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Name: Archive/X
Date(s): 1998-1999
Type: slash
Fandom: The X-Files
URL: (Wayback)
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Archive/X is an X-Files slash archive. It was the main X-Files slash archive after MKRA/MSSS and was succeeded in 2000 by Down in the Basement.[1]

From the FAQs:


Archive/X succeeds MKRA/MSSS as the principal archive of X-Files slash fan fiction. Presently, fan fiction posted to the XSLASH-STORIES mailing list is archived unless the author puts DO NOT ARCHIVE in the first few lines of the story. Additionally, Archive/X will archive any stories with significant slash content at the request of the author, or we may request permission from an author to keep a copy of their story. (We don't do that very often.)

Why can't I find stories from early 1998, or 1997 or earlier? Why can't I find any ScullySlash? Where's the BADFIC?

Stories posted to the aforementioned lists ON or AFTER July 1, 1998 are at Archive/X at Stories archived BEFORE July 1, 1998 are archived at the older MKRA/MSSS site at, as are some ScullySlash stories. The bulk of all ScullySlash stories are held at the ScullySlash List Story Archive at, although a few ScullySlash stories may be found here.

What the heck IS slash, anyway?

Generally, slash contains some sort of romantic/sexual relationship between characters of the same gender. So, UST (unrequited sexual tension) stories make it in. Full-blown grand schmooping romance makes it in. Stories in which the main characters shtup like bunnies all over the place make it in. Stories where one of the characters has a desperate longing for another and fantasises about shtupping madly make it in. Humorous stories in which the characters keep trying to get into bed with each other but circumstances intervene make it in.

Next question: What DOESN'T make it in? Is there content that will cause the archive to refuse a story?

Any story involving individuals below the age of eighteen (18) in sexual conduct will not be placed on the archive. It does not matter if they are involved only in sexual exploration with each other, or if they are depicted having sex with an adult. Offers to self-censor or adjust the content will be declined; the archive isn't in the business of editing, and it is quite probable that the content will so permeate the story that removing one specific scene or two will not make a major difference regarding its acceptability.
Stories that are not slash. For example, MSR (Mulder-Scully Romance) doesn't make it in. Male-female sexual involvement, if not in the context of a bisexual story of some sort, will be declined.
And lastly, rape stories don't make it in.[2]


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