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Name: Mulder/Skinner Slash Society
Date(s): founded in October or December 1996, the last update was 05 December 1997
Type: M/Sk slash
Fandom: The X-Files
URL: (via Wayback)
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The Mulder/Skinner Slash Society (MSSS) was a Mulder/Skinner slash archive.

The motto of the Mulder/Skinner Slash Society was: For Girls Who Like Worthless Punks Who Need A Real Man!

The MSSS had a link to the X-Slash mailing list, featured a soundtrack of love, a few essays, caption contests, links, a slash zine exchange, a page for Walter's Office, and of course M/Sk slash fanfiction!

MSSS was a wholly owned subsidiary of the Girls Who Like Boys Who Do Boys Club, Inc., which also owned the Mulder/Krycek Romantics Association, the Due South Romance Association, and The X-Files Fanfic Hall of Shame.

Its Demise: "Preserved in Amber"

7/2008: Down in the Basement no longer preserves the MKRA/MSSS or Archive X pages...]

I had a scare a while back when simplenet was going to get rid of the MKRA/MSSS websites, but fortunately Down in the Basement moved the material over. Once upon a time, X-Files slash archives did something very rare. Usually when a site outgrows its space and is taken over by new management, the original site is torn down, its contents are moved over and reconfigured to fit the tastes of the new archivist, and the new site accepts new fic. But MKRA/MSSS (and later Archive X) just stopped, as if preserved in amber, its contents left intact and looking just as they did the day it closed its doors to new submissions. This was how it looked when it was the first slash site I devoured and through the early stage of my slasherhood. MKRA was the face of M/K, since this site was the XF slash Mulder/Krycek site, and reflected a time when canon was my friend instead of something that made me wonder how much contempt Chris Carter has for the show's fans. The in-jokes, challenges, and politics of a certain era of XF fic remained right there for perusal. It held an astonishing array of classic XF slash. It provided a context for my early stories by showing their contemporaries. If you first ran into my stories on my site, you see how they stand alone or fit within the body of my work, but with MKRA you can see what was going on around them and the in-jokes and commentary I put in my fic that reflected those surroundings.

MKRA was a time capsule, a scrapbook.

Thanks to DitB's generous archivist, you can still see MKRA/MSSS's (and also Archive X's) stories self-contained and separate from the huge, consolidated (and very convenient) archive that is Down in the Basement if you want to.

So go back in time to an era when classic authors like torch, A. Leigh-Anne Childe, JiM, and DBKate were still writing XF. See Woodinat's insane and very funny "Deny Everything--Especially Pendrell's Death." Find out why this story and so many others in that time period had eggbeaters in them. Visit an era in which I read Mulder/Skinner (though I couldn't write it). Me, I'm glad it's all still there.... [1]


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