Just You, Me & the Governor

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You may be looking for the Alias Smith and Jones zine Just You and Me, Kid.

Title: Just You, Me and the Governor
Publisher: Neon Rainbow Press
Editor(s): Cinda Gillilan and Jody Norman
Date(s): 1988-2010
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Alias Smith and Jones
Language: English
External Links: Neon Rainbow Press ASJ page
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Just You, Me and the Governor is an gen Alias Smith and Jones anthology.

This zine series is Cinda Gillilan and Jody Norman's first venture as zine eds.

From a 1993 ad in GAZ: "The two most successful outlaws in the history of the West are still on the lam. JYMATG covers Heyes and Curry as kids, in the Devil's Hole Gang, on the dodge for trying for their amnesty and post-amnesty successes. Come join the posse!"

The summaries below are from the publisher.

Issue 1

front cover of issue #1, Ginny Daye
back cover of issue #1, Ginny Daye

Just You, Me & the Governor 1 was published in 1988 and contains 202 pages. It contains nine stories plus poems, trivia and character's bios.

  • Fast Draws by ? (poetry)
  • From the Governor's Office (editorials)
  • Beginnings by Carol Mingst--The reputation of Kid Curry begins... (5)
  • Don't Look Back by Lynn Gill--Heyes and Curry strike out on their own after their parents are killed. (6)
  • Roughneck Repercussions by Charla Menke--On the lam, Heyes and Curry are forced to hide in an establishment of questionable repute... (7)
  • A Night in the Barn by Shiloh--What happens when Pete Duel and Ben Murphy meet Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry? Well, you'll just have to read this story to find out! (8)
  • A Matter of Opinion by Deja--Playing poker can be a whole lot more complicated than it looks... (13)
  • Friends Like You by Deja--Heyes and Curry split up, and Heyes finds himself in deeper trouble than he expected when a trail drive turns deadly. (16)
  • Prized Possession by Devon de la Mere--Bounty hunting can take you to some interesting places...just ask She-Wolf when she sets her eye on Heyes and Curry. (17)
  • Changing of the Guard by Sue Wells--Heyes and Curry in their late teens and learning the ways of the con. (26)
  • Your Brother's Keeper by Lynn Gill--When the Kid is shot, Heyes is forced to rely on an old Indian man and his half-white grand-daughter to pull him through. Complications then arise that threaten the infamous partnership. (45)
  • Shades of Grey by Carol Mingst--Ol' Ugly is just about the sorriest looking horse in the territory, but Heyes thinks he knows a little more about the beast than most... (45)
  • Who's in the Posse (contributor's bios)
  • At the Poker Table (personal ads)
  • In the Bank (classified ads)

Issue 2

front cover of issue #2
back cover of issue #2, Shiloh

Just You, Me & the Governor 2 was published in 1989 and contains 298 pages.

The art is by Shiloh, Ginny Daye, Erika Fresley, C.J. Hansen, Elizabeth Holmes, Carol Mingst, Sandra Robnette, Melody Rondeau, Diane Stein.

  • Book Learnin' by Erika Frensley and Sue Wells--The Kid wanted Heyes to read to him... Now he's sorry he asked! (3)
  • The Great Annie Caper by Lynn Gill--The first caper as Heyes breaks in to steal back a most beloved thing... (6)
  • Beat the Devil by Pamela Sherlock--It's Kid Curry's turn for some really weird dreams... (9)
  • Sweet Release by Baked Alaska--An amnesty with a bittersweet ending. (11)
  • Always on the Run by Pamela Sherlock--Heyes has an unusual dream. (17)
  • Amazin' Maze: Gone Fishin' by Shiloh
  • Certain Considerations by Devon de la Mere--Heyes is sick so the Kid does the reasonable thing, he takes him to see a doctor. The only trouble is, there's a bounty hunter laid up at the Doc's, too. (20)
  • Devil's Hole New Year's Resolutions by Brad Dill
  • Dreams on Dapple Grey Stallions by Shiloh--Women aren't allowed in Devil's Hole, but this time they've made an exception. (16)
  • End of the Trail by Judy Decker--When Heyes has an exceptional run of good luck at the poker table he really should have smelled trouble... Too late! (18)
  • You, Me and the Governor by Carol Mingst--When a friend needs help Heyes and Curry come, then the fun starts... (21)
  • Ghost of a Chance by Deja--When you've got a girl who's dressed up like a guy and a ghost on the loose, who are you gonna call? Heyes and Curry, o'course! (25)
  • Layover in Paradise by Lynn Gill--Heyes is shot and the Kid's run out of options, so he takes refuge in Paradise and gets a whole lot more than he bargained for. Also in Compadres #8. (27)
  • The Outlaw Way of Life by Carol Mingst--Heyes and Curry are drawn into trouble when they help Elizabeth, a woman who was almost shot and killed by a mysterious stranger. (31)
  • All for Leyna by Erika Frensley--The Kid's on trial for murder, but a new friend has more connections than he thought. (37)
  • Graffiti Wall by Melody Rondeau
  • Hard Ride by Shiloh
  • Just For Fun
  • Just Jokin' Around in the Hole by Brad Dill
  • Ode to the Kid by Sue-Anne Hartwick
  • Once Upon a Christmas Eve in Devil's Hole by Shiloh
  • Riding Still by Shiloh
  • Some Men They Made Brothers by Shiloh
  • The Ballad of Heyes and Curry by Cat-Tastrophy
  • To the Men of Devil's Hole by Lynn Gilll
  • Well World Cartoons by Pamela Sherlock
  • What Ever Happened To... by Brad Dill
  • Word Find by Harvey Daye Jr.
  • A Night in the Bank by Shiloh

Issue 3

Just You, Me & the Governor 3 was published in 1989 and contains 224 pages.

The art is by Shiloh, Ginny Daye, C.J. Hansen, Carol Mingst, Melody Rondeau, Doranna Shiner, and Diane Stein.

This one has a Wild, Wild West crossover story, a section on consistency problems in the show, disappearing and reappearing gloves, and other such "oops moments" from the series, also a joke section, Title Twisters where they give the title of episodes from the first season as they aired, and the original titles they started with and some in between titles (which do you like best?) and of course, stories. It has the theme of kids and humor.

front cover of issue #3, Shiloh
back cover of issue #3, Shiloh
  • A Night at the Party by Shiloh
  • Amnesty Dreams by Sue-Anne Hartwick
  • An Outlaw's Nightmare by Lynn Gill--Heyes, Curry and the Devil's Hole Gang interrupt a robbery in progress... (7)
  • Consistency! Consistency! by Carol Mingst
  • Escape! by Lynn Gill--Heyes and Curry finally flee from the orphanage. (5)
  • Gone to See the Elephant by Pamela Sherlock--Heyes gets a lesson from an old cowpoke. (7)
  • Good and Evil by Carol Mingst--Heyes runs into an old friend in Promise, but as he is drawn further and further into unfolding events in the small and "proper" town, he realizes that Meg isn't the only who needs to lighten up. (13)
  • More Book Learnin' by Erika Frensley and Sue Wells--Heyes is reading smut! (3)
  • More Jokin' Around at the Hole by Brad Dill
  • Never Too Old for a Whippin' by Deja--The Kid takes a licking to keep a young boy on the straight and narrow. (15)
  • Night of the Disappearing Train by Charla Menke--A crossover with Wild Wild West. Heyes is helping to locate a train that disappeared with the Kid and an Indian chief on board. (27)
  • Remembering by Sue-Anne Hartwick
  • Saint Who? by Brad Dill
  • The Gift by Carol Mingst--Heyes meets a relative he didn't know he had and discovers he has "family" after all. (9)
  • Three Out of Five Ain't Bad by Terry Callihan--Heyes and Curry run into three ladies who are as wild as the wild west! (11)
  • Title Twisters by Lynn Gill
  • Two Friends by Carol Mingst--A sequel to "Two Strangers" that picks up where the first story leaves off and details the beginning of the Heyes and Curry partnership. (22)
  • Two Outlaws and a Baby by Paula Smus--When Heyes and Curry end up with Anna Mae they quickly discover that they've got much more than they expected. (19)
  • Two Strangers by Carol Mingst--An alternative meeting story. Heyes and Curry meet while they're in jail. (5)
  • Watch the Wild Mustang Run by Shiloh
  • What Are Partners For? by Lynn Gill
  • When It Snows in Arizona by Lynn Gill--Heyes and Curry are having a run of bad luck, and it's not getting better anytime soon. Also in Ouch! #14 and Anything Goes #5. (16)
  • You're Not Who We Expected by Krista Lebednik--A Roger Davis Heyes adventure. (23)

Issue 4

Just You, Me & the Governor 4 was published in 1991 and contains 201 pages. The cover art is by Doranna Durgin.

front cover of issue #4, Doranna Durgin
  • From the Sheriff's Office, editorial (4)
  • Hardcase by Erika Frensley--Heyes and Curry serve their time and are finally released. (5)
  • Book Learnin' The Final Word by Erika Frensley and Sue Wells--The Kid decides to take this whole readin' thang into his own hands... (17)
  • Funny You Boys Should Say That by Krista Lebednik--Amnesty is the reward after a particularly hard case. (20)
  • The Christmas Present by Kristi Nelson--The Kid's married and Heyes is off getting a wife, but who will he bring home? (25)
  • Liberty Bell by Carol Mingst--Heyes and Curry are the last to hear when the amnesty finally comes through. (43)
  • The Challenge by Carol Mingst--Trying to find a place to live after amnesty is harder than Heyes and Curry ever imagined. (61)
  • The Outlaw by Carol Mingst--Heyes runs into a lady outlaw who's more than a match for him. (70)
  • The Real Story by Carol Mingst--A murder mystery, Devil's Hole style! (87)
  • Governors and Ghostdancers by Dan LaRue--Heyes and Curry suffer well and get their amnesty! (124)
  • A Dime Novel by Dakotah--They have their amnesty, but folks are still gunning for the Kid. (136)
  • A Mellow Mastery by Krista Lebednik--Heyes and Curry got their amnesty and settled down to live ordinary lives, but you just know life isn't going to turn out the way they planned! (176)
  • A Flat Stone by Gillian Holt--A crossover with War of the Worlds. Debi needs some help with a history project and Ironhorse knows just the story to tell her. Also in Green Floating Weirdness #22. (187)
  • From the Governor's Office (202)
  • From the Telegraph Office, letters of comment (203)
  • From the Mercantile (221)

Issue 5

Just You, Me & the Governor 5 contains 230 pages.

  • A Letter Home by Carol Mingst--Emily has an adventure while traveling by train... Guess who's responsible! (4)
  • And in All the Trains and Banks They Robbed by Rosealen--The Kid did shoot someone besides Danny Bilson, and here's who. (3)
  • Blue Norther by Carol Mingst--Heyes and Curry are one jump ahead of a posse and forced to take shelter from a storm with a handsome young lady. (42)
  • Bright Star Rising by Krista Lebednik--Heyes tells the Kid a Christmas story. (4)
  • Call of the Wild Goose by Pamela Sherlock--The amnesty comes through and Heyes and Curry ride their separate ways. (4)
  • Draw by Deborah Roberts--Heyes and Curry cross paths with an artist and have to buy back her sketch of them - at any cost! (9)
  • Hannibal Heyes: Ode to 3 (Pretty Good) Bad Men by Sue-Anne Hartwick
  • Here Comes the Outlaws by Paula Smus--A crossover with Here Come the Brides. On the lam, Heyes and Curry end up in Seattle where they run into the Bolt brothers and some very eligible brides. (20)
  • Hide and Snake by Carol Mingst--Heyes and Curry are just one step ahead of a very nasty man. (26)
  • Judgement in Paradise by Bek)--A crossover with Paradise (a.k.a. The Guns of Paradise). When Heyes is hurt the Kid is forced to accept the only help that's offered, even if it does come from another gunfighter and an old Indian man. (67)
  • Kid Curry: Ode to Three Women by Sue-Anne Hartwick
  • Legacy by Gillian Holt--A War of the Worlds crossover. Debi's back with more questions about Heyes and Curry, and Ironhorse has some answers. Also in Green Floating Weirdness #22. (16)
  • Matchmaker by Deja--In a twist of fate, the Kid ends up playing matchmaker for a spunky young woman. (16)
  • Your Mother was a Crook by Paula Smus--The story of two mothers, Mrs. Heyes and Mrs. Curry. (10)

Issue 6

Just You, Me & the Governor 6 contains 232 pages.

  • Bank Job by Carol Mingst--Heyes and the Devil's Hole Gang pull a job, but it goes sour. (15)
  • Brooker 202 by Paula Smus--Ever wonder what happened to that blasted safe from the pilot? Well, here's the answer! (14)
  • Cheyenne Sentinel by Beth J.
  • Chisholm Trail by Carol Mingst--This story fills in the events Heyes and Curry encountered while working on the Chisholm Trail and explores their past with Lom Trevors. (25)
  • Don't Worry, I'll Take Care of You by Pamela Corsa--Heyes and Curry ride into the town of Amnesty, and Heyes is thinking - too much! (19)
  • Family by Carol Mingst--Heyes' long lost uncle from "The Gift" returns... (20)
  • If Pinter Had Written AS&J by Grizelda
  • Members of the Gang by Gillian Holt--A crossover with War of the Worlds. When an alien crystal sends Harrison Blackwood and Paul Ironhorse back to the 19th century Wyoming the good colonel meets the outlaws he's been telling Debi so much about. Also in Green Floating Weirdness #23. (26)
  • Pleasure by Carol Mingst--Every man needs a little TLC once in a while... (6)
  • Settling In by Carol Mingst--Heyes and Curry won their challenge and now they're settling in and trying to live ordinary lives - good luck! (8)
  • Sins of the Fathers by Carol Mingst--Heyes and the Kid run into an old friend and get a little surprise... (8)
  • The Clock, the Honey Blonde, and Other Things by Magnolia Simms--Heyes and Curry are off on jobs that lead them into some, rather... unusual situations. (19)
  • The Dusty Gun by Kristi Nelson--The Kid's shot and paralyzed. Heyes risks everything to help the one man who is closer than a brother. The only problem is, he's not sure it'll be enough. (27)
  • Walking on the Edge by Krista L.

Issue 7

Just You, Me & the Governor 7 was published in 1993 and contains 265 pages. It won a 1994 FanQ.

  • A Leap in Time by Lynn Gill--A crossover with Quantum Leap. Sam Beckett is caught in a twist of time and space. Lucky for him he ends up with a couple of good-hearted badmen. He might even have a thing or two to teach them. Also in Black Ops #4. (11)
  • A Little Time in Chance by A.G. Artis--The Kid's sick and Heyes asks a couple of young ladies for help. They agree and the boys get a lot more than they bargained for. (65)
  • A Small Disturbance in Placidville by Jack Curry--Now you know that Kid Curry must've told stories that got passed down through generations of grandkids, right? Well, they did, and this is one of them. (10)
  • A Small Problem by Carol Mingst--Heyes and Curry are settling into town and lives as free men, then Heyes returns from a business trip... married. Worse still, she's a lady with a reputation. (81)
  • Amnesty by by Kristi Nelson (filk)
  • Christmas Carols: Smith and Jones Style by Kristi Nelson (filk)
  • Devil's Hole by by Kristi Nelson (filk)
  • Even Now by by Kristi Nelson (filk)
  • Family and Friends by Carol Mingst--The saga of the Heyes and Curry clans continues in this "family" story. (35)
  • Mixed Company by Carol Mingst--The Kid decides that it's time for him to find himself a wife, but the sheriff's daughter? All he can do is hope for the best! (31)
  • Mr. Heyes in the Salon with a Six-Gun by Paula Smus--A real potboiler mystery where it's up to the Kid to clear Heyes of murder before it's too late. Can he do it? (11)
  • Silver Tongue by Fliss Davies--A tale of the infamous Devil's Hole Gang... (4)
  • Still Stealin' by Kristi Nelson (filk)

Issue 8

Just You, Me & the Governor 8 contains 204 pages

  • Diane Harlan Stein (front cover), Fliss Davies (back cover)
  • Kelseyville by Sonja--Suffering from a concussion, Heyes wonders if he can still lead the Devil's Hole Gang. Good thing the Kid is covering for him! (15)
  • Some Other Line of Work by A.G. Artis--Heyes and Curry are on the run and forced to split up. The Kid runs into a pair of interesting young boys, while Heyes ends up with a couple of old codgers to deal with. (15)
  • A Child's Life by Cheryl Warkentine--The Kid feels responsible for the death of a child. (7)
  • The World is Full of People Named Smith and Jones by Paula Smus--Heyes and Curry are forced to split up and each ends up in rather unusual situations! (13)
  • Duet by Kristi Nelson--Heyes and Curry are driving each other nuts, so rather than shoot each other, the boys decide to spend some time apart... (17)
  • As Yet the Glass Seems True by Pete R. Torque--Heyes and Curry spend some time with a thespian troupe. (11)
  • Never Turn a Good Friend into a Lady by Dave E. Jones--More adventures of Heyes, Curry, Lily and her players. We'll let you figure out who gets dressed up like a "lady"! (11)
  • Ravaged by Carol Mingst--When a friend is gunned down, Heyes and Curry are forced to choose between keeping a low profile or helping the man's widow, another old friend. (21)
  • My Favorite Things by Kristi Nelson
  • Cross Time by Carol Mingst--A group of psychics are drawn back in time to help the Kid and a dying Heyes. (20)
  • For Amnesty by Kristi Nelson
  • How the Angel Falls Gang... by Mike "El Nez" Smith--Beth Jordan's story of how Heyes and Curry finally got their amnesty... It's an adventure! (13)
  • Odds and Ends by Carol Mingst
  • [The Gordian Knot of Converse County by Krista Lebednik--Heyes and Curry run into a government agent and a ruthless power-broker. (33)
  • It Came Upon a Midnight Not So Clear by Lynn Gill 163

Issue 9

Just You, Me & the Governor 9 contains 252 pages. The front and back covers are by Fliss Davies.

A fan comments on the art in this issue: "A friend who doesn't know Smith from Jones came to see me and noticed JYM&TG #9 on my coffee table. She picked it up, admired the art, flipped through the book, and asked to borrow it. She's now reading ASJ stories because of your art. Keep 'em coming, you're converting new fans!" [1]

  • Journey's Beginning by Cheryl Warkentine--The beginning of the Heyes and Curry saga. (5)
  • Two of a Kind by Susan Glasgow--A different take on how Heyes and Curry got together. (12)
  • House of Whorers by Carol Mingst--Heyes and Curry are well and truly trapped... in a Bordello! (29) (won a 1995 FanQ)
  • Briscoe Takes the Bull by the Horns by Paula Smus--Heyes and Curry run into Harry and Violet. (11)
  • Unwelcome Change by Carol Mingst--Heyes wakes up in a real predicament, but it might just keep the Kid from going to jail for twenty years. (27)
  • The Rescue by Cheryl Warkentine--A crossover with Bordertown. Heyes and Curry help Bennett and Craddock and run into a stranger... (3)
  • Jennifer by Carol Mingst--Heyes and Curry meet a young lady who falls for the Kid... and then for Heyes. (35)
  • A Place to Call Home by Dakotah--The Kid's memory is gone, but he's not too concerned. The widow who's taking care of him is a fine woman, and her two children have already adopted him as a father figure. When Heyes finally locates his partner, will he have the heart to take the Kid away from his new family? (32)
  • Pierce and Hamilton by Carol Mingst--Heyes and Curry end up in the middle of a bank robbery investigation in a town where at least three people know who they really are! (52)
  • Two Blonds Don't Make a Blight by Pete R. Torque--A crossover with The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Heyes and Curry get caught up in a THRUSH plot. Napoleon and Illya complicate matters when they reveal how Heyes and the Kid ended their careers as infamous outlaws - Hannibal Heyes betrayed by his long-time partner, Kid Curry. (19)
  • My Dear Sister by Dunia--Find out what Heyes and Curry are doing in Canada. (3)
  • A Night on the Set by Pamela Sherlock and Shiloh--Pete and Ben run into Heyes and Curry, but this time there's an added twist - Geoffrey Deuel and Billy the Kid are there, too! (11)

Issue 10

Just You, Me & the Governor 10 was published in 1995 contains 168 pages. The art is by Fliss Davies and Laura Virgil.

front cover of issue #10
  • Channeling by Valleri--When your Spirit Guide gives you a once in a lifetime shot at seducing your hero(es), you ought to take it, right? Well... maybe not. (5)
  • Coyotes in the Lobby, Wolves in the Dining Room by Paula Smus
  • Curry and Spice by Leah S.--Heyes and Curry have their amnesty and are settled down, but things never get easy! (2)
  • He Is Not Much, Trouble by Nancy Platte--A childhood story. Hannibal and Jed end up with more than they bargained for when they make a deal with a young Oriental boy. (Guest appearance by the Cartwrights of Bonanza). (4)
  • Long Walk, Short Bridge by Nancy Platte--Heyes and Curry are on the trail of a killer who's borrowing the Kid's moniker when they cross paths with a cursed fairy. Also in Ouch! #13. (12)
  • MacLeod by Carol Mingst--A crossover with Highlander. Duncan MacLeod is given a mission; deliver Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry to the sheriff. But nothing is ever that simple around the two most successful outlaws in the history of the West... (19)
  • Northern Star by Carol Mingst--A Highlander premise. All is not quiet in Devil's Hole, not after the arrival of a mysterious Indian who's been alive for centuries. (19)
  • Resist No Evil by Mick E. Dolens--The amnesty is theirs. Curry is happily married and living in Canada. Heyes is a successful Wall Street mogul who's run away, and right into the arms of a love he's known for a long, long time... (34)
  • The Impossible Job by Kristi Nelson (filk)
  • Things Get Progressively Worse by The Devil's Hole Gang--Heyes and Curry take another job for Big Mac McCreedy, but it's just one thing after another that keeps them from finishing... (30)
  • Through the Keyhole by Kai O'Thay and Smythe A crossover with The Adventures of Briscoe County Junior. Heyes and Curry agree to help Briscoe when John Bly takes refuge in Devil's Hole, but no one counted on Pete Hutton showing up... A slash version of this story was published in Devil's Hole #1. (9)
  • Tribute by Paula Smus--Kid Curry decides it's time for he and Heyes to part ways - a good idea... until he hears what happened next. (13) (won a 1996 FanQ)
  • You Got Yourself a Deal by Mick E. Dolans--All good things come to an end, even life for Heyes and Curry, but Heaven may never be the same again! (7)

Issue 11

Just You, Me & the Governor 11 contains 185 pages.

  • A Fine Ol' Institution by Lynn Gill--Heyes and Curry are out of money and real thirsty. Too bad their favorite card trick didn't work. Now they're locked up at the local funny farm... Also in Ouch! #14. (17)
  • A Night at the Poker Table by Shiloh--An alternative universe story. Pete and Ben find themselves transported back to the old west, and right into a situation Heyes and Curry set up. The question is, can they get back before they get plugged? (8)
  • Events That Shaped the Lives of Hannibal Heyes & Kid Curry by Jessie Syring
  • It Had To End In Prison by Kristi Nelson--Heyes and Curry are on the run, then find themselves in prison with sadistic guards and an even more sadistic warden. (22)
  • Jeweled Harvest by Paula Smus--This could've been an episode! Picking up where "The Man Who Murdered Himself" left off, Heyes and the Kid go looking for a fortune in jewels, get caught in a train robbery, and meet a mermaid... (18)
  • Just You, Me and the Governor… And the Devil's Hole Gang by Jessie Syring--The Devil's Hole Gang takes the governor and Sheriff Lom Trevors hostage when a train robbery goes bad. It's up to Heyes and Curry to set the two men free or they can kiss their amnesty good-bye. Given their strategy, they might lose their chance at freedom. (15)
  • Old West Crooks by Kristi Nelson (filk)
  • Showdown at Porterville by Jessie Syring--When Lom has to shoot Heyes to save the outlaw's life the Kid comes gunning for him. (21)
  • Sweet Second Chances by A.G. Artis--A story challenge. The beginning of a story where Heyes meets an interesting young woman... (40)
  • The Ballad of Heyes and Curry by Jessie Syring
  • The Straight and Narrow Way by Kristi Nelson (filk)
  • What Value by Pamela Corsa--Heyes and Curry find a tiny dog who's just full of surprises, not the least of which is the reception he receives when they finally get into town. (16)
  • Winter Visit by Carol Mingst--Join Heyes and Curry up at Devil's Hole when they deal with the arrival of an injured woman. Then she ends up snowed in with the outlaw gang... (36)

Issue 12

Just You, Me & the Governor 12 was published in 1997 and contains 172 pages. It won a 1998 FanQ.

  • Untitled by A.G. Artis--A missing scene from the pilot. Heyes and Curry discuss the possibility of amnesty. (4)
  • The Dark Lady of Canyon Rock by Deborah Menikoff--A crossover with Forever Knight. Heyes and Curry find themselves in a small town with some unusual residents. (25)
  • Two Bits by Joyce Strohm--Heyes and Curry run into trouble and an unlikely friend in Bisbee, Arizona. (11)
  • The Newcomer in White River by Lynn Bowyer--Heyes and Curry run into a little outlaw in White River, but it's townsfolk to the rescue. (16)
  • That's a Good Deal by Paula Smus-- Flying ducks, dancing bears, Hannibal Heyes, Kid Curry, and... Hannibal Heyes? (10)
  • Blindhearted by Ann Wortham and Laura Virgil--Heyes falls for a wealthy lady while the Kid is away. When Curry returns he discovers a secret about Heyes' sweetheart that might just get him killed. (23)
  • Secrets by Catherine Siemann--When a simple job turns complicated Heyes and Curry send for Ella Hart, a lady lawyer Heyes has feeling for. She gets them off, but there's one little catch... (28)
  • A Death in Eden by Catherine Siemann--Heyes and Curry run into Ella Hart and her ward and end up accompanying them on what was supposed to be a quiet weekend in the country - and it was quiet, until one of the party ends up dead... (37) Winner of 1998 FanQ.
  • Story Challenge by A.G. Artis--The original author carrying her story challenge forward for another chapter. (6)
  • Plus letters of comment, filks by Kristi Nelson, and art by Fliss Davies

Issue 13

Just You, Me & the Governor 13 was published in July 1997 and contains 188 pages.

cover of issue #13
  • Two Heads are Better Than One by Paula Smus ("Discover the origins of the infamous Heyes and Curry coin toss!") (5)
  • Meanwhile Back in Porterville by Deborah Menikoff ("Heyes and Curry might have stopped a bank robbery in Lom's town - not to mention getting him to front an amnesty for them with the governor - but now they're gone and Lom's facing a new problem: Miss Porter.") (41)
  • The Marshal by Carol Mingst ("When a U.S. Marshal asks Heyes and Curry to help him locate a kidnapper they can't refuse, but a dying friend, a little girl and a desperate father make things more complicated than any of them expected.") (53)
  • Changes by Catherine Siemann ("The next chapter in the Ella Hart saga. Heyes and Curry have their amnesty, but their celebration might just cost Ella her reputation. The solution? Marriage of course, but then the lady says no. What's an ex-outlaw to do?") (45)
  • A Visit Home by Catherine Siemann ("Another story in the Ella Hart saga. Heyes and Curry return home and the Kid finds himself falling in love").
  • Boys' Club by Catherine Siemann ("A third story in the Ella Hart saga. Rick and his cronies welcome Ella to their Mens' Club and the Kid remembers a different kind of all-male club - The Devil's Hole gang.")
  • Impossible by Catherine Siemann ("A crossover with Doctor Who. When Heyes dies and Danny Bilson suddenly takes his place the Kid thinks he's going crazy. Thank goodness Lom is there to help him understand.") (12)
  • Plus filks by Kristi Nelson and Nancy Platte, and art by Fliss Davies and Linda Rendall

Issue 14

Just You, Me & the Governor 14 was published in 1998 and is 181 pages.

cover of issue #14, Fliss Davies
  • Facts and F(r)iction--by Cindy Carrier--The Kid's upset about the latest tales being written about Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry, but things get even more interesting when they finally meet the author. (30 pages)
  • And Then There Was One by Carol Mingst--What's the Kid to do? Heyes is dead, then he's not, then he is... sort of. (20 pages)
  • Sweet Mystery by Pamela J. Corsa--Heyes is having recurring dreams, but if he isn't careful, the woman of his dreams might just get him and the Kid killed. (6 pages)
  • Trouble At The C Bar C by Kate Howell--Heyes and the Kid are helping out two resourceful English ladies who are making a go of raising horses in Wyoming. The trouble is, they've got a powerful neighbor who wants them gone, and he's willing to do whatever it takes. (38 pages) Won a 1999 FanQ.
  • Rules Of The Game by Paula Smus--A crossover with The Adventures of Briscoe County Junior. Heyes wins an unusual bet, but getting to collect is harder than he guessed. (6 pages)
  • The Lunacy Of Charlie O’Rourke by Jed "Kid" Curry--A poignant memory of the passing of an old friend. (4 pages)
  • Ribbons of Trust by Cindy Carrier--Heyes and Curry are captured by bounty hunters. The Kid manages to escape, but he's beaten and unable to help his partner, who is delivered into the hands of the U.S. Army. (25 pages)
  • Different Directions: Lost and Found by Catherine Siemann--An Ella Hart story. Heyes and the Kid are doing well in San Francisco, so Heyes sends for Ella to come join him. But all is not as it seems and it isn't long before Heyes, the Kid, Ella and Sandy are caught in a web of deception and danger. (41 pages)
  • Plus filks from Kristi Nelson, and color covers and internal art by Fliss Davies, Linda Rendall, and Priscilla Tweed.

Issue 15

Just You, Me & the Governor 15 contains 183 pages.

  • Alias Smith and Burne-Jones: A Frustrated Hurt/Comfort Story by Catherine Siemann--The Kid is hurt. Heyes is lost, looking for Jones. And Burne-Jones is lost, looking for Smith. Talk about a critical mass! (See, there was the time that Deb and I were trying to meet at the Burne-Jones exhibit at the Met, only there was a big parade that day, and Fifth Avenue was effectively shut down. And I thought, "What if Heyes was trying to get back to an injured Kid? What if the hurt/comfort couldn't happen, because of Traffic Patterns of the Old West?" This story was the result . . . [1]) (10)
  • You've Got to Reach Out, Take Hold of My Hand by Selene Van Lockheed--A childhood tale of heroism and self-discovery. Twelve-year-old Hannibal Heyes tries to keep a secret from his playmates at the orphanage, and finds a real friend. (9)
  • Una Larga Historia-Dead Again? by Irene Shafer--Heyes is worried; the Kid's having nightmares and acting strange. Can a Spanish mystico help him uncover the truth of their past and cure the Kid? A chance encounter with a snake sends Kid Curry into a near-catatonic state. Heyes doesn't know how to reach him until a friendly mystic lends a hand and suggests that the key lies in Curry's dreams. (23)
  • Friendly Fire by Paula Smus--Heyes is feeling some soul-aching guilt. And he has good reason. He shot the Kid. (9)
  • Shattered Spirit by Cindy Carrier--Part two of a three-part story. Curry has recovered from the brutal treatment he received at the hands of ruthless bounty hunters. Now he's looking for his partner. But when he finds him, it's not the reunion he expected. Tortured and near dead, Heyes struggles to survive, then to reclaim his soul. (38)
  • The Edge of Good-Bye by Cindy Carrier--Part three of a three-part story. Heyes fights to regain his true soul, but the odds are against him. Giving up seems like a good idea, but the Kid and the Coopers have other plans. Will they be able to help Heyes defeat the blackness that seeks to lure him into madness? Curry has managed to liberate Heyes from a horrendous Territorial labor camp, but he's shattered both in body and in spirit. Can Curry, together with his friends Matthew and Molly Cooper, help cure Heyes' body? And can they help him regain the will to live? These searing stories are the ultimate in hurt/comfort. (46)
  • Different Directions II: Hide and Seek by Catherine Siemann--An Ella Hart story, and part two of a three-part story. Heyes and the Kid set out to rescue Sandy from the kidnappers, an old friend dies, and one of our partners is shot. (43)
  • Plus a filk from Kristi Nelson and poetry from Peta-Jo Ford. Color from cover by Fliss Davies. Color back cover and four internal pieces by Linda Rendall.

Issue 16

cover of issue #16

Just You, Me & the Governor 16 was published in 1999 and is 183 pages. The zine won a 2000 FanQ.

  • Diamonds and Spades by Catherine Siemann & Hilary Murphy--A crossover with Highlander. Heyes and the Kid are in San Francisco to visit Silky, but they end up in an interesting poker game with a woman who is older than she looks. (22)
  • Silver Linings by Cindy Carrier--The Kid is hurt, hungry and determined to give up on the amnesty and go back to Devil's Hole and the outlaw trail. Heyes not only has to keep him alive, but he has to find a way to change the Kid's mind. (37) Winner of a 2000 FanQ.
  • Blind Faith by Pam Bazemore--While in Wyoming, the Kid is caught in an explosion and blinded. Heyes is there to help him, but it's a nurse who is finally able to break through the man's fear and anger. And then there's that persistent bounty hunter... (26)
  • Hide and Seek by Drena Hills--In a small town, Heyes and Curry make a big impression on a young boy. That impression is only reinforced when Heyes saves the boy's life. (9)
  • The Bell's Toll by Pamela J. Corsa--While hiding in Mexico, Heyes and Curry uncover a terrible secret. Young women are disappearing, and some of them are ending up dead. Can the two partners save the others in time? It'd be easier if the Kid hadn't been beaten within an inch of his life. (33)
  • Peacocks and Premonitions by Lynn Gill--Heyes is having bad dreams, and what's he supposed to do when they start coming true? Reprinted from Of Dreams and Schemes #7. (7)
  • The Not-So-Silvery Tongue of Hannibal Heyes by Kristi Nelson--Heyes steps over the line and the Kid decides to head out on his own. Heyes has a plan to get the Kid back, but if it fails, he's going to spend the next twenty years in prison. (9)
  • All I Want for Christmas by Drena Hills--Heyes and Curry find themselves in a small mining town caught in the grips of a tragedy. Christmas is drawing near, and a young girl talks the partners into helping bring some cheer to the townsfolk. (26)
  • Filks by Kristi Nelson. Color covers by Fliss Davies and Linda Rendall. Internal art by Linda Rendall and Drena Hill.

Issue 17

Just You, Me & the Governor 17 was published in 2000 and contains 171 pages.

  • Happy Birthday, Kid Curry by Drena Hills--The Kid and Heyes split up to escape a posse and Curry finds unexpected shelter on his birthday, of all days. (5)
  • Wheat by Damoran Yarrow--Ever wonder how Wheat got his nickname? Well, here's the answer! (2)
  • Lady Fate by Nichole P. Conard--A saloon girl tells a tale about one of Heyes and Curry's adventures. (6)
  • Royal Hunt by Drena Hills--Heyes is hired to accompany a young man on a hunt. Too bad he and the boy end up among the hunted. (18)
  • Dreams Forgotten by Trish--Heyes and the Kid run into two old friends who have some troubles of their own. Before they know it, Heyes and Curry are in over their heads! (26)
  • Mr. Smith Goes to Washington by Drena Hills--Heyes and Curry end up on a train with a very special passenger. The question now is, can they keep her alive and safe? (10)
  • Something to Hide by Pam Bazemore--While on a cattle drive, Heyes and Curry run into an unusual drover with a secret. When Heyes finds out what it is, things turn deadly. (24)
  • Promises Kept by Terri Sutro--Heyes meets a real Southern Belle and loses his heart, but can he ever really settle down? (50)
  • Promises to Keep, Part 1 by Cindy Carrier--A post-amnesty story. In St. Louis for surgery, Heyes meets a young woman who helps his heart and soul to heal. The problem is, there are still those out there who want him dead. (35)
  • Filks by Kristi Nelson. Color covers by Fliss Davies and Linda Rendall. Internal art by Fliss Davies and Sandy Kern.

Issue 18

Just You, Me & the Governor 18 was published in 2000 and contains 170 pages.

cover of issue #18
  • How to Pull a Tooth in One Hard Lesson by Damoran Yarrow--A childhood story. The Kid has a tooth that needs to come out. Luckily he knows a boy with a plan! (4)
  • Dust in the Sun by Nichole P. Conard--A pre-Devil's Hole Gang story. Heyes and the Kid see something that teaches them how not to be outlaws. (2)
  • The Christmas Gift by Terri Sutro--A Devil's Hole Gang era story. Heyes wants to bring Christmas to Devil's Hole, but he's not getting a lot of help. (8)
  • Teacher's Pet by Drena Hills--While trying to help out a friend, Heyes and the Kid find themselves caught in the middle of a range war. Even worse, they are caught between a classroom full of kids and their parents, and that's not mentioning a killer storm! (24)
  • Brooker by Nichole P. Conard--A Devil's Hole Gang era story. Heyes and Curry rob a bank, well, they try... (2)
  • Next Stop, Prison by Carol Broyles--Caught by the law, Heyes and Curry were on their way to prison when a very special woman entered their lives. She saves their freedom once, but can she do it again? (20)
  • Lucky Shot, Part 1 by Elizabeth Edwards--Heyes and the Kid agree to take a job, but neither of them ever imagined that it might put them in the middle of a bank robbery, or that it might cost Heyes his life. (14)
  • Revelations by Pam Bazemore--Thinking that they're just passing through Gallatin, Heyes and Curry agree to take a haunted room in the local hotel for a night. But now Heyes isn't sure they're ever going to get out of town. (42)
  • Revenge is a Dish... by T. Jones--Heyes and the Kid let Silky O'Sullivan take them to dinner... (6)
  • Promises to Keep, Part 2 by Cindy Carrier--The Kid has joined Heyes in St. Louis, but danger is stalking both men. This is their final showdown with the men who almost killed them both. (42)
  • Everything I Ever Needed to Know... by Drena Hills--A wonderful, wonderful list of all the lessons Heyes and the Kid have taught us! (2)
  • Color covers by Linda Rendall. Internal art by Fliss Davies and Sandy Kern.

Issue 19

Just You, Me & the Governor 19 was published in 2000 and contains 203 pages. The cover is by Fliss Davies.

cover of issue #19, Fliss Davies
  • Camptown Races by Nichole P. Conard--A childhood tale. Heyes sends the Kid in to pull a fast one! (4)
  • Angel of Mercy by Leigh Stewart--When Heyes is shot, he's lucky to find an angel of mercy who can help him until the Kid can find him. (10)
  • Lucky Shot, Part 2 by Elizabeth Edwards--The Kid takes a wounded Heyes and flees, but he doesn't get far before he runs into more trouble - the Devil's Hole Gang. (14)
  • Tranquility by Terri Sutro--In the wine-country California town of Tranquility Heyes meets a young woman with a complicated past - a past that comes back to haunt the ex-outlaw and almost get him killed. (32)
  • Momma, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys by Drena Hills--Heyes and Curry come across an unusual family on their way West. And a good thing, too, trouble is closing in on the family, and Heyes and Curry right along with them. (16)
  • The Captive by Vickie Martin--Heyes is captured by a brother and sister who want the reward he represents. The problem is, brother dear wants the Kid, too. But to get the Kid he has to leave Heyes in his sister's hands... silly man. (36)
  • Without a Trace by Pam Bazemore--Heyes is kidnapped by the Army and subjected to scientific experiments that have some unusual consequences. Can the Kid reach him in time? (36)
  • Restless Hearts by Catherine Siemann--The last in the Ella Hart series. Ella returns from Europe to face two surprises - Sandy has returned and the Kid is on trial for murder. Can they clear him, or is Sandy destined to lose the man she loves? (47) (winner of a 2001 FanQ)
  • Color covers by Fliss Davies. Internal art by Sandy Kern.

Issue 20

Just You, Me & the Governor 20 was published in 2000 and contains 212 pages. The cover is by Linda Rendall.

cover of issue #20, Linda Rendall
  • Child's Play by Dawn Rice--A childhood tale. A look at the start of the Kid's amazing talent with a six-gun! (8)
  • The Kid by Nichole P. Conard --After some time apart, Heyes and the Kid meet up again, and nothing really changed... (5)
  • The Wilde, Wilde West by Catherine Siemann--The Devil's Hole Gang robs a train and gets more than they expected - a tagalong by the name of Oscar Wilde. (9)
  • Get Me To The Church On Time by Drena Hills--The Devil's Hole Gang rides! And they've got a new member, a young man who really ought not to be an outlaw. Luckily he's met a girl . . . Now, can Heyes and the Kid get the two of them together without getting them all killed. (14)
  • What Really Happened When They Got Into the Saloon... by Drena Hills--A tag for the end of "The Man Who Murdered Himself." (2)
  • The Bounty Hunter - Epilogue by Margaret Albrecht--A tag for "The Bounty Hunter." Heyes and the Kid go to see the sheriff about the death of Joe Sims. (5)
  • Trust Me by Cindy Carrier--A freak storm puts Heyes and the Kid in very bad positions - one is pinned under a tree and the other in a pit. Only by working together can they hope to survive. (23)
  • Luck of the Irish by Terri Sutro--Heyes and Curry run into something they've never encountered before... and they get pulled into a plan to recover a treasure. Now, can they escape? (40)
  • Worth a Thousand Words by D. Rowen Grove--A train robbery, a sketchbook, and two ladies from the East all add up to trouble for Heyes and Curry. But they only have to clear their names, steal a drawing, and catch a murderer. (51)
  • Memories by Leigh Stewart--A look into a slice of Heyes and Curry's lives, from the point of view of a women who once helped them. (A sequel to "Angel of Mercy" in issue #19). (27)
  • Color covers by Linda Rendall. Internal art by Sandy Kern.

Issue 21

Just You, Me & the Governor 21 contains 240 pages.

  • Rachel's Dance by Drena Hills--A look at the childhood lives of Heyes and the Kid, and a moment that helped define them as the men they will become. (7)
  • Honor Among Thieves by Leigh Stewart--Being in charge of the Devil's Hole Gang can wear on a man, and Heyes decides he need a little time from the Gang, and his cousin. (18)
  • A Kyle in the Bush is Worth... by Aleen Bachman--Leading a gang of outlaws can be interesting, but this definitely wasn't what Heyes and Curry had in mind! (7)
  • Circumstances by Margaret Albrecht--Heyes is caught by a man who is out for revenge, but the incident also opens some old wounds for the ex-outlaw, and memories of the War days returns. (13)
  • Kidnapped by Dawn Rice--The Kid is captured by a bounty hunter and it's up to Heyes to get to him before the man delivers Curry dead, rather than alive. (8)
  • Explanations by D. Rowen Grove--Susan's Aunt Elizabeth tells her how she came to be involved with an outlaw turned sheriff. (14)
  • The Gruello by Nichole P. Conard--When the Kid's horse is injured in a rock slide, they have to find him another mount, but this beast might just be too much! (8)
  • First Thing in the Morning by Leigh Stewart--A vicious bounty hunter, a vindictive whore, and an innocent - a combination that spells a ton of trouble for Heyes and Curry. (44)
  • Every Outlaw Will Have His Day by Trish--Heyes and Curry discover that the Devil's Hole Gang has a new member, and she's leading them down a dangerous path. (8)
  • Break-in at Tiffany's by Catherine Siemann--Heyes and Curry meet up with an old "friend" - Amanda. And she wants a favor from them, one that involves theft, gems, and danger. (19)
  • Really Good Friends by Terri Sutro--When Heyes and Curry take their latest job, tracking another mountain lion, they have no idea that they are jumping in way over their heads, good thing they've both learned how to swim! Warning, some adult content. (23)
  • Filks by Ann Godfrey and Kristi Nelson. Color cover by Linda Rendall.

Issue 22

Just You, Me & the Governor 22 contains 191 pages.

  • First Day of School by Susan Moore--A childhood story. Heyes and Curry meet a new student at school and she seems to fit in rather nicely! (10)
  • The Heist by Dawn Rice--Heyes and Curry have just pulled a successful job, and they're in town to celebrate. The last thing they expected was to run into the Kid's older brother, a mean man who wants only to hurt the Kid. (14)
  • You're in the Army Now by Leigh Stewart--Being chased by a posse means you're not too particular about where you find cover, but this time Heyes and Curry are in WAY over their heads. Taking refuge at a military fort lands them in the ranks, and if they desert they'll be shot. So, just how do you get yourselves kicked out of This Man's Army? (23)
  • Refuge by D. Rowen Grove--When they're caught in a terrible snowstorm, Heyes and Curry take refuge the only place they can, a house they accidentally found. Or was it an accident? (8)
  • Popular With Everyone by Sharon Airey--Heyes and the Kid think the big day has finally arrived - amnesty. Even Lom believes it's true. But then they begin to notice a few things that look out of place. (9)
  • Winter of Our Discontent by Drena Hills--Never, never, never mix four older widows, two outlaws, a posse and a snow storm. Just don't. Well, unless you're Hannibal Heyes, Kid Curry or a older woman who likes a little adventure! (15)
  • Change of Heart by Kellie Ingle--It's the bad time of the year for Heyes, and he's taking out his frustrations on the Kid, who has decided that he's had just about enough. So it's time for Heyes to get a special visitor. (4)
  • And So Might Lucifer Have Fallen by Leigh Stewart--Porterville, home of Sheriff Lom Trevors and a woman who can strike fear into the hearts of grown men. Especially men who want to rob her bank. (12)
  • My Cousin the Deputy by Terri Sutro--Heyes and the Kid split up to escape what they think is a bounty hunter. Curry ends up in aptly named Trouble, Colorado, where he promptly saves the sheriff's life and gets himself deputized. Well, that wouldn't be so bad, but then bounty hunters bring in Hannibal Heyes, but he's not Heyes... and then Hannibal Heyes arrives, but he isn't Heyes either. Oh, and did we mentioned a well-intentioned young lady? (48)
  • The Angels Did Sing by Lynn Gill--Christmas brings a special bounty hunter and even more special news for Heyes and Curry. Also in The Yule Tide #1. (5)
  • Valley of Darkness by Embry--Heyes and Curry ride into Borman only to find a woman who weaves a spell over the Kid that might just cost his friendship with Heyes and his life. (29)
  • Filks by Kristi Nelson, and a poem by Kellie Ingle.

Issue 23

Just You, Me & the Governor 23 contains 185 pages.

cover of issue #23
  • Visit With Mama by Sharon Airey--The Kid makes a stop by his mother's grave. (3)
  • The Safe by Terri Sutro--The Kid's Christmas present makes Heyes remember the last Christmas they spent with their families. (35)
  • Caught Between the Devil and His Brother by Dawn Rice--The Kid shows up at Devil's Hole, beaten and hurt. It takes Heyes some effort, but he finally learns the truth. (10)
  • Saving Preacher by Lynn Gill--A missing scene from "Never Trust an Honest Man." How Heyes and Kid saved Preacher's life. (5) Originally published in Ride 'Em, Cowboy! #3.
  • Fair Play by Drena Hills--A missing scene from "The Great Shell Game." A glimpse into the boys' past, and their time with a carnival. (6)
  • Something to Worry About by Sandy Duncan--Heyes gets Yellow Fever and nearly dies. Thank goodness he had the Kid and a friend to help him. (19)
  • Missing Scene - Wrong Train to Brimstone by Drena Hills--The train has been stopped by a log, and the second gang is about to attack. Brisco orders the Bannermen to man their posts. Although the guns are aimed out the window, no shots have been fired. Here's what they left out. (2)
  • The Safe by Mary F. Dominiak--The Kid remembers Heyes' affair with one particular safe. (6)
  • Perfect Faith by Drena Hills--A missing scene from "Wrong Train to Brimstone." While Heyes and the Kid wait for the train to leave, they run into three very interesting children. (6)
  • The Preacher by Michelle Pinkerton--Heyes and the Kid run into a man who is connected to their past in ways they don't really want to know, but he needs to tell them. (14)
  • Bundle of Joy by Vickie Martin--Heyes and the Kid need work, and they find it on the farm of a pregnant widow. When her time comes, they have to improvise. (19)
  • A Life Well Lived by Ann Pratt--A young girl goes to work for an old man who once led a very different life, and he tells her all about it. (22)
  • Home & Safe by Tina Belcher--Heyes and the Kid visit a good friend, but when she's kidnapped their lives take an unexpected turn. (29)
  • Filk by Kristi Nelson, and a poem by Kellie Ingle.

Issue 24

Just You, Me & the Governor 24 contains 223 pages.

  • When You Need a Friend by Sharon Airey--Even as children, Heyes was watching out for the Kid. (4)
  • That Old Christmas Spirit by Lynn Gill--While in the Devil's Hole Gang, Heyes and the Kid end up looking for gifts they can give each other, but things get complicated. Good thing Lom's there to help out. Also in Of Dreams and Schemes #6 and The Yule Tide #3. (9)
  • Boys Will Be Boys by Drena Hills--An assassination plot, a bunch of young boys, and a train wreck all add up to deadly danger for Heyes and the Kid. (14)
  • In On the Joke by Leigh Stewart--Heyes and the Kid end up in a mining camp that has been plagued by a series of deadly accidents. If they can stay alive long enough, they might make some decent money. (23)
  • Rain From Heaven, Part 1 by Dawn Rice--Caught in the middle of the storm, with an injured Kid Curry, Hannibal Heyes takes refuge in the first place he finds, a Catholic orphanage, where the nuns are having trouble of their own. Now, if the Kid can put aside his feelings, they might all be able to help each other. (38)
  • The Groom Wore Black by Sandra Emery--The death of Curry's bride sends Heyes and Curry on a long, bitter trail of revenge. (43)
  • Cheating the Devil by Michelle Pinkerton--Heyes and Curry meet their match in a lady Pinkerton detective, but she's hunted them down for a reason other than the $20,000 reward. (14)
  • Trick or Treat by Drena Hills--Television writers have more power than they know, and so do actors and outlaws. But is the Old West ready for Pete Duel and Ben Murphy, and is the 20th century ready for Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry? (16)
  • Topper Was Right by Terri Sutro--What would you do if you met a couple of ghosts who were the, uh, embodiment, shall we say, of your childhood heroes? (35)

Issue 25

Just You, Me & the Governor 25 contains 229 pages.

  • Along for the Ride by Drena Hills--When the Kid leads the Gang on a train robbery, he ends up with much more than he bargained for. (9)
  • The Not So Great Safe Robbery by Sharon Airey--A crossover with The Big Valley. A teenage Hannibal and Jed go to California with a plan, but things turn complicated and the Kid must depend on a goodhearted family to save his cousin's life. (29)
  • And I'll Walk Through the Valley by Michelle Pinkerton--A crossover with Touched By An Angel. Andrew arrives in Heyes and Curry's camp in order to show Heyes a truth he might not be ready to see. (14)
  • The Forever Moment by Terri Sutro--When Heyes gets hurt, the Kid takes him to the first doctor he can find. When that doctor turns out to be a beautiful woman, Heyes knows he's in for some TLC. (22)
  • The Horse You Rode In On by Leigh Stewart--Heyes wins a plucky red roan in a poker game, and his life will never be the same. (28) (2003 FanQ winner)
  • Rain From Heaven, Part 2 by Dawn Rice--Things turn dangerous for the Sisters and our heroes. But Heyes has a plan that might just keep them all on this side of Heaven. (37)
  • Another Time by Sandra Moore--A young woman in the 20th century finds herself drawn to an old homestead, and there a story concerning the two most successful outlaws in the history of the West, and her connection to them. (56)
  • Plus filks by Drena Hills, Kristi Nelson, and Pat.

Issue 26

Just You, Me & the Governor 26 contains 188 pages.

  • Let It Go by Aviva--A young Heyes and Curry get into some trouble. (4)
  • Always Left Behind by Sharon Airey--When a young Jed Curry is left behind one time too many, he heads out on his own, only to end up in trouble. (14)
  • The Creek Farm by Geraldine--Heyes and Jed spend some unhappy time with distant relatives. (21)
  • Heart of a Champion by Michelle Pinkerton--Heyes and the Kid meet a young man who is more special than they expected. (19)
  • And Then, and Then... by Sandra Osmond--The Kid is haunted by dreams. (8)
  • The Medicine Woman by Anya Lee--When Heyes is badly injured, the Kid takes him to a woman healer who ends up helping them both. (12)
  • Ever by Terri Sutro--Heyes and the Kid meet two boys who remind them a lot of themselves, and who draw them into a family's troubles, troubles that might just cost them their amnesty, or their lives. (55)
  • Cowboy Cookies by Isabelle Geddes--Baking cookies can get interesting with Heyes and Curry. (3)
  • Lucky Charm by Kellie Ingle--Heyes and the Kid come to the aid of a family who already have some unusual allies. (27)
  • The Ticket by Susan Moore--The Kid buys a ticket for a little boy, who turns out to be someone very precious. (6)
  • Death Rides a Pale Horse by Ann Pratt--Heyes remembers the day his parents were killed, with a little help. (5)
  • Color cover by Joan Jobson.

Issue 27

Just You, Me & the Governor 27 contains 187 pages.

  • Every Reckless Act by Sharon Airey--As young men, the Kid and Heyes have gone their separate ways, but they're about to cross paths again, albeit on different sides of the law. (37)
  • The Scout by Aviva--When Heyes and the Kid split up to throw a posse off their trail, Heyes has a much better time of it than the Kid. (4)
  • The Ring by Maureen Darling and Cindy Carrier--While still in the Devil's Hole gang, Heyes meets a young woman who touches his heart, and gives him a gift he can never repay. (An explanation for why Heyes wore that wedding ring in some episodes. (37) (winner of a 2004 FanQ)
  • Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition by Drena Hills--Two days after the ill-fated attempt to open the safe from the Columbine Train Robbery and the Kid has his hands full. (12)
  • The Bet by Kellie Ingle--A bet between Heyes and Curry could have deadly consequences. (30)
  • Silver City Blues by Terri Sutro--Heyes and the Kid run into a conniving harlot who is out to get rich on the rewards offered for them. (25)
  • Tea Time at Devil's Hole by Isabelle Geddes--Heyes and the Kid meet up with Miss Isabelle again. (5)
  • Grandpa Heyes by Drena Hills--Heyes and the Kid have kept a few secrets about their pasts and their families, but now the truth comes out. (12)
  • Outlaw for an Inlaw by Drena Hills--After the amnesty, Heyes and Curry become quite successful, and now the Kid's daughter wants to get married. (14)
  • Color cover by Joan Jobson.

Issue 28

Just You, Me & the Governor 28 contains 182 pages.

  • Adult Problems by Marti Pfaff--As children the Kid and Heyes get caught in the fight over slavery. (5)
  • Choices by Sharon McBroom--When Heyes hears that Jed has a chance for a family, he starts to think his cousin might be better off without him. (20)
  • Alone by Drena Hills--Heyes never thought losing the Kid would end up like this. (7)
  • The Day They Went Straight by Terri Sutro--Missing scenes from the pilot. Heyes just has to have one more go at that safe. (8)
  • All These Years by Drena Hills--Missing scenes from "Return to Devil's Hole." Watching your partner ride off without you isn't easy, but sometimes it's for the best. (11)
  • Best Friends by Drena Hills--Missing scene from "The Fifth Victim." Loyalty is earned and Heyes and the Kid have earned each other's. (7)
  • Gettin' Even by Drena Hills--Missing scenes from "Something to Get Hung About." Heyes is a little jealous of the friendship the Kid and Stokely have developed. (9)
  • One Night in Nowhere by Terri Sutro--Heyes and the Kid stop in Nowhere to get out of a storm, but they get a lot more than they ever bargained for when they run into an old woman with a secret. (26)
  • Copasetic by Drena Hills--Heyes and the Kid come to the rescue when a young woman dies, leaving behind her baby boy. (8)
  • United by Drena Hills--When the Kid and Heyes get into an argument, they head their separate ways, but the Kid's life on his own takes an abrupt turn for the worse when he's kidnapped by fanatics. (10)
  • Isabelle's Chocolate Fudge Surprise Story by Isabelle Geddes--Mix Heyes, the Kid, Isabelle, and chocolate, then run! (3)
  • The Trouble with Prairie Dogs by T.C. Belcher--Heyes and the Kid ride into a town with a problem, well, several problems, and they end up in the middle of them all. (22)
  • Slowly Born by Drena Hills--The Kid meets an unusual girl, who he then crosses paths with a couple more times. (9)
  • Five Minutes Longer by Drena Hills--When one of the Kid's childhood heroes is accused of murder, he just has to try and help. (11)
  • Unsinkable by Drena Hills--Heyes and the Kid end up in the middle of the Atlantic, in 1912. (14)

Issue 29

Just You, Me & the Governor 29 contains 179 pages.

  • Grandma Curry by Sharon McBroom--Grandma Curry steps in on the side of Han and Jed, but she has her own lesson to teach the boys. (7)
  • Payback by Drena Hills--A young Heyes and Curry run into an angel of mercy after a posse gets a little too close, and later, they're able to return the favor. (10)
  • Wishin' and Hopin' by Drena Hills--A young Heyes and the Kid, in the Devil's Hole Gang, both have plans for Christmas gifts, plans they share with an old woman they call a friend. (7)
  • Someone to Watch Over Me by Ann Pratt--Heyes and Curry run into a young woman who seems familiar, and she has a story to tell them, one that gains her their help. (17)
  • Not the Same Man by Drena Hills--A tag to "Smiler with a Gun." The Kid has some thoughts on Heyes. (7)
  • The Contest by Damoran Yarrow--Heyes finds himself in the middle of an unusual contest. (5)
  • The Fastest Gun in the West by Drena Hills--A rumor is circulating, Kid Curry is in town and there's another gunfighter there as well, someone who might be even faster than the Kid. (7)
  • The Funeral of Harry Briscoe by Drena Hills--Heyes and the Kid travel to Harry's funeral, but everything is not what it seems. (6)
  • Making Peanut Butter Balls with Hannibal Heyes by Isabelle Geddes--Heyes is back in the kitchen with Miss Isabelle. (3)
  • Good Deeds by Martina Pfaff--A crossover with Big Valley. Heyes and the Kid cross paths with the Barkleys, but neither is sure it's a good thing or a bad thing. (7)
  • Way Back Home by Drena Hills--Heyes and the Kid help out the Preacher, who needs some moral support. (7)
  • Miss Addie's Boys by Terri Sutro--Lom sends Heyes and the Kid to help an older woman, who has some secrets of her own. And it's a good thing Lom did, because the Kid is on the verge of giving up on amnesty. (68)
  • Waiting by Drena Hills--Heyes tells a story about a rift that happened between him and the Kid. (11)
  • First Impressions by Drena Hills--Heyes and the Kid discuss some first impressions that they made. (6)

Issue 30

Just You, Me & the Governor 30 contains 194 pages.

  • Just a Friendly Game of Poker by Susan Macdonald--Heyes gets into a poker game in the wrong place. (4)
  • A Breach of Faith by Sharon McBroom--The Kid's mistake nearly costs Heyes his life, and his position as leader of the Devil's Hole Gang. (20)
  • Leaving the Past Behind You by Cade Gullickson--Heyes meets a young man with secrets. (12)
  • Chance by Drena Hills--Heyes and Curry have a debt to repay, and they intend to repay it, even if it costs them their lives. (22)
  • Bad Day in Red Rock by Sharon McBroom--When Silky asks for a favor, Heyes and the Kid have no choice but to help. (45)
  • Gifts by C.L.--Heyes finds himself dealing with Christmas and the Kid. (16)
  • Steel by Drena Hills--Heyes is offered a new job, but not the Kid. And Curry has no intention of letting Heyes pass up the opportunity, even if it spells the end of their partnership. (23)
  • Breath of Hell by Drena Hills--Halloween calls for a scary story, and Hannibal Heyes is just the man to tell it. (16)
  • The Cousins Heyeses by Brenda Lee Barclay Reed--Heyes is sick, very sick, and he needs time and safety to recover, but that's not something the Kid can give him. Too bad for the Kid Heyes has an idea... (20)
  • Also filks by Kristi Nelson, poetry by C.L., and art by Francesca De Genna

Issue 31

Just You, Me & the Governor 31 was published in 2007 and contains 171 pages

  • Going to China with the Circus by Sharon McBroom--The boys really want to go to the circus, but their parents say no. (13)
  • Partners by Kara Wilson--The Kid's thoughts on his partner. (2)
  • Dawn by Callie--Heyes wakes up in quite a state. (3)
  • A Nice, Peaceful Little Range War by Leigh Stewart--Heyes and Curry land right in the middle of a range war, and it looks like it might just be deadly for at least one of them. (48)
  • Wondering by Callie--The Kid knows Heyes is worrying. (8)
  • Christmas in Quake City by Susan Macdonald--A crossover with The Apple Dumpling Gang. Heyes and the Kid end up helping a unique family. (10)
  • Unexpected by Callie--The Kid is still healing when the partners end up being asked to help out the law. (29)
  • Double Bluff by Helen Parkinson--The Kid goes to meet a wounded Heyes, but he's nowhere to be found. (34)
  • Important People by Drena Hills--It's Thanksgiving and the boys run into a women who turns out to be pretty darn important. (11)
  • Also filks by Kristi Nelson.

Issue 32

Just You, Me & the Governor 32 was published in 2008 and contains 170 pages. This fanzine was eligible for a Fan-Q at Media West in May 2009.

  • Ranch Work by Helen Parkinson--The boys discover that ranch work is harder than expected. (9)
  • Knowing by Drena Hills--Hannibal and Jed meet an important man who helps them. (6)
  • Growing Up is Hard to Do by Sharon McBroom--Two weary teenagers ride into town, but the Kid plans to leave a man. (10)
  • The River by Helen Parkinson--While on the lam the boys cross paths with a couple of miners who want the bounty they're worth. (10)
  • Rest in Peace, Joe Sims by Sharon McBroom--Heyes and the Kid try to do the right thing. (4)
  • Wedding Breakfast by Helen Parkinson--Heyes and the Kid are guests of honor. (18)
  • Force of Will by Eleanor Ward--Heyes and the Kid are hurt, but neither is giving up on the other. (11)
  • A Dark and Stormy Night by Sharon McBroom--Heyes and the Kid end up in the wrong place, at the wrong time. (12)
  • The Reckoning by Callie--The Kid has tried to strangle Heyes, and it's just getting started. (31)
  • A Favor for Lom by Helen Parkinson--The boys really ought to know that favors can be dangerous. (17)
  • The Last Train to Porterville by Helen Parkinson--Heyes is temporarily blinded, but the train he and the Kid are on is robbed, forcing him to act... (15)
  • Filk by Kristi Nelson.

Issue 33

Just You, Me & the Governor 33 was published in 2010.


  1. ^ from The Outlaw Trail #3