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Name: Walter Sergei Skinner
Occupation: assistant director of the FBI
Title/Rank: A.D., Deputy Director (comic universe)
Location: Washington, D.C.
Status: alive
Relationships: Divorced
Fandom: Carterverse (The X-Files, The Lone Gunmen)
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Walter Skinner was a main character on the FOX television show The X-Files, brought to life by Mitch Pileggi.

Fannish Engagement with the Character

Do you dream of starched white shirts?
Do steel-rimmed glasses and a scowl make your heart beat faster?
Is the flash of fluorescent lighting off a bald skull something that makes you slightly lightheaded? [1]

Fanon About the Character

A popular fanfic trope in the X-Files fandom is that Skinner is infatuated with Scully. There are a lot of Scully/Skinner and Mulder/Skinner works. He is also shipped with his assistant, Kim Cook, see Skinner/Kim. The character also he is own torture works, called Waltertorture.


Archives and Lists


Skinner Fan Interviews

See Sisters in Smut Interview Project (~2001)



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