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You may be looking for the Scully Slash Archive

Synonyms: Scully Slash
See also: Scully/Other, Scully/Reyes, Scully/Marita
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ScullySlash is an older term for femslash which features The X-Files character Dana Scully.

An archive with fiction starring Dana Scully and other female characters is the Scully Slash Archive.

Examples of Use

"I'm glad to see more Scully slash around myself - it's about time the woman got some on the same intensity as Mulder... which I do like to read as well... [1]

"Well, [Kaz is] not a recurring character, but "Walking the Line" (all 4 parts of it,) is perhaps the best of ScullySlash that I've read, and I'm not really a slasher.[2]


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