John Lennon

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Name: John Winston Ono Lennon, MBE
Also Known As: John Lennon, John Winston Lennon
Occupation: Musician, Songwriter, Singer
Medium: Rock and Roll
Works: Most known as a member of the Beatles
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John Lennon was a musician, songwriter and singer.

Some Lennon Fanworks

  • Joyce Yasner, The Mysterious Yellow String from Spockanalia #3 (1968). A very creditable imitation of Lennon's humorous style, as if he were narrating a Star Trek episode.
  • Carmen Dexter, Imagine (1981). Thoughts on John Lennon, from Fermata.
  • Amyellen Leib (Lyricist), "Strawberry Jellow Forever" (1982). A filk based on: "Strawberry Fields Forever," from Bayfilk Songbook.
  • Tom Maremaa, Imagined (1999). A man who may or may not be John Lennon recovers from a twenty-year coma and learns that people in power have been keeping him from returning to everyday life.
  • James Ryan, I Read The News Today (2000). What if John had not died? What impact would he have on today's world?
  • Chanson de la Lune, The Vampire John Lennon (2005). A slash zine.
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