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Name: ScullySlash Archive
Archivist: alice_ttlg
Type: femslash
Fandom: The X-Files
URL: (old) (defunct) (stories were moved to:) The ScullySlash collection at Archive Of Our Own
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ScullySlash Archive is an X-Files femslash archive with stories focused on Dana Scully. ScullySlash also features a gallery of images, an email list, and it welcomes f/f slash stories about other female XF characters.

Its content was generated from the yahoo group, "ScullySlash."

old ScullySlash list home page
new page

The List: ScullySlash


The original ScullySlash list was founded June 24, 1998, and it was most active until 2002. [1] and the title was: "ScullySlash • dedicated to FemSlash in The X-Files."

The original ScullySlash list. Dedicated to the talk and appriciation Female Slash, with an emphasis on Scully Slash, within the XFiles universe.

Comments about the characters in situations on the show, in fan fic, the posting of fic stories, as well as beta reading help on stories. All comments are welcome, as long as they are not flames.

Discussions will be about subjects not approriate by US Government standards for children under 18.

The Archive Itself

The archive's name was officially "DSSA" (Dana Scully Slash Archive), and its archivist is Rose. Rose said (very late 1998?), as she handed it over to another archivist,

The DSSA archive has closed. Angelfire lost all my files, and I can not find a back up.

As this had simply become the back up for the ScullySlash webpage for longer stories, I suggest you go there.

The stories pre list/ never seen on the list are lost.

Thanks for your support.

The new archive for Scully Slash list webpage is now

Rose. [2]

The next incarnation of the archive was run by Tamy (or maybe LC):

Welcome to the Dana Scully Slash Archive. This is Tamy the new Archivist.

Submissions to this site are always welcome.

I am quite pleased to have been able to take over this site when LC [3] could no longer continue with the archiving. At the time she set this site up, it was the only way to find all the Scully Slash in one place.

Since then, of course, we have the Scully Slash list, and all the wonderful fiction on it. Still (even though I own the list and operate the website with Hal's help) I think there is a need to have all the Scully Slash serials on one website. So, with author's permission, I will be archiving those serials here.

Of course, the older stories which were never on the list, because it didn't exist yet, will still be found here.

I am not going to put the up new stories which are at the Scully Slash List archive.

Unless they are serials or very long. So, please go to the List site to look at the Scully Slash List archives.

Most of the stories in this archive are rated NC17, there are a few rated PG. If this offends you, please leave now. I do not want to hear that you "accidentally" found these stories and were upset.

The stories also contain same-sex (female) sexual situations. [4]

A Statement Regarding Permission and Privacy

From a 2000 or earlier warning: "Please DO NOT forward, post or archive these stories anywhere else without the permission of the author. Even where the author states that archiving is OK in the story header, remember that it's still polite to ask for permission, and to tell the writer where their story is going." [5]

In 2002, alice ttlg took over hosting and maintaining the archive, using the Automated Archive software and the archive was moved to her domain.

In September 2016, it was announced that ScullySlash would be moving to the Archive of Our Own as an Open Doors Project. [6] The move was completed in July 2017. The stories may be now found at the The ScullySlash collection at Archive Of Our Own.

Site Info


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