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Name: Walter Sergei Skinner
Occupation: assistant director of the FBI
Relationships: Divorced
Fandom: Carterverse (The X-Files, The Lone Gunmen)
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Walter Skinner was a main character on the FOX television show The X-Files, brought to life by Mitch Pileggi.

Some fans referred to him as "The Surly One," "Surly Pectoral God" and with other similar names.

It appears that the term "Surly Pectoral God" was coined at RevelCon in March 1997 by Lezlie Shell at her panel, "X-Files Slash - the SPG (Surly Pectoral God aka Walter Skinner)." [1]

Fannish Engagement with the Character

Do you dream of starched white shirts?
Do steel-rimmed glasses and a scowl make your heart beat faster?
Is the flash of fluorescent lighting off a bald skull something that makes you slightly lightheaded? [2]

Skinner ... ah, yes. The Surly Pectoral God. Well, looks a lot like the Ruler to me - seeking to creator order, finding constructive uses for the Dragon, and responsible and controlled. I liked him better more ambiguous, when he might not necessarily tilt towards M&S but would always seek to balance competing needs and virtues. What can I say? I'm a gray-territory creature.(...)



Skinner is usually perceived as an ally to Mulder and Scully, in canon he is toeing the line between friend and enemy regularly during the show. In Fanon he is often portrayed to have a crush or even romantic interest in Scully.


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