Touched by an Angel

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Name: Touched by an Angel
Creator: John Masius, Martha Williamson
Date(s): 1994-2003
Medium: tv
Country of Origin: USA
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"Touched By an Angel" was a drama series (with fantasy elements) about Monica (Roma Downey), a young angel who had been promoted into Field Assignments, and her supervisor, Tess (Della Reese). Monica was eager to help people, and Tess advised her on the proper way to do it. Sometimes they were assisted by Andrew, an Angel of Death (John Dye), and in later episodes, by Glory, a newly created angel.

Usually the humans facing problems did not know their new friends, co-workers, acquaintances, etc., were angels until the very end, after everything had been resolved.

Typically, each case not only taught the humans a good lesson, but also the younger angels were able to learn an important truth. Some cases were set in past times, as angels can time travel.

This theme had been handled on television once before in the 1980s series Highway to Heaven starring Michael Landon.

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