment of Peace has a perfect title, and is quite honestly one of the loveliest M/K stories I've ever read, perfectly capturing the honesty of character that JiM's managed through the whole series. I'm sorry to see it end.

Portrait By a Neighbor - A neighbor watches as the last raw wounds begin to heal.

Self-Portrait - Houseboat variations - this is a companion piece to "Portrait By a Neighbor". This is Skinner's POV.

8 Days a Week; Walter Skinner in Hell - Skinner knew his life was going to change the instant he let Mulder in the door that Friday afternoon. But is he ready for all the changes? A series of glimpses into the growing relationship and all the ways Skinner's life can go to Hell. note: Check out the companion pieces on MJ's page.

  1. 1 - "I Don't Like Mondays"
  2. 2 - "Friday on My Mind"
  3. 3 - "Wednesday Morning, 3 AM"
  4. 4 - "Tuesday's Dead"
  5. 5 - "Saturday Night's All Right for Fighting"
  6. 6 - "Sunday Driver"
  7. 7 - "Thursdays I Don't Care About You
  8. 8 - "Reprise: Friday I'm In Love"

The Dance Series: - Mulder and Krycek have been circling each other for years. One night, they finally connect. Now what?

Invitation to the Dance - Krycek appears in Mulder's apartment and issues an invitation to come and see....

Lobster Quadrille - Mulder has seen too much, and so has Krycek.

Tango - Two scared, unhappy people take some familiar steps in an unusually complex moment.

Bransle - Skinner and Scully take their places in the set as things grow more complicated.

Contras and Squares - Unlikely patterns and partners emerge in the night and Mulder finally begins to understand what drives Alex Krycek. Warning: suggestion of het sex.

The Settling Series:

Settling - Book One: Skinner meets up with an old nemesis and discovers that being kidnapped can be both informative and restful.

Settling: Down: Skinner and Krycek are threatened by unbridled domesticity until Fox Mulder rescues them from all that peace and quiet.

Settling: In: "Settling: In" picks up directly where "Settling: Down" ended. Skinner had walked out of the house after finding Mulder and Krycek curled up together. Krycek has gone down into town to retrieve him and proposed a startling solution - that everyone gets what he wants. Only... one must be very certain of what one wants.

The Skinner's Blues Series:

One of these dark and moonless nights: Another conversation in the dark for our heroes.

I'll Be the Last Around: Mulder has plans for Skinner, after that conversation in the dark.

I could never quit you, no: Skinner is slowly piecing his life back together, but Mulder is gone. How much home repair can one man do before he cracks?

The Gone Series:

Gone: Someone is going, going, gone....but not alone.

Carried Away: Someone gets carried away.

Trees: It is possible to talk less and still be heard.

Frost: Mulder finally understands a secret about his life that everyone else has always known.


Jonny Quest

This new story is a work in progress, and all I can say is for goodness' sake send in some feedback so it can be finished! I'm dying to find out what happens - and I've never even seen the show!

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Space: Above and Beyond

Strays: The war is over and Hawkes is mustering out. But there's no one to go home to...or is there? A Hawkes/McQueen first-time tale.



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