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You may be looking for The Celestial Toyroom.

Title: The Celestial Toybox (some issues simply "Celestial Toybox")
Publisher: Celestial Toybox Press & Kent Science Fiction & Fantasy Club
Editor(s): always Julie Fitch, but with different associate editors, some of whom were Lydia Gamble, Marla Groves, Cassandra Boyle, Christina Getrost
Date(s): 1987-2004
Series?: yes
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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The Celestial Toybox was a gen multimedia fanzine.

club logo by Art Delano, featured on the all the zine back covers

It had a large focus on Star Wars fanworks with Issues #2, 5-9 and 16 containing Star Wars stories. Issue #16 won the Star Wars Star aWards "Best 2000 Multi Media Zine" award.

However, it accepted stories and artwork from a wide variety of fandoms, from issue #5: "The CELESTIAL TOYBOX welcomes any and all science fiction or fantasy related materials (stories, artwork, filksongs, poetry, etc.)...", and from issue #16: "Any and all submissions are welcome. (NO Slash, please.) We like to have a good mix of everything."

Publishing Partners

In the beginning, it was published twice a year by the Kent Science Fiction & Fantasy Club out of Ohio, U.S.

Issue #11 was published "in conjunction with The National Museum of Science Fiction and Fantasy," and all proceeds from its sale are used solely to cover the cost and expenses of production. No individual and/or group benefit from its sale."


From a 1992 flyer:

The CELESTIAL TOYBOX is the fanzine with something for everyone. Published twice a year, THE CELESTIAL TOYBOX features Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror stories from our members and contributors from around the country, along with original artwork, filksongs, poetry, and reviews. Each issue is centered around a general theme, but CT reflects a broad spectrum of subjects as well. Come join us in the dreaming.

In 1995, from a submission request for issue #12:

In our continuing quest to become a truly multi-media zine, THE CELESTIAL TOYBOX welcomes any and all materials (stories, artwork, filksongs, poetry, etc.) from all the various fandoms out there in fandom. We are no longer limiting submissions to science fiction, fantasy, and comics. […] Any and all submissions are welcome (NO slash please). We like to have a good mix of everything.

The Piracy Stamp

Issue #6 in 1990 had this note:

the teddy bear logo from page 160 of #6
On page 160 you will find our teddy bear logo with a colored number written on his chest indicating this is an original copy. If this number is not in color, then you have a pirated copy. Please let us know if you think this has occurred. To those thinking about doing this, remember: IF IT PIRATES, WE CAN KILL IT!!! We appreciate your cooperation.

From issue #9:

Look for the multi-colored universe stamp in this issue. This stamp indicates that this is an original copy. If this colored stamp does not appear, then you have a pirated copy. Please let us know if you think this has occurred. To those thinking about doing this, remember: IF YOU MESS WITH OUR UNIVERSE WE'LL ALTER YOURS!!!!!

Another notice:

Look for the multi-colored stamp in this issue. This stamp indicates that this is an original copy. If this colored stamp does not appear, then you have a pirated copy. Please let us know if you think this has occurred. To those thinking about doing this, remember: IF YOU PIRATE OUR ZINE, THERE WILL BE TROUBLE!!!!!!!

These statements were in reference to discussions about zine piracy.

"Tipografekel Arrez"

"Tipografekel Arrez" was a section which began with issue #6. It was "a round up of the amusing typos in original submissions to each issue."

Issue 1

cover of issue #1, Kara Ray

The Celestial Toybox 1 was published in 1987.

  • Trouble in Paradise by Doctor #4--The Doctor is pitted against his old nemesis, the Master (Doctor Who) (3)
  • The Visit by Steve Lawson (Original Fiction) (14)
  • Doctor Who and King Arthur's Court by Doctor #1--Our favorite renegade against the knights of the round table. (Doctor Who) (29)
  • ????? by Doctor #5--The Doctor is brought face to face with a mystery woman from his past. (Doctor Who) (47)
  • The Science Fiction Guide to Kent State U. by C. Simms, L. Gamble (Multimedia) (54)
  • Revenge by Constance Simms--A V story bringing Diana against an enemy she thought long dead. (V: The Series) (62)

art by:

  • Kara Ray - front cover
  • Marc Simms - back cover

Issue 2

front cover of issue #2, Cassandra Ann Boyle
back cover of issue #2, Constance Simms

The Celestial Toybox 2 was published in December 1987 and is 350 pages long.

The cover art was by Cassandra Ann Boyle (front cover) and Constance Simms (back cover). The interior art by was Cassandra Ann Boyle, Mark Simms, and Kara Ray.

This issue was "A salute to 'Star Wars' on its tenth anniversary."

  • The Debt by Cassandra Ann Boyle ("A high ranking member of the rebel alliance has ties to Darth Vader.") (Star Wars) (1)
  • Star Wars Christmas Songs by Kara Ray (lyrics from "A Star Wars Christmas Albume" 1980, Lucasfilm Ltd., RSO Records, Inc.)
    • "The Odds Against Christmas" narrated by Anthony Daniels
    • What Can You Get a Wookie [sic] for Christmas (When He Already Owns a Comb?) (Star Wars) (25)
  • Star Wars: The Next Generation by Lydia Gamble ("A mystery woman tries to get revenge on Han Solo through his son.") (Star Wars) (30)
  • 'Twas the Night Before Christmas on the Death Star, poem by Julie Fitch, Lydia Gamble (Star Wars) (44)
  • Working Vacation by Constance Simms ("The crew of the Enterprise can't seem to get a break even on vacation.") (Star Trek: The Original Series) (48)
  • In Preperation for the Sixth Federation, poem by Brian M. Dean (original science fiction) (57)
  • Truth is Stranger Than Fiction by Bob McClaren (Doctor Who) (59)
  • The Twelve Days of Christmas (Doctor Who Style), poem not credited (64)
  • Take Two Jelly Babies and See Me on Monday Night, review by Lorraine Francis (Doctor Who) (66)
  • The Guardian by Constance Simms ("A high-flying adventure mixing Navy pilots and an alien stranded on our planet.") (Original Fiction) (67)
  • The House on the Corner of Main and Circular by Stephen C. Lawson ("A chilling mystery pitting a newly placed manager against a strong Indian spirit which seems to control an entire town.") (Original Fiction) (80)
  • Filk Songs by Rebecca Fildes (Doctor Who) (110)
    • For a Tardis of My Own, to the tune of "There is a Tavern in the Town"
    • Blue Police Box, to the tune of "Yellow Submarine" ("with apologies to the Beatles, especially John Lennon")
    • We Three Clods, to the tune of "We Three Kings"
    • There He Was, ot the tune of "Do Wa Ditty Ditty"
    • I'm Traveling Time with My Dog K-9, to the tune of "I'm Look Over a Four-Leaf Clover"
    • There Was a Doctor, to the tune of "Bingo"
  • Untitled Story by Sarah Jane Alexander (Doctor Who) (114)

Issue 3

cover of issue #3, Diane Swiger

The Celestial Toybox 3 was published in 1988.

The art is by Diane Swiger (front cover), Art Delano (back cover), and Constance Simms (a full-color laser print of Dr. Beverly Crusher).

This issue was tribute to Star Trek.

  • Guardians' Tears by Constance Simms ("The crew of the new Enterprise receives a signal from a long-dead planet and finds the last survivor of its race.") (Star Trek: The Next Generation) (2)
  • For Fun and Profit by Steve Lawson ("Ordinary metals can't be turned into gold - or can they?") (original fiction) (26)
  • Rebirth by Jacquie Deegan ("What if "The Wrath of Khan" had turned out differently?") (Star Trek: The Original Series) (51)
  • Stargrove by Elizabeth Gray (Elfquest) (64)
  • Filk Songs by Diane Christensen (Multimedia) (70)
  • The Last Warrior by Constance Simms ("The crew of the Galactica finds an alien who may be able to point the way to Earth.") (Battlestar Galactica (1978)) (79)
  • Takeover by Constance Simms ("The new Enterprise is hijacked by a group of renegades with the reluctant help of a beautiful alien.") (Star Trek: The Next Generation) (94)
  • The Shrimpnoid Connection by Dave Daniels (original fiction) (104)
  • What are We Having for Dinner Besides Fish? by Diane Christensen, D.J. Smith ("Captain Kirk thinks he's a CAT!!!") (Star Trek: The Original Series) (121)
  • The Bequest by Steve Lawson ("A young boy stumbles upon a horrifying secret when he inherits a book from his late uncle.") (original fiction) (144)
  • Reverie: The True Reality by Kara Ray (Star Trek: The Original Series) (163)

Issue 4

cover of issue #4, Kara Ray

The Celestial Toybox 4 was published in 1988 and is 210 pages long.

The front cover is a portrait of Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, by Kara Ray, the back cover is by Art Delano.

This issue was a Horror issue.

  • The Return by Steve Lawson--Sequel to "The House on the Corner of Main and Circular" in issue #2; the battle comes to a surprising conclusion.") (original fiction) (1)
  • Stealth by Cassandra Boyle ("The crew plans a surprise for Captain Picard's birthday.") (Star Trek: The Next Generation) (26)
  • Vessel by Diane Christensen Swiger (original fiction) (38)
  • Farewell to a Warrior Maiden by Jon Marshall (Star Trek: The Next Generation) (42)
  • The Dead Don't Dream by Kara Ray (original fiction) (45)
  • Bracelet of True Love by Lynn Watch (Friday the 13th: The Series) (47)
  • Reverie: The True Reality, pt. 2 by Kara Ray (Doctor Who) (53)
  • The Shrimpnoid Connect, pt. 2 by Dave Daniels (original fiction) (73)
  • A Very Long Way by Diane Christensen Swiger (original fiction) (116)
  • Rebirth, pt. 2 by Jacqueline Deegan (Star Trek: The Original Series) (121)
  • The Creation of the Second Intergalactic Man of the Year... by Brian Dean (original fiction) (131)
  • Trick or Treat by Lydia Gamble ("The crew of the new Enterprise finds some unexpected surprises when they celebrate Halloween.") (Star Trek: The Next Generation) (151)
  • Marooned by Charlie Nash (original fiction) (164)
  • Special Bulletin by Jon Marshall (original fiction) (165)
  • Nowhere to Hide by Charlie Nash (original fiction) (167)
  • First Contact by Kathy Kuhn (original fiction) (168)
  • Too Much Rage by Charlie Nash (original fiction) (170)
  • Undone by Michael Cole (original fiction) (171)
  • Bred to Survive by Charlie Nash (original fiction) (172)
  • Drought by Michael Cole (original fiction) (174)
  • A Last Drink Between Two Friends by Jon Marshall (Dracula) (176)
  • Imzadi Cassandra by Ann Boyle (Star Trek: The Next Generation) (180)
  • Mortal Enemies by Constance Simms ("An original story featuring the battle between two warring races and the baby that may hold the key to victory.") (original fiction) (185)

Issue 5

front cover of issue #5, Charlie Nash
back cover of issue #5, Art Delano

The Celestial Toybox 5 was published in 1989 and contains 277 pages.

This issue was a "Media Issue."

It was edited by Julie Fitch and Lydia Gamble.

  • Introduction, metafic by Cassandra Ann Boyle (1)
Of all the tales about heroes, myths, and monsters, one of the oddest has to be the story about a tiny island in the South Pacific called Hooga-Booga. And that, dear reader, is where our story begins.... "At first great Zenith showed us such wonders. A talking four-hoofed beast! A lizard that ate a city called Tokyo! And I'm hip to a dude called the Fonz!" The chief continued. "See this suit? One hundred and twenty-nine smackers on the Home Shopping Network. Yes, siree, we've got it ail - HBO, safe sex, Donald Trump, and even our MTV! So you see, we're not slaves after all."

  • art by Diane Swiger and Julie Fitch for "The Light That Shines Before Men" (4)
  • The Light That Shines Before Men by Marla Groves ("Lt. Col. Ironhorse's encounter with an unusual woman at a party leads to some startling revelations.") (War of the Worlds) (5)
  • Richard Chaves, art by Jessica Yost (10)
  • Aliens at Play, art by Kara Ray (17)
  • Eternity by Eric Way ("The battle between good and evil comes to an interesting climax.") (original fiction) (18)
  • art by Constance Simms for "Dreams Do Come True" (27)
  • Dreams Do Come True by Constance Simms (Crystal finds herself in the Enterprise.) (Star Trek: The Original Series) (27)
  • Some People... by Kara Ray ("Dr Who is set up to none other than himself.) (Doctor Who) (38)
  • The Island of Treasure by Kathy Kuhn ("Four friends find mystery when they discover an island that shouldn't exist.") (original fiction) (47)
  • Klingon Honor/Foolish Pride by Craig A. Smith (Star Trek: The Original Series) (55)
  • Prisoners by Diane Swiger (Dark Shadows) (63)
  • Jenifer and Wolfgang's Excellent Adventure by Jessica Yost ("Mix in 'The Magic Flute', Mozart, and a lot of mystery.") (original fiction) (72)
  • Stalker Moon by Diane Swiger (original fiction) (83)
  • Rebirth, pt. 3 by Jacqueline Deegan (has a warning that this is rated R: "BE FOREWARNED THAT ONE'S IMAGINATION WILL RUN RAMPANT WHILE READING THIS STORY. PARENTAL DISCRETION IS ADVISED. COLD SHOWERS RECOMMENDED STRONGLY!!!!!") (Original Female Character/Khan from Star Trek: The Original Series) (92)
  • Views from the Holodeck, reviews of various books and movies (104)
  • Return of a Legend by Jon Marshall (Batman) (110)
  • The Shrimpnoid Connection, pt. 3 by Dave Daniels ("Comes to an exciting, action-packed conclusion.) (original fiction) (111)
  • The Chekov Files: First Contact by Brian and Kathy Murphy ("An interesting viewpoint on a routine mission by the crew of the Enterprise—a look at how things really happened.") (Star Trek: The Original Series) (130)
  • Filk Songs by Various (Multimedia) (138)
    • Colonel Ironhorse's War of the Worlds by Lydia Gamble
    • Better Promise Me by Kara Ray
    • Planet Made of Snow by Kara Ray
    • Lucky Vs. The Dark Lord by Kara Ray (Star Wars)
    • Imzadi by Lydia Gamble (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
    • The Renegade by Kara Ray
  • The Antidote by Lynn Walch (original fiction) (148)
  • The Bottle by Steve Lawson ("A woman discovers an interesting story when she fishes a bottle out of the ocean.") (original fiction) (153)
  • Legacy by Jon Marshall (Star Trek: The Next Generation) (160)
  • Star Trek and Television's Moral Universe, essay by Ina Rae Hark (It was submitted by a fan with this note: "Reprinted by permission of the Kent State University Press -- Ina Rae Hark, Star Trek and Television's Moral Universe, Extrapolation, Vol. 20, No.1, Spring, 1979, pp. 20-37.")(165)
  • From Out of the Past by Jon Marshall (Star Wars) (181)
  • Reverie: The True Reality, pt. 3 by Kara Ray (original fiction) (184)
  • People Change by Constance Simms ("Captain Picard finds out just how much his old friend has changed.") (Star Trek: The Next Generation) (196)
  • Blood Test by Sheriden Gray ("A group of rebels fights against the VISITORS.) (original fiction) (219)
  • A Hard Day's Night at the Hard Rock Cafe by Kara Ray, Jeff Holland (original fiction) (227)
  • Welcome to Ten-Forward by Jon Marshall (Star Trek: The Next Generation) (240)
  • The Blind Foolish Gunner by Eric Way (original fiction) (244)
  • For Tara is Hollow and I Have Gone with the Wind by Kate Chaste, Nickles O'Xerox (Star Trek) (250)
  • Oh Rhett!, art by Diane Swiger (255)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 5

A mish-mash of many "universes" and original fiction too. A mini-graphic novel entitled "Stalker" too. Not just fiction either, there are reviews and essays like "Star Trek and Television's Moral Universe" by Ina Rae Hark. There is at least one Dr. Who story, and at least one poem and artwork from Beauty and the Beast. Artwork from Battlestar Galactica as well, though I see no story. There is a War of the Worlds story, and a Dark Shadows vampire story too. Both original Trek and the Next Generation, as well as Star Wars stories. And if that isn't enough to hold your interest, there are also crossword puzzles. And a parody of Trek called "For Tara is Hollow and I Have Gone with the Wind" which follows the adventures of Captain James T. Quirk, the Starship Entropy, Dr. Leonard "Stoned M'Boy", Mr. Spot, chief Engineer Shott, Helmsman Sonie, and Navigator Czechedov. 277 pages, packed with stuff. [1]

Issue 6

cover of issue #6
back cover of issue #6
flyer for issue #6

The Celestial Toybox 6 was published in 1990 and contains 350 pages. Front cover art is by Charlie Nash and back cover is by Art Delano.

It was edited by Julie Fitch (chief editor and typist), Lydia Gamble (assistant editor and typist), and Maria Groves (assistant editor and typist).

From the authors of "Pentagon":

I hope you enjoyed our little comic book adventure. All in all, we're pretty pleased with it, considering we never had anything to do with comic books except for reading them over the years. Our project has taught us just how hard it can be to create, write, draw, and lay out comic book material. In the end we had a lot of fun, which was the idea for us in the first place.

In case you're wondering, the characters in this book have their basis in fact. Being the sneaky devils we are, Connie and I took some characteristics of our longtime friends and created "alter egos" from them. Add to that a few adventures, and the result was "Pentagon" and company. Now you know why we had so much fun--it's not every day one gets an opportunity to put the screws to one's friends! We may have poked them in the ribs, so to speak, but we like to think we immortalized our friends a little bit as well. What better tribute to friendship than immortality? (Before this gets too mushy, we'll move on.) The people this book Is based on know who they are, so just In case you think it's you but you never heard of Connie or myself, then it's not you, okay? And while we're at It, this comic book does not reflect official Air Force/Navy or Department

of Defense policy.

  • "Ironhorse" and "Richard Chaves" artwork by Jessica Yost and Carol Swoboda (War of the Worlds) (ii)
  • Dedication Page by Julie Fitch (iii)
  • "True to the Rank ...." artwork by Cassandra Boyle (War of the Worlds) (1)
  • On the Passing of a Friend by Charlie Nash; artwork by Carol Swoboda (War of the Worlds) (2)
  • "War of the Worlds" logo by Julie Fitch and Diane Swiger (War of the Worlds) (4)
  • In Sickness and In Health by Marla Groves; artwork by Carol Swoboda ("When Lt. Col. Ironhorse is stricken with a mysterious illness amid an ingenious Alien plot, the team discovers that their commitment to survival must endure even in sickness and in health.") (War of the Worlds) (5)
  • The Chekov Files by Brian and Kathy Murphy (Star Trek: The Original Series) (37)
  • Pentagon by Cassandra Boyle and Constance Simms—Comic strip. (original super-heroes) (45)
  • Pentagon Cover Art by H. Liv. Productions, Inc (62)
  • The Good That You Do by Marla Groves; artwork by Carol Swoboda (War of the Worlds) (64)
  • And Now For Something Really Different by Charlie Nash (68)
  • Mazes by Donnalyn Mumaw (70)
  • The Twelve Days of Christmas Done Our Way by Julie Fitch and Lydia Gamble (74)
  • He Who Laughs Last by Craig A. Smith; artwork by Cassandra Boyle ("In a most unusual meeting between Batman and the Joker, our hero finds out exactly who is he who laughs last.") (Batman) (75)
  • Greater Love Hath No Man by Lorraine Mumaw; artwork by Carol Swoboda (War of the Worlds) (79)
  • Jenifer and Wolfgang's Excellent Adventure, story and artwork by Jessica Yost (85)
  • Teeth and Cheese artwork by H. Liv. Productions, Inc (105)
  • Freddy's Nightmare, comic strip by Charlie Nash ("Marvel’s Nightmare gets into a fight with Freddy Krueger.") (Marvel Comics/Nightmare on Elm Street) (106)
  • Who Cut The Cards?, cartoon by Charlie Nash (114)
  • Goo Gone Commercial, cartoon by Marla Groves and Charlie Nash (115)
  • Trust by Constance Simms; artwork by Jessica Yost ("When the safety of the mission and Ironhorse's life depend on a woman who once betrayed him, it becomes a matter of trust.") (The sequel to this story is "Flashback" in issue #17.) (War of the Worlds) (116)
  • Reverie: The True Reality- Home Sweet Home (Part II) by Kara Ray; artwork by William Vance (Star Wars/original science fiction) (127)
  • Confrontation by Charlie Nash ("When the Cybermen invade Earth, it's up to Doctor Who, Captain America, and some unlikely allies to stop them.") (Marvel Comics/Doctor Who) (134)
  • A Wolf In K-Mart Clothing by Marla Groves ("You've seen those yellow shorts of Lt. Col. Ironhorse's, but have you ever wondered where he got them?") Winner of a 1991 FanQ. (War of the Worlds) (157)
  • Two Moons Over Gnyesen, story and artwork by Kara Ray (original science fiction) (161)
  • A Tribute To Comic Art by Constance Simms, Charlie Nash, Cassandra Boyle, Jon Marshall, and H. Liv. Productions, Inc (art portfolio of Marvel and DC comics characters.) (166)
  • The Trick or Treaters by Lydia Gamble; artwork by Jessica Yost (War of the Worlds) (216)
  • A Letter To Kirk by Charlie Nash (Star Trek: The Original Series) (220)
  • Hairdressers, Telephone Repair People, and Ruffles? by Ariana Mahaney & Shelby Scanlon (221)
  • Rebirth: Part 4 by Jacqueline Deegan (Star Trek: The Original Series) (223)
  • Views From the Batcave by Jon Marshall (226)
  • Wolverine artwork by Jon Marshall (227)
  • WOLVERINE: A Study of an X-Man by Jon Marshall (X-Men) (228)
  • Oh, You Wouldn't by Charlie Nash--Cartoon. (X-Men/Doctor Who) (232)
  • Telepath, story and artwork by Constance Simms (War of the Worlds) (233)
  • A Changing of Spies by Marla Groves; artwork by Charlie Nash (James Bond) (246)
  • The Fleet Street Incident, story and artwork by Kara Ray (252)
  • Calvin and Hobbes artwork by Cassandra Boyle (259)
  • A Note to Vicki, poem and artwork by Cassandra Boyle (Batman) (260)
  • Little Boy Lost by Sue Morain Acord; artwork by Charlie Nash (Batman) (262)
  • War Games by Charlie Nash--Comic strip. (War of the World) (270)
  • Theodore by Donnalyn Mumaw (275)
  • Ten Years, Give or Take by Charlie Nash (277)
  • A Song for Rhiannon, poem by Jon Marshall ("Dedicated to Stevie Nicks, the modern-day incarnation of Rhiannon.") (278)
  • Mysteries of the Universe by Jon Marshall (Star Trek: The Next Generation) (279)
  • Lipcha The Indestructable and The Aliens, comic strip by Charlie Nash (original superheroes) (280)
  • From Out of the Past (Part II) by Jon Marshall; artwork by Cassandra Boyle (Star Wars) (298)
  • The Energy Crisis by Donnalyn Mumaw; artwork by Charlie Nash (301)
  • The Destiny of a Time Lord by Craig A. Smith (Doctor Who/DC Comics) (304)
  • Just Another M.I.A. by Marla Groves; artwork by Charlie Nash ("As Col. James Braddock faces his most ruthless enemy, a man bent on revenge, he gets some help from a very unexpected source.") (Missing in Action) (309)
  • "Tipografekel Arrerz" Courtesy of the Editors, Typists, and Writers (343)
  • The List of Contributing Culprits (345)
  • Advertisements (350)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 6

The good news about CT is that it's a SF club zine and has lots of variety. This, as far as any single fandom is concerned, is also the bad news, because at $22.65 (1st class) it's quite a chunk of cash for 80 pages of WOW stories (the entire zine is approximately 350 pages). As with most club zines, CT reflects the members' varying interests, which range from WOW to TREK to Freddie Krueger to BATMAN, as well as club members' original comic characters. Some of the material was simply not to my taste -- though a 50-page portfolio of cartoon art might well fascinate someone who enjoys it. The level of writing, even in the WOW stories, is also typical of club zines; there seem to be a lot of beginners here. The art covers the spectrum from quite good to quite awful. Even without the restrospective of Wilkes-Barre, the infamous K-Mart yellow-shorts story would be funny --I hope Maria lets someone reprint it in a WOW zine -- and the self-corrected typo "awards" at the end are great... but I'd recommend borrowing CT before deciding whether you want to buy it. I hate to say that, because it is important that new writers have a place to start, but a comparison between this zine and BEBA ($19) shows a clear difference in WOW-per-dollar. While some zines have one story that it worth the price, there was no one outstanding piece of writing in CT. I think the club might do well to publish single-interest editions (all- WOW, all-TREK) rather than these gargantuan efforts. The WOW stuff could easily be published for under $10, and would reach a wider audience. [2]

Issue 7

cover of issue #7
flyer for issue #7

The Celestial Toybox 7 was published in 1991 and contains 218 pages. Includes: Captain America, Doctor Who, Multimedia, Star Wars, War of the Worlds, Animation & Comics.

This issue was the "Potluck Issue."

  • Beyond the Game by Marla Groves ("When he is accidentally left for dead on the jungle floor, Sgt. Poncho Ramirez is swept up into the most unusual and challenging experience of his life. An experience that takes him out of his world and puts him into one that is "Beyond the Game."")
  • Confrontation? by Charlie Nash ("Earth has become the battle ground and prize as two of Doctor Who's enemies, the Cybermen and the Daleks, have come to it to wage war against each other. Will Doctor Who and his allies, Captain America and Deathlok, be able to save the Earth from this "Confrontation?"") (Doctor Who)
  • Bless the Beasts by Marla Groves ("Caught in a battle with the Aliens that is costing him too many lives, Lt. Col. Ironhorse decides to face the enemy alone only to find that he has a most unusual ally in his fight. An ally that brings him to the realization that there is more at stake than humanity, an ally that makes him "Bless The Beasts."") (War of the Worlds)
  • Initiation by Marla Groves ("Long before she is a Senator and a Rebel Leader, a young Princess Leia Organa has an encounter with injustice on her own home world that brings into her life the people and ideals that are her "Initiation."") (Star Wars)
  • Spirit by Lorraine Mumaw ("In the midst of all the painful losses and changes in her life, Debi McCullough finds that true friendship and caring can never be destroyed and that heroes always have a special place to go. A place where she can be with them, if only in "Spirit."")
  • Mortal Enemies (part two) by Constance Simms ("When Terisa, an alien woman who claims to have saved her life as a child, shows up in Crystal Marin's life, her whole existence is turned upside down, and she must face the fact that she is part of a plan to stop Terisa's "Mortal Enemies."")
  • much more unknown content

Issue 8

The Celestial Toybox 8 was published in 1992 and contains 333 pages. The zine also has about 10 pages of flyers at the back.

Julie Fitch was the chief editor and typist, Marla Groves was the assistant editor and typist, and Lydia Gamble and Cassandra Boyle were assistant editors.

front cover of issue #8, Charlie Nash
back cover of issue #8, Art Delano
flyer for issue #8

It is the "What If...?" issue and contains 340 pages. Includes: Magneto, Multimedia, Quantum Leap, War of the Worlds, Wizards and Warriors, X-Men, Animation & Comics.

  • Editor's Page (i)
  • Dedication Page by Cassandra Boyle (ii)
  • He Who Waits by Susan M. Asselin (War of the Worlds) (1)
  • Predator artwork by Jared M. Place, Ironhorse artwork by Carol Swoboda, both "He Who Waits"
  • Movie "What If's" -- artwork, stories by Charlie Nash for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Aliens, Terminator, Star Trek V, Superman, Return of the Jedi
  • Doctor Who and Knights of the Round Table by Craig A. Smith (17)
  • Castle artwork by Robert Jackson, The Master artwork by Charlie Nash, other artwork by Robert Jackson, all for "Knights of the Roundtable."
  • The Visitor by Cassandra Boyle (37)
  • Hidden Camera cartoon by Louis Petrich (Star Trek: The Next Generation) (39)
  • Child's Play, comic by Alice C. Aldridge, art by Charlie Nash (40)
  • Suicide Function Inoperative by Cassandra Boyle (56)
  • Mr. Scott's Used Starships, cartoon by Louis Petrich (Star Trek) (57)
  • His Youngest Soldiers by Constance Simms, art by Charlie Nash (War of the Worlds) (58)
  • What If..., Quantum Leap cartoons by Charlie Nash (75)
  • Spooked by Cassandra Boyle (78)
  • The Borgizer Bunny, cartoon by Louis Petrich (Star Trek: The Next Generation) (81)
  • A Bird in the Hand by Jon Marshall (Star Trek: The Next Generation) (82)
  • Big Brother, Little Sister by Jon Marshall (Star Trek: The Next Generation) (88)
  • Only the Dark by Susan M. Asselin, art by Carol Swoboda ("It was meant to be a simple drive to a secret meeting with Gen. Wilson, but a chance encounter with a seductive hitchhiker changes Col. Ironhorse's life into a nightmare more horrifying than he has ever known. Will Harrison and the rest of the team be able to help him find a way out. or will Ironhorse remain forever trapped in the hellish existence of one who must seek "ONLY THE DARK'.") (War of the Worlds) (90)
  • Phoenixfire, story and art by Cassandra Boyle (comics) (105)
  • Moonlight Gathering by Lynn Walch, art by Robert Jackson (Star Trek: The Next Generation) (114)
  • Paris Picard, cartoon by Louis Petrich (118)
  • A Mile in My Moccasins by Marla Groves, art by Constance Simms, Carol Swoboda, Marla Groves and Chalrie Nash ("A frightening tip from Quinn and the discovery of a parallel dimension sends the team of the Blackwood Project on their most challenging mission yet--infiltrate a science fiction convention to stop the Aliens from taking over an actor named Richard Chaves and destroying two worlds at once. The team has only one chance for success, both Chaves and Ironhorse must agree to walk "A Mile In My Moccasins."") (119)
  • Angel !-123 by Cassandra Boyle (192)
  • Al: Hologram With a Heart, art by Charlie Nash (Quantum Leap) (193)
  • Regret by Alice C. Aldridge, art by Charlie Nash (comic) (194)
  • From Out of the Past, part four by Jon Marshall (Star Wars) (202) (Star Wars)
  • Quantum Crisis by Charlie Nash ("No one at Project: Quantum Leap was prepared for what would happen when Dr. Sam Beckett randomly traded places with one Lt. Col. Paul Ironhorse. Now Sam has to find the knowledge to deal with a threat he has never encountered before, and Al must match wits with a cunning soldier who has somehow managed to get loose in the complex. Both sides are running out of time to stop an Alien plot that has produced a "Quantum Crisis.") (203)
  • The USS Enterpoop, cartoon by Susan Nemeth (231)
  • Seeing Things by John Marshall (233)
  • Grapevine, by Sue Collins, art by Charlie Nash and Sue Collins ("Frank Castle, a man bent on only one thing, the total destruction of these who had brought death to his family. Magneto, a mutant bent on only one thing, the freedom of his kind from those who wished to destroy them. Two powerful forces brought together with one being asked to fight a battle other than his own and one being asked to trust a human. Will they succeed, or will their deaths be the only news on the 'GRAPEVINE".") (comic) (234)
  • The Unknown Jedi by Jon Marshall, art by Charlie Nash (Star Wars) (246)
  • All Her Sons at Play by Marla Groves, art by Constance Edwards, Carol Swoboda (War of the Worlds) (250)
  • To Marian, The Lady of Sherwood by Jon Marshall (Robin of Sherwood) (280)
  • Father Figure by Alice C. Alridge, art by Charlie Nash ("Rogue, a young mutant with the ability to absorb the powers and personality of others, stands on the brink of mental collapse as she is unable to handle a dominant personality she has completely absorbed. With Prof. Xavier too weak to help her build the psi-shields she needs to control the personality, Rogue must put herself in the hands of Magneto. Will Magneto be strong enough to help her without being absorbed as well, or will Rogue destroy her "Father Figure."") (281)
  • A Doctor in Love, cartoon by Susan Nemeth (Star Trek: The Next Generation) (291)
  • Lipcha The Indestructible and Mister Mask, comic by Charlie Nash (292)
  • Haagen-Daz by Jeff Holland, art by Charlie Nash ("It was a dark and rainy night v/hen Paul Harris, an ordinary man living what seems to be a boring life, had a fateful ice cream craving. Harris takes a seemingly innocent trek to his local supermarket only to find that his life will become filled with Wizards, Warriors, and icky monsters all because he really wanted some 'HAAGEN-DAZS".") (313)
  • Tipografekel Arrez II, courtesy of the editors, typists, and writers (a round up of the amusing typos in original submissions to this zine) (324)
  • Survey Form (327)
  • The List of Contributing Culprits, short bios (328)
  • Advertisements (333)

Issue 9

The Celestial Toybox 9 was published in 1993 and includes 300 pages.

front cover of issue #9, Robert Jackson. The back cover is identical to earlier issues.
flyer for issue #9

It includes Blake's 7, Dr. Doom, MacGyver, Magneto, Multimedia, Quantum Leap, Star Wars, Animation & Comics.

The art is by Robert Jackson, Jared Place, TACS, Charlie Nash, Louis Petrich, Alice Aldridge, Jon Marshall, and Cassandra Boyle.

The focus of this issue: "An Issue at the Movies."

The "soundtrack" included by the author of "The Night of the Rose":

If you enjoyed the story, then here's the soundtrack to "Night of the Rose".

  • Laura Branigan - Ti Amo Kiss - Thrills in the Night
  • Ozzy Osboume - No More Tears
  • Europe - The Final Countdown
  • Starship - Rock Myself to Sleep Golden Earring - Twilight Zone
  • John Taylor - Take it Easy
  • Van Halen - Right Now
  • Alice Cooper - Poison; House of Fire
  • Motley Crue - Same Old Situation Queen - A Kind of Magic Taylor Dayne - I'll Be Your Shelter
These songs are what helped influence the tone and inspire what went on.

  • Editor;s Page (i)
  • Blink of an Eye by Susan M. Asselin (Predator/The Terminator) (1)
  • The Stars by Marla Groves (9)
  • Haagen-Dazs [sic], A Complete Waste of Recycled Materials by Jeff Holland (original science fiction) (10)
  • A Simple Request by Lynn Walch (Star Trek: TNG) (24)
  • Knight of Ghosts and Shadows, comic by Alice Atridge ("Magneto finds himself in a desperate power struggle against an enemy of awesome evil. He must win at all costs, for all he holds dear is at stake. To achieve his goal, he must become like "Knight Of Ghosts And Shadows"") (28)
  • Goodbye, Mommy by Jon Marshall (Star Trek: TNG) (56)
  • The Macleod Papers by George Sulea (Highlander) (57)
  • The Swashbuckler by Marla Groves (61)
  • Why by Charlie Nash (Doctor Who) (62)
  • The "Santa" Clause by Alex J. Nine (original science fiction) (65)
  • The Night of the Rose by Jon Marshall (The author includes a "soundtrack" for this story, see above.) (original science fiction) (74)
  • At the Unemployment Office by Jon Marshall (74)
  • Dr. Who and the Knights of the Round Table, part 2 by Craig Smith (75)
  • Life After Death by Anna-Marie Longberry (Blake's 7)
  • Wonderlove's Thunder by Cassandra Boyle (Airwolf, alone or crossed with other fandoms) (91)
  • War - A Certain Solitude by Susan Asselin (Combat) (108)
  • Who Grieves for the Grieving, comic by Jon Marshall (X-Men) (110)
  • Another Day at the Office by Cassandra Boyle (Star Wars) (114)
  • Mighty One by Lynn Walch (116)
  • Judgement Call by Charlie Nash ("When Dr. Sam Beckett leaps into a man literally at the end of his rope, he becomes faced with a life or death choice that forces him to make a "Judgement Call"") (Quantum Leap) (117)
  • Disney Trek -- James T. Cricket by Louis Petrich (120)
  • The Doom in My Soul by Cassandra Boyle ("When Dr. Maria Yanachek, a brilliant trauma surgeon, is on a mercy mission to help the war ravaged people of her native homeland, she finds herself at the mercy of one of Europe's most feared rulers, Dr. Victor von Doom! As Maria Is ever increasingly drawn into the intrigue of this man's life, will she be able to walk away, or will she be trapped by THE DOOM IN MY SOUL".") (Doctor Doom) (121)
  • Heart of Darkness by George Sulea (171)
  • Truth or Dare by Jeff Holland (173)
  • Cogito, Ergo Sum by Jon Marshall (178)
  • Beyond the Walls of Sleep by George Sulea (182)
  • Black Gambit, comic by Charlie Nash and Cassandra Boyle (183)
  • Second Chance by Anna-Marie Longberry ("Time: After Gauda Prime and Avon has made a discovery that could change the outcome of all he has wrought and bring about a "Second Chance"") (Blake's 7) (204)
  • From Out of the Past, Chapter Five: New Rules by Jon Marshall (Star Trek: TNG) (214)
  • His Squad Now by Susan Asselin (Combat/War of the Worlds) (215)
  • The Tale of Marvin by Alex J. Nine (225)
  • Disney Trek by Louis Petrich (231)
  • Starfleet Aptitude Test by Brian Murphy (Star Trek) (232)
  • And the Dust Settled by Marla Groves (War of the Worlds) (240)
  • Even a Frog Gets to Meet a Princess, Requiem of a Redeemed Misfit by Jon Marshall (243)
  • Would You Know My Name? by Susan Asselin ("While being chased by Aliens bent on his destruction and the retrieval of stolen information, an injured Col. Ironhorse is rescued by a lone man out camping. Is this kind stranger named MacGyver another alien trick to be dealt with, or will he end up another innocent whose memory will demand of Ironhorse "Would You Know My Name"") (War of the Worlds/MacGyver) (245)
  • Immortal by Jon Marshall (Highlander) (253)
  • The Darkest Knight by Susan Asselin (War of the Worlds/Batman) (254)
  • Meeting of Friends by Marla Groves ("Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, two men on the same path yet headed for different destinies, find a certain strain in their friendship that leads them to have a "Meeting Of Friends"") (Star Wars) (270)
  • Blind Date by Marla Groves (The Terminator) (274)
  • Deleting Files by Charlie Nash (282)
  • Paranoia Will Destroy Ya by Jeff Holland (283)
  • Cannonball Express -- Point of Departure, comic by Sue Collins (X-Factor) (287)
  • Cannonball Express -- Excess Baggage, comic by Sue Collins and Alice Aldridge (X-Factor) (298)
  • Voyage to the Bottom of the Scriptwriter's Guild by Charlie Nash (320)
  • Tipgrafekel Arrez, courtesy of the editors, typists, and writers (323)
  • Advertisements (326)

Issue 10

The Celestial Toybox 10 was published in 1994 and is 390 pages.

cover of issue #10
flyer for issue #10
  • Crushed ("When a new ensign is assigned to the Enterprise develops an infatuation for Dr. Crusher, the crew finds themselves reminiscing about their own experiences as they search for a way to help the young man that won’t leave him.") (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
  • Eden ("Blake, Avon Tarrant and the rest of the rebels find themselves up against their old nemesis Servalan as they fight a desperate battle to build a base that will be a safe haven for their cause.") (Blake's 7)
  • The Least Among Many ("Col. Ironhorse finds himself traveling between future and past in an effort to save Sgt. Saunders from death and bring him to a fate.") (War of the Worlds)
  • Rainy Days and Mondays by Pat Gonzales ("On a rain-swept freeway, Monica Johnson picks up a stranded biker named MacGyver and finds herself caught up in his race to save the life of a friend in danger.") (MacGyver) (46 pages)
  • Hear That Lonesome Whistle Blow ("In an effort to save mutantkind from servitude or annihilation by those who fear him, Magneto and X-Factor join forces to create an escape route very much like the underground railroad of old.") (X-Factor)
  • Private Time by Marla Reed ("Taking a psychological walk through his mind.") (MacGyver) (52 pages)
  • A MacGyver By Any Other Name by Marla Reed (MacGyver) (9 pages)
  • Rivalry by Marla Reed (MacGyver) (14 pages)
  • much more other unknown content

Issue 11

The Celestial Toybox 11 was published in 1995 and contains 339 pages.

cover of issue #11, Susan Nesmith
flyer for issue #11, first page
flyer for issue #11, from the second page

The interior art is by Cynthia Cubbison, Shane Hafely, Roland Napoli, Charlie Nash, Susan Nemeth, and Marla Reed. The inside back cover is by Susan Nemeth, Marla Reed, and Julie Fitch.

  • Editor's Page (i)
  • Dedication (ii)
  • The Acorn and the Tree by Marla Reed ("After a heated quarrel between father and son, Sam disappears into the night where he becomes the victim of a horrible crime committed by someone with a vendetta against MacGyver) (MacGyver) (won a 1996 FanQ) (1)
  • Out of Time and Place, poem by Melissa Mastoris (Doctor Who) (47)
  • Cheaitoo by J. Paulette Forshey ("A brave Indian warrior must fight an ancient Bruja for control of his people.) (original fiction) (28)
  • Voyager: The First Official Mission by Nigel Ramon Pruitt ("Voyager has been rescued and now faces their first challenge as an ‘official’ Starfleet crew. Will the test be passed or will loyalties be divided.) (Star Trek: Voyager) (52)
  • Cannonball Express -- Cross-Ties, comic by Sue Collins and Alice Aldridge ("In Genosha, the refuge of mutantkind, Magneto is about to be crowned king and his human bride, Lee Forrester, queen. Can he bring peace to both races with this union.) (X-Factor) (57)
  • Detour to Reality by Marla Reed ("Has MacGyver really found the son he never knew existed, or is it just an illusion? MacGyver must reach out to a part of his past to find the answer.) (MacGyver) (80)
  • Kassia, poem by Melissa Mastoris (Doctor Who) (91)
  • Forgotten Daughter by Julie E. Washington ("An empathy with the power to remove memories is hired by a man who doesn’t want his enemies to ‘remember’ him. Payment for his services is a chance for revenge against the mother who abandoned her.) (92)
  • Mr. Pratt's Unexpected Visitor by Marla Reed ("Ernest only expected to be greeting visiting royalty as ‘Legend,’ but when Mother Pratt stepped off the noon stagecoach as well, his plans were thrown for a loop.) (Legend) (109)
  • Peter Caine: The Legend Continues, an Interview with Chris Potter by Marla Reed (Kung Fu: The Legend Continues) (122)
  • Nyssa's Future, poem by Melissa Mastoris (Doctor Who) (128)
  • A Fight To The Breath by Lawrence J. Morrison (script format), "A call for medical help from a colony of humans who have left the Federation to co-exist with a group of Klingons has Picard and his crew worried about the future of the planet those two races are inhabiting.) (Star Trek: The Next Generation) (129)
  • Potter’s Field (Part two of a comic) by Alex Petretich (original fiction) (181)
  • Bureau 13: The Next Generation — Journey’s End by Jon Marshall ("A Klingon mystic, a human computer expert/telepath, and an Immortal have come together to form Team Astra of Bureau 13. Now they are being sent on a mission that could have an effect on the known galaxy.) (193)
  • MacQuiz, quiz by Marla Reed (MacGyver) (197)
  • Belazs, poem by Melissa Mastoris (199)
  • The Company Store by Marla Reed ("When a sniper’s bullet ends Sam’s life, MacGyver’s world is thrown into chaos as he deals with the death of his son and uncovers some frightening facts about his own existence.") (MacGyver) (200)
  • Talking Talaxian by Christina Getrost ("A report on Ethan Phillips very first convention appearance.") (237)
  • Leela's Leaving, poem by Melissa Mastoris (Doctor Who) (241)
  • A Wee Part Of The Workings Of A Universe by Craig A. Smith (script format, "A feverish Commander Scott ends up at Deep Space Nine where discoveries are made about the ‘illness’ and the danger it could pose for the station.") (various Treks) (242)
  • The Trial: A story of Magic—The Gathering by George Sulea ("Eight Mages are put on trial for practicing ‘unlawful’ magic. Their accuser, an evil Mage out to get rid of them.") (original fiction) (265)
  • Osiris by Angela Reese and Catherine Frey ("A rebel operative helps a man, who is being held prisoner by Servalan, escape. He is a man whose existence could have an impact on Del Tarrant’s life.") (Blake's 7) (269)
  • MacQuiz answers (285)
  • Regos by Charlie Nash ("On a planet emitting mind altering rays, Kirk and his key officers face a madman, leaving the Enterprise in the hands of junior officers, who may be losing their own sanity.") (Star Trek: The Original Series) (287)
  • Tipografekel Arrerz VI, typos courtesy of the editors, typists, writers (337)
  • List of Contributing Culprits, short bios (340)
  • Advertisements (344)

Issue 12

The Celestial Toybox 12 was published in 1996.

flyer for issue #12, first page
flyer for issue #12, from the second page
  • A Fox is a Fox ("When an investigation into allegations of witchcraft against the wife of a prominent advertising executive goes awry, Dana Scully must deal with the sudden disappearance of her partner and the arrival of a “furry guest” in her life.") (The X-Files)
  • Fast Walkers ("Dana Scully must deal with the execution style death of a close childhood friend while she and her partner investigate whether it was a cover-up for supposed treason or she was involved in something much more, something that could prove alien existence.") (The X-Files)
  • Second Chances ("When FBI agent Fox Mulder delves into the reason why and how events have shaped his goals, he comes to an intriguing conclusion about the presence in his life of his partner, Dana Scully.") (The X-Files)
  • "The Truth of the Matter" by Marla Reed ("Sam Malloy must have a life-saving transplant operation for which MacGyver is not a compatible donor. In order to save the young man’s life, Mac must sift through his own and Sam’s mother’s past to find out who could be and why) (MacGyver) (45 pages)
  • "Call It Even" by Marla Reed ("When MacGyver and his son, Sam Malloy, become trapped in a deadly situation for which he can find no escape, Mac discovers that acts of kindness are sometimes repaid.") (MacGyver) (5 pages)
  • Family Ties ("When Data finds that certain memories in his positronic brain can no longer be accessed, the enlists the aid of his friend, Geordi LaForge, to help him solve the mystery. Will Data be able to deal with what he discovers.") (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
  • Hide and Seek ("When Alexander, son of Worf, finds his boredom interrupted by an unusual playmate, the game they play leads to some rather odd behavior among the Enterprise crew.") (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
  • Naked Revelations ("Ever since Dr. Bashir’s machine accidentally activated Data’a ability to dream, the scientist in him has been anxious to see if he can experience the sensation again, but is he ready for nightmares.") (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
  • Pieces of Me ("Instances of sabotage on Deep Space 9 have the station on alert and nerves on edge. Who, or what, is behind these dangerous acts, and is it somehow connected to the increasingly strange behavior exhibited by Lt. Dax.") (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
  • Revenant ("Sydney Bloom finds her sleep and very soul are being haunted by the death of Frank Morgan and the effect it has had on her own life. Is she willing to pay whatever price comes with a suddenly offered chance to make things different.") (VR.5)
  • Comic: Cannonball Express — Collision Course ("While the tenuous relationship between human and mutantkind hinges in the balance, Magneto must divert his attention to dealing with an outside force that threatens to destroy both. Can he trust the aliens he has made, and what will happen to his family while their protector is away.") (X-Factor)
  • Dr. Who and The Infinity Factor ("A mysterious and unknown force is traveling through space and time, disrupting everything in its path. In an effort to solve the mystery and bring the destruction to a halt, Dr. Who must ally himself with members of the United Federation of Planets from several timelines and a pair of time travelers whose sole purpose is to right the wrongs created in history.") (Doctor Who)
  • A Place In Time ("Someone with the ability to offer timely assistance to the clone of Lois Lane has decided that her presence could have a positive effect on the life of a lonely man.") (Superman)
  • Leap Of The Worlds ("Dr. Sam Beckett takes on the life of a young army officer named Paul Ironhorse.") (Quantum Leap)
  • Reflections Of Guilt ("When a bullet meant for Peter Caine critically wounds his father instead, the young man finds himself dealing with events from his past.") (Kung Fu: The Legend Continues)
  • Seaquest 2032: Pleasant Vices ("Captain Hudson must reveal a relationship in his life he has long kept secret when it is the only way to save seaQuest from a strange form of self-destruction.") (SeaQest)
  • The Earthling Zerbs ("When college student, Zerbs, has a close encounter of the odd kind, he finds out how aliens are forming their opinions of earthlings.") (original fiction)
  • Lives Adrift ("When the most hostile and violent environment you live in is also your home life, can the arrival of something strange and different trigger the need for change.") (original fiction)
  • Invasion Of Earth, Take Two ("Is earth really ready for an invasion and conquest from outer space? Depending on who you are, the answer could be an eye opener.") (original fiction)
  • Wishes ("Friendship and fantasy as seen through the eyes of an imaginative child.") (original fiction)
  • To Become a Pet ("Sometimes even the most mundane and seemingly harmless daily activities can lead to danger and excitement if you happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, as one earth woman discovers.") (original fiction)
  • Until The Day He Walked In, With Those Blue Eyes ("A witty and informative report on Pierce Brosnan’s first convention.")
  • She’s Passionate, Gutsy, and Oh, Those Ridges ("A witty and informative report on a Roxann Biggs-Dawson convention appearance.")

Issue 13

cover of issue #13
flyer for issue #13, first page
flyer for issue #13, from the second page

The Celestial Toybox 13 was published in 1997 and is 428 pages long.

  • In The Eyes of a Monster by Marla Reed ("Sent to Chicago to investigate reports of a 'Firebreathing Monster' in the sewer system FBI agents Mulder and Scully find themselves teamed up with Detective Jack Roarke, a cop with a shady past, and following leads that can be traced back to the address of 1313 Mockingbird Lane.") (X-Files/Munsters) (28 pages)
  • Pandora’s Truth by Marla Reed ("When Scully is sent stolen CIA documents that contain information that a 'Doomsday' virus which has infected a 747 full of passengers and crew isn't what it seems, she and her partner, Mulder, must race against time to expose the conspiracy that threatens the lives of everyone who was on board Quantum Flight 66.") (X-Files/Pandora’s Clock) (38 pages)
  • Troll-X by Todd Morrison ("Mulder and Scully find themselves the caretakers of a very special 'visitor' who could help them bring validity to the X- file cause.") (X-Files) (3 pages)
  • Ties That Bind by Lorraine A. Scherrer ("Hercules and Iolaus are caught up in one of Hera's plans to kill them. Chained within a ship, they are subjected to brutality and misery, with no hope of reprieve." Another summary: "When Hera's vengeful machinations against her step-son, Hercules, include placing lolaus in mortal danger, the son of Zeus must find a way around the magic she is using to keep him from coming to the aid of his best friend before it is too late to save the man's life.") (Hercules) (69 pages)
  • A Nice Weekend Drunk by Charlie Nash ("It was supposed to be a nice, relaxing shore leave for Scotty and Chekov. but when they stumble upon something that threatens the safety of the Federation and puts the USS Enterprise in danger, they must outsmart their adversaries before it's too late.") (Star Trek: The Original Series) (10 pages)
  • Bub by Todd Morrison ("Can an alien who has never seen a dog before and a lonely basset hound become friends?") (Star Trek: The Next Generation) (2 pages)
  • Lessons of Ascension by Michael Emond ("Being deemed worthy enough to be a 'Joining' candidate is the consuming desire of young Jadzia Dax, but will she be able to complete the necessary steps it takes to receive this highest of honors among the Trill?") (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) (8 pages)
  • Timeframes by Michael Emond ("When Deep Space Nine is rocked by an energy wave emanating from the wormhole which disrupts systems on the station and creates strange blackouts in Lt. Dax, Sisko and his crew must find a way to deal with this dangerous anomaly before it destroys DS9 and Jadzia.") (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) (53 pages)
  • The Fury of Vengall by Craig A. Smith ("When a strange star system phases into their existence, Dax, Odo, Worf, and an unwelcome Quark investigate this occurrence which is mentioned in both Bajoran and Cardassian folklore and find themselves in serious danger when the planet known as Vengall becomes unstable.") (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) (22 pages)
  • One Good Turn by Marla Reed ("On a cold, rainy night, MacGyver rescues an abandoned newborn puppy and finds his life filled with more complications than he thought one little ball of fur could create.") (MacGyver) (28 pages)
  • Some Things Are More Merciful by Marla Reed ("Worried that his sister, Ashton, will once more be used as a helpless pawn by his enemies to exact vengeance on him, Murdoc takes steps to ensure that the young woman will be forever out of reach and safe from harm.") (MacGyver) (14 pages)
  • Appealing Irritations by J. Paulette Forshey ("Colonel McQueen takes on the responsibility of overseeing a Sea Nymph's presence on the Saratoga when she is brought up from earth to use her unique interrogation methods on the AIs - a Sea Nymph who is both untamed and irresistible.") (Space: Above & Beyond) (12 pages)
  • Beach Blanket Ppyros by Paula Morris ("When an embarrassing incident creates a misunderstanding between O'Neill and Henderson, the young j.g. must find a way to heal the rift. One problem though -- someone is pulling a nasty practical joke that only serves to make matters worse.") (SeaQuest DSV) (27 pages)
  • Cannonball-Terminus, comic by Alice Aldridge and Sue Collins ("In this, the final chapter of the saga, will Mutantkind finally find the peaceful existence they have been seeking, or will fate always keep them the prisoners of racial hatred and discord?") (X-Factor)
  • Clouds by Michael Emond ("Galahad and Jenelle are everything two best friends should be when you're eight years old, and together they face the magical wonders and mysteries of childhood.") (original fiction) (8 pages)
  • Opportunities Abound by Charlie Nash ("Harlan Ransack, a thief and rogue with a talent for running scans, comes to the aid of a lovely Countess out for revenge against those who have belittled her.But can this scoundrel extraordinaire be trusted not to have plans of his own?) (original fiction) (42 pages)
  • Zapped by Julie Washington ("An alien force confident that they can successfully invade Earth find their way littered with surprises.") (original fiction) (2 pages)
  • From The Heart: A Portrait Of A Passionate Captain — Kate Mulgrew (non-fiction) (6 pages)
  • poetry by Melissa Mastoris (Doctor Who, Kill the Dead)
  • poetry by Paula Morris (Space: Above & Beyond)

Issue 14

cover of issue #14
flyer for issue #14, first page
flyer for issue #14, from the second page

The Celestial Toybox 14 was published in 1998 and is 343 pages long.

  • Burden of Guilt ("Only MacGyver knew the route a convoy hauling a top secret missile would be taking. MacGyver has been found nearly beaten to death, and the convoy has been wiped out.") (MacGyver) (54 pages)
  • Predator Mine ("Another Predator, who has come to Earth to hone his hunting skills, finds his vacation is complicated by the presence of a little girl.") (Predator) (2 pages)
  • A Branch of the Galaxy ("The crew of the USS Enterprise-D investigates a strange anomaly near a remote Federation Outpost. An anomaly that could lead to a change in their viewpoint of the space around them.") (Star Trek: The Next Generation) (5 pages)
  • Water ("Best friends Galahad and Jenelle are at play in another adventure. Yet beneath the innocence of their child’s game is the beginning of a bond they will need in some far off time.") (original fiction) (9 pages)
  • Terms Of Surrender ("A mysterious signal sends the USS Enterprise to an old spacecraft where the crew meet up with a man who had a connection to Earth’s past.") (Star Trek: The Next Generation) (32 pages)
  • Trial By Death ("A possibly deadly illness traps MacGyver in its throes, pulling his fevered mind into an imaginary conflict with his most feared foe. But is it really an illusion?") (MacGyver) (9 pages)
  • The Silent Goodbye by msdisdain ("What happens to memories that refuse to be packed away, especially when they are of a woman as extraordinary as Kathryn Janeway.") (Star Trek: Voyager) (4 pages)
  • Field Report To The Admiral ("An alien being on assignment to the USS Enterprise-D as part of an exchange program gives his views of living and working with the crew.") (Star Trek: The Next Generation) (1 page)
  • Jumping Through Gates ("General Hammond is on hardship leave, and Colonel Jack O’Neill finds command of the SGC thrust upon him. All is well until a gate mission goes horribly wrong.") (Stargate SG-1) (40 pages)
  • Wolves, Mommy, Wolves ("Agent Fox Mulder and his skeptical partner, Agent Dana Scully, investigate the sighting of werewolves in sheep ranch country.") (The X-Files) (13 pages)
  • A Perfect Date ("MacGyver knew he had found a special woman, and he wanted this evening to be just as special. But he was aware of his past history and worried that trouble would haunt his plan.") (McGyver) (10 pages)
  • Under The Surface ("A relaxing shore leave on a planet with beautiful beaches holds wonders and revelations for certain members of the crew of the UWW Voyager.") (Star Trek: Voyager) (6 pages)
  • Highlander: Legends, Myths and Truths ("His friend, Tansy, is a smart, self-sufficient woman, but Duncan has reservations about her new love interest. After meeting him, the Highlander is convinced that the man has secrets of his own.") (Highlander) (18 pages)
  • Fear and Self Loathing in Sunnydale ("What do you do when you are manning a help center hotline for students with problems, and a vampire calls you, looking for someone to talk to.") (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) (65 pages)
  • Traditions ("When you are a dragon, certain things are expected of you even if you find them disruptive and unappetizing.") (origainl fiction) (2 pages)
  • Dead Failure ("MacGyver’s desperate attempts to rescue a friend taken captive by Murdoc doesn’t go as planned, leaving Mac injured and trapped as well.") (MacGyver) (20 pages)
  • Defining Terms ("Chakotay and Seven of Nine are trapped in a cave-in and must work together to dig their way out. Confinement brings startling discoveries about their perspectives on a certain topic.") (Star Trek: Voyager) (8 pages)
  • Take My Vorlon, Please ("Kosh, the Vorlon ambassador, must find someone who can understand the ancient secrets that will keep the universe safe. Will the new commander of Babylon 5 be the one.") (Babylon 5) (6 pages)
  • The Ties That Bind; The Threads That Weave by Lorraine A. Scherrer ("Hercules and his friend, Iolaus, scour the Grecian countryside for a group of bandits terrorizing the land.") (sequel to "The Ties That Bind" in issue #13) (Hercules) (26 pages)

Issue 15

The Celestial Toybox 15 was published in 1999 and contains 344 pages.

cover of issue #15
a flyer for issue #15, first page
a flyer for issue #15, second page
  • Revenge by Cass ("When Iolaus disappears, Hercules mounts a full-scale search for his friend which proves fruitless until, several weeks later, news reaches him of his friend's whereabouts. He is ill-prepared, however, for what he finds when he reaches the blond warrior and totally unprepared for the consequences." Another summary: "An insidiously vindictive enemy with a plan for vengeance that includes Iolaus. Can the friendship between demigod and hunter survive the ordeal?") (Hercules: The Legendary Journeys) (1)
  • Samaritan by Kristy LaCroix ("While on a joint mission with SG1, SG2 runs into trouble. Do Earth and the SGC now have a new enemy to deal with?") (Stargate SG-1) (56)
  • For Sale by J. Paulette Forshey ("A young couple, a cute cottage, and an eager real estate agent. Is this a chance for a dream home or a real case of "Buyer Beware?") (original fiction) (70)
  • Deep Space-Bound by Teri Sarick (Star Trek: DS9) (74)
  • Hell Hole by Eric Rountree ("In the world of demons, actors, and TV shows, reality isn't always what it seems, especially when you're dealing with the universe of the great Gene Roddenberry!") Star Trek: DS9 (75)
  • Seven by Teri Sarick (Blake's 7) (102)
  • The Estate of Thaddeus P. Lambert by J. Paulette Forshey ("Sometimes, looking for a good deal can bring you more than you bargained for.") (original fiction) (103)
  • Milk Man by Julie E. Washington ("An experimental technique for helping fathers bond with their newborn children. Is it worth the risk?") (original fiction) (109)
  • I Remember This! by Marla Reed ("Just how far back do threads of fate go that have woven together the lives of SGI as a team?") (Stargate SG-1) (120)
  • Clouded Mirror by Teri Sarick (Quantum Leap) (132)
  • Visions 1998, a con report by Michael Emond (includes interviews with Nicholas Brendon and Tracy Scoggins) (133)
  • The Suspect by L.A. Davez ("Two officers, one strangely dressed suspect to interrogate. A routine assignment -- until a startling confession was made.") (original fiction) (143)
  • The Ties That Bind by Lorraine A. Scherrer ("Iolaus refuses to stand by and allow the man he perceives as his saviour to die. Consequently, he condemns himself to a life even he had not envisioned." Another summary: "Old enemies with scores to settle; can Hercules and Iolaus face them down and withstand the terrible wrath of the most vindictive of them all -- Hera?")) (sequel to "The Ties That Bind: the Threads That Weave" in #14, part 1 of "A Dark and Terrible Tapestry")) (Hercules: The Legendary Journeys) (154)
  • City Skyline by Teri Sarick (Beauty and the Beast) (214)
  • Be Careful of What You Lose by Marla Reed (" MacGyver settles into an idyllic life until a chance meeting creates changes. Are those changes going to be worth the price someone else will have to pay?") (MacGyver) (215)
  • Abalone and Pearl by Julie E. Washington ("A desperate woman living an unbearable existence. Can it all be soothed by belief in a mythical creature?") (original fiction) (221)
  • E-mail Memos by Teri Sarick (Due South) (241)
  • Siren Song by Karen and Charlie Nash ("Amid a shipboard state of crisis, Harry Kim is having dreams of a beautiful woman. Is she a creation born of loneliness or something more sinister?") (Star Trek: Voyager) (242)
  • Ever Vigilant by Marla Reed ("Dr. Daniel Jackson finds out that sometimes revelations about those closest to us come in the quietest moments of our lives.") (Stargate SG-1) (270)
  • It's a Wonderful Death by Michael Emond ("Two ancient warriors of good and evil come to do battle against each other. Is the Slayer the prize?") (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) (274)
  • Sacred Ground by Teri Sarick ("Two Immortals breaking the rules of conduct, one priest questioning his faith. Will divine intervention be the answer for them all?") (Highlander)/Touched by an Angel/Nothing Sacred) (293)
  • Hell Hole II by Eric Rountree ("In the world of demons, actors, and TV shows, some enemies really know how to hold a grudge...for a really long time!") (Star Trek: DS9) (308)

Issue 16

cover of issue #16, Susan Nemeth

The Celestial Toybox 16 was published in 2000 and contains about 250 pages.

a flyer for issue #16, first page
a flyer for issue #16, second page

It was edited by Julie Fitch (chief editor and typist), Maria Reed (assistant editor), and Christina Getrost (assistant editor).

The art is by Susan Nemeth (front cover, interior), Barb Johnson, Adelia Megara, Karen River, Teri Sarick, Simone Smit, and Alex Vaynshtok.

  • The Visitor Files by Teri Sarick ("Agent Mulder's quest to find the truth about Samantha crosses his path with a mysterious man who could hold the answers.") (The X-Files/The Visitor) (1)
  • Cartoon by Tye Bourdony (The X-Files/Scooby-Doo) (54)
  • Samantha by Teri Sarick (The X-Files) (55)
  • Nellie by J. Paulette Forshey ("The world can be a cruel place, especially when you're poor.") (original fiction) (56)
  • Slip of the Lip by CarolMel Ambassador ("Always a gambling man, Starbuck finds himself caught up in a bet that involves tricking Commander Adama.") (Battlestar Galactica) (57)
  • Cartoon by Tye Bourdony (Battlestar Galactica/Star Trek: The Next Generation) (66)
  • The Winter Fest Affair by Teri Sarick (Man from UNCLE/Beauty and the Beast) (67)
  • Where Once were Windows by Charlie Nash ("Did the Y2K madness carry a threat we didn't forsee?") (original fiction) (68)
  • The House Where Serpents Dwell by Tim Killen ("A lowly emergency clinic on the rough side of a futuristic town becomes a meeting ground for several diverse beings looking for help.") (original fiction) (70)
  • Honor Among Them by J. Paulette Forshey ("Assistant Director Walter Skinner must protect a past lover from those who want to exploit her unique talents.") (The X-Files) (84)
  • Stopping by U.N.C.L.E. by Teri Sarick (filkpoem - Robert Frost's 'Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Eve') (The Man from UNCLE) (100)
  • Cartoon by Tye Bourdony (Star Wars) (100)
  • Glimpse by Charlie Nash ("Do dancers have mystical powers?") (original fiction) (101)
  • Another Fine Mess.... by Angela Reese ("A disturbance of space and time around Earth leads the Doctor and Ace on an adventure filled with interesting allies.") (Dr. Who/Blake's 7/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) (103)
  • Vincent's Version by Teri Sarick (Beauty and the Beast) (118)
  • All Good Things by Lorraine A. Scherrer ("Eventually losing the people you care about is a drawback to being a demi-god - or is it?") (Part 2 of "A Dark and Terrible Tapestry") - (Hercules: The Legendary Journeys) (120)
  • Cartoon by Tye Bourdony (Star Wars/Lost in Space) (134)
  • The Beginning of the End by Melissa Mastoris (The Sandbaggers) (135)
  • Safe and Sound by Melissa Mastoris (The Sandbaggers) (136)
  • What Else Could I Do? by Melissa Mastoris (The Sandbaggers) (137)
  • Gone Too Far by Melissa Mastoris (The Sandbaggers) (138)
  • Anniversary by Melissa Mastoris (The Sandbaggers) (139)
  • Sometimes by Melissa Mastoris (The Sandbaggers) (140)
  • Cartoon by Tye Bourdony (Battlestar Galactica) (140)
  • Children of the Apocalypse by Andrew P. Socha ("They were average teens in the middle of an average day at school until a war began escalating out of control.") (original fiction) (141)
  • Cartoon by Tye Bourdony (Star Wars/Highlander) (170)
  • Crows by J. Paulette Forshey (original fiction) (171)
  • The Awakening by Michael Emond ("Magic in Sunnydale isn't what it used to be, and no one can figure out why or what harm it will bring.") (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) (172)
  • Decline by J. Paulette Forshey ("A beautiful woman wakes up to a new life.") (original fiction) (187)
  • Darkness by J. Paulette Forshey (original fiction) (188)
  • Mission Reports by Colonel Jack O'Neill ("Colonel Jack O'Neill shares information that was mysteriously deleted from several of his past mission reports.") (Stargate SG-1) (189)
  • Cartoon by Tye Boudony (Star Wars) (192)
  • Evening Woods by J. Paulette Forshey (original fiction) (193)
  • Chances Are by Becky Maynard ("Did destiny bind Han Solo and Princess Leia together long before they ever met on the Death Star?") (Star Wars) (194)
  • thirteen pages of zine flyers

Issue 17

cover of issue #17, Susan Nemeth

The Celestial Toybox 17 was published in 2001 and contains 394 pages.

a flyer for issue #17, first page
a flyer for issue #17, second page
  • The Character of Man by Lorraine A. Scherrer (Part 3 of 'A Dark and Terrible Tapestry') - Hercules an and his friends must prove a guilty man innocent of his crimes in order to free Iolaus from his punishment. With war raging around them, their efforts could prove in vain.") (Hercules: The Legendary Journeys) (1)
  • Sails by Teri Sarick (original fiction) (90)
  • Terminal Loss by Melissa Mastoris (Blake's 7) (91)
  • Small Problems by Lorraine Anderson ("Can a Klingon warrior of Worf's caliber still maintain the respect of fellow crewmates and Klingons when his form has been altered by an angry Q?") (Star Trek: Deep Space 9) (98)
  • Revenge by Melissa Mastoris (Blake's 7) (100)
  • I Have a Cunning Plan by Baldrick (Black Adder) (101)
  • Point of View by MacGyver Storyteller ("MacGyver helps a young man come to terms with someone else's unkind opinions about one of their close friends") (MacGyver) (102)
  • Orbit Fear by Melissa Mastoris (Blake's 7) (105)
  • Understanding Mouse by Teri Sarick (Beauty and the Beast (TV)) (106)
  • Zelda's Last Thoughts by Melissa Mastoris (Blake's 7) (108)
  • Pentagon by Cassandra Falcone & Connie Watson ("The first two issues of their original comic to set up the characters in the two X-Men/Pentagon stories.") (This is a reprint from CT# 6 and 7.") (X-Men/original comic characters) (109)
  • Pentagon vs. the X-Men by Connie Watson ("While trying to avert a disaster, Pentagon is flung into a world not unlike their own and come face-to-face with Professor Xavier and his mutant X-Men.") (X-Men/original comic characters) (147)
  • Tetsuko: Lady of Steel by Connie Watson ("Pentagon's Aerodyne had made an uneasy alliance with Xavier's X-Men, while an old enemy of the professor's plots to destroy him and his school.") (X-Men/original comic characters) (213)
  • Vows by Melissa Mastoris (Blake's 7) (261)
  • Vincent's Troubles by Teri Sarick (Beauty and the Beast (TV)) (262)
  • In Your Eyes by Melissa Mastoris (Blake's 7) (264)
  • Chocolate by Teri Sarick (Remington Steele) (265)
  • The Day from Hell by Cassandra Falcone ("Even the God of the Underworld has administrative duties to carry out. Only what happens when the best laid plans are disrupted by abounding chaos?") (Hercules: The Legendary Journeys) (266)
  • Golden Beauty by Melissa Mastoris (Blake's 7) (288)
  • Still on Gauda Prime by Teri Sarick (Blake's 7) (289)
  • Mourning by Melissa Mastoris (Blake's 7) (290)
  • Flashback by Constance Simms ("The death of an old friend at the hands of the Aliens triggers memories of an incident in LtCol. Paul Ironhorse's life as a member of the Special Forces.") (This story is a prequel to 'Trust,' printed in CT #6.) (War of the Worlds) (291)
  • Shadow by Teri Sarick (Multimedia) (374)
  • Gauda Prime Aftermath by Melissa Mastoris (Blake's 7) (375)
  • Man with a Newspaper by Teri Sarick (Early Edition) (376)
  • The Death of Trust by Melissa Mastoris (Blake's 7) (378)
  • Midnight Rider by Teri Sarick (Stingray) (379)
  • An Interview with Tye Bourdony by The Editor Tye Bourdony (380)
  • A Collection of Sci-Fi Satires by Tye Bourdony (Multimedia) (383)

Issue 18

The Celestial Toybox 18 was published in 2002 and contains 370 pages.

front cover of issue #18, Tye Bourdony

It was edited by Julie Fitch (chief editor and typist), Maria Reed (assistant editor), and Christina Getrost (assistant editor).

The art is by Jesse S. McClain, Susan Nemeth, Marla Reed (screen captures), Simone Smit, and Connie Watson.

  • Editor's Page (1)
  • Dedication (ii)
  • Relativity: Mother and Child Reunions by Sylvia Avalar (Xena) (1)
  • Relativity: The Outtakes!" by Dwayne and Sylvia Avalar (Xena) (35)
  • Mac and Mary by Star Urioste (MacGyver) (46)
  • Sunset by Melissa Mastoris (Star Wars) (50)
  • Intergalactic Miscommunication by Tye Bourdony (Battlestar Galactica/Buck Rogers) (51)
  • The Bubble by Star Urioste (MacGyver) (53)
  • Changes" by Melissa Mastoris (Star Wars)
  • Body and Soul" by Sue Barrett (Stargate SG-1)
  • And a Sparrow Falls" by Star Urioste (MIX) "Lighter Side Toons" by Tye Bourdony (MacGyver/Forever Knight)
  • Whatever It Takes" by Melissa Mastoris (Star Wars)
  • Never Going Back Again" by Star Urioste (X-Files)
  • All Night Long" by Star Urioste (MacGyver)
  • The Boot Polisher's Tale by Cassandra Falcone (Star Wars) (102)
  • Darth Vader Remembers by Melissa Mastoris (Star Wars) (119)
  • A Letter to My Sister by J. Paulette Forshey (120)
  • I Know What I'm Doing by Melissa Mastoris (121)
  • We Do Differ So by J. Paulette Forshey (122)
  • Rystall Meets Boba Fett by Tye Bourdony (Star Wars) (125)
  • Japan by Connie Watson (X-Men/SP) (127)
  • Sam Leaps Into the Future by Tye Bourdony (Quantum Leap/Star Trek: ENT) (219)
  • The Pack by Star Urioste (MacGyver) (221)
  • We're Doomed by Melissa Mastoris (222)
  • Pleasant Street by J. Paulette Forshey (223)
  • The Shadow: The Books of Death by Charlie Nash (Shadow) (225)
  • Something to Think About... by Star Urioste (MacGyver) (246)
  • Lighter Side Toons by Tye Bourdony (multifandam) (247)
  • Ghost by D.J. Sullivan (249)
  • Alderaan Silence by Melissa Mastoris (Star Wars) (251)
  • Magic Waters by Star Urioste (252)
  • Eagles and Weasels by celli (When the higher-ups in the Marines notice the frequent fatalities at Cheyenne Mountain, they send in JAG officers to investigate. The outcome isn't what any of them expected. This story is for my beta-reader Jen and for the Horsechicks, who provided story ideas when I was completely at sea. Takes place at some point after the Stargate SG-1 third-season episode "Shades of Grey" and the JAG fifth-season episode "Contemptuous Words."... Carmen Argenziano played both Colonel Matt O'Hara (Mac's "Uncle Matt") on JAG and General Jacob Carter/Selmac (Carter's father) on Stargate.) (Stargate SG-1/JAG) (253)
  • Aftermath: Leia by Melissa Mastoris (Star Wars) (263)
  • Angelique and Sir Teddy by J. Paulette Forshey (264)
  • Doctor Who Meets Crusade by Tye Bourdony (Doctor Who/Crusade) (267)
  • Deliverance by Star Urisote (MacGyver) (269)
  • Ties That Bind: Shall Set Them Free by Lorraine A. Scherrer (Hercules: The Legend Continues) (275)
  • Tipgrafekel Arrerz XIII (242)
  • List of Contributing Culprits (345)
  • Advertisements, zine flyers (251)

Issue 19

The Celestial Toybox 19 was published in 2003 and contains 325 pages.

cover of issue #19, Tye Bourdony
  • Replaced by Kiki Cabou (The X-Files) (1)
  • Kirk's Angels by Tye Bourdony (Star Trek) (69)
  • The Attack of the Mary-Sues by Badger Lord (Dead Zone) (72)
  • Abigail by Melissa Mastoris (Quantum Leap) (74)
  • Dr. Who and the Book of Evil by Craig A. Smith (Doctor Who) (75)
  • Beth: 25 Years Later by Melissa Mastoris (Quantum Leap) (87)
  • Alien Communications by Tye Bourdony (Stargate SG-1) (91)
  • Relativity, Pt. 2 by Dwayne and Sylvia Avalar (Xena: Warrior Princess) (93)
  • The Ashen Warrior by Sylvia Avalar (Xena: Warrior Princess) (152)
  • Crais Meets Anakin by Tye Bourdony (Farscape/Star Wars) (153)
  • Gypsy by Melissa Mastoris (MacGyver) (155)
  • Hunts by Starlight by Star Urioste (MacGyver) (156)
  • Accident by Melissa Mastoris (MacGyver) (171)
  • Sam's Meeting by Melissa Mastoris ( MacGyver) (172)
  • ET versus AC&C by Tye Bourdony (E.T.) (173)
  • Something Has to Give by Melissa Mastoris (The Sandbaggers) (175)
  • The Good Host by Charlie Nash (Angel) (176)
  • Crais's Connection to Pilot Revealed by Tye Bourdony (Farscape) (193)
  • Donna Alone by Melissa Mastoris (Quantum Leap) (195)
  • Destroying Angel by Cass (Diagnosis Murder) (196)
  • Rygel: Jedi Master by Tye Bourdony (Farscape/Star Wars) (261)
  • Black Nightingale by Melissa Mastoris (The Sandbaggers) (263)
  • Lipcha and Pentagon by Charlie Nash (original comic characters) (264)
  • 25 Years of Lipcha by Charlie Nash (original comic characters) (315)
  • Tipografekel Arrez XIV by The Staff (Multimedia) (316)

Issue 20

cover issue #20, Tye Bourdony

The Celestial Toybox 20 was published in 2004 and contains 345 pages.

The art is by Tye Bourdony (front cover), Aurelia Chaintreuil, Julie Fitch, J. Paulette Forshey, Jesse McClain, Simone Smit, and Dente Tobias.

  • By the Pricking of My Thumbs by Lorraine A. Scherrer (Lord of the Rings) (1)
  • Perhaps Tonight by Cedwick P. Shelton (original fiction) (71)
  • Beauty's Love by Melissa Mastoris (Beauty and the Beast (TV)) (72)
  • Atonement by Jacquelyn Kincaid (original fiction) (73)
  • The Sekret Diary of Severus Snape, The Potions Master by Cassandra Falcone (Harry Potter) (78)
  • Storm by J. Paulette Forshey (original fiction) (81)
  • Unanswered Questions by Melissa Mastoris (The X-Files) (82)
  • Thumb War by Tye Bourdony Cartoon (83)
  • Gurlgoyle's Night out by G.L. Sulea (Bureau-13) (85)
  • Parents by J. Paulette Forshey (original fiction) (93)
  • He is Home by J. Paulette Forshey (original fiction) (94)
  • The Flute by J. Paulette Forshey (original fiction) (95)
  • Ghost in the Graveyard by Jynjyr (MacGyver) (105)
  • Just Yesterday by Lorraine Anderson (Star Trek: The Original Series) (111)
  • Mulder's Vow by Melissa Mastoris (The X-Files) (114)
  • Navy Seal by Dennis Michaels (original fiction) (115)
  • Men and Me by J. Paulette Forshey (original fiction) (118)
  • Journey Out of Darkness by Cass (Diagnosis Murder) (119)
  • Another Life Wins by J. Paulette Forshey (original fiction) (198)
  • XR Meets Andromeda by Tye Bourdony Cartoon (199)
  • Reflections in the Darkness: Mulder by Melissa Mastoris (The X-Files) (201)
  • Assignments by Lorraine Anderson (Quantum Leap) (202)
  • Protecting Angel by J. Paulette Forshey (Space: Above and Beyond) (207)
  • The Rosary by J. Paulette Forshey (original fiction) (208)
  • Vincent's Dreams by Melissa Mastoris (Beauty and the Beast (TV)) (212)
  • Overload by Charlie Nash (Dead Zone) (213)
  • A Woman Dances Alone by SallyAnne Swanson (original fiction) (229)
  • Memory's Gift by SG1Storyteller (Stargate SG-1) (230)
  • Highway Beasts by J. Paulette Forshey (original fiction) (233)
  • To Change by Charlie Nash (original fiction) (234)
  • The Woman by J. Paulette (Star Wars) (248)
  • The Search for the Truth by Melissa Mastoris (The X-Files) (259)
  • Deep Cut Murder by J. Paulette Forshey (original fiction) (260)
  • When Does Madness Start, I Wonder by J. Paulette Forshey (original fiction) (262)
  • Connections by Michael Emond (original fiction) (264)
  • The Reason Why by Melissa Mastoris (The X-Files) (271)
  • Moral Stance by SG1Storyteller (Stargate SG-1) (272)
  • The Death of Beliefs by Melissa Mastoris (The X-Files) (278)
  • * Col. O'Neill Meets Adama and Starbuck by Tye Bourdony Cartoon (279)
  • That Strange Critter Love by Vanessa Van Cleef (original fiction) (281)
  • Comfortable Beauty by Vanessa Van Cleef (original fiction) (289)
  • The Net of Destiny by Vanessa Van Cleef (Scorpion King) (290)
  • Tipografekel Arrerz XV by Typists and Writers This Zine (345)


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