Anything Goes

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You may be looking for the zine Almost Anything Goes.

Title: Anything Goes
Publisher: Cathouse Press
Editor(s): Wendy A. Karmell
Date(s): 1992-2008
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Anything Goes is a gen multifandom anthology.

From Media Monitor #34: "This is a zine for people who like good writing and hate bad art."

Some, if not all, issues have "reprints." It is unclear if it was simply the cover on these reprints that are different, or if the content differs as well.

Issue 1

Anything Goes 1 was published in March 1992 and contains 222 pages.

cover of issue #1
  • art portfolio by Charlie Kirby
  • The Falling of the Rain by Charlie Kirby ("A madman is making real acid rain. Gotham City is only the beginning. It's up to Batman to stop him, but can he?") (Batman)
  • The Amnesty Leap by Kristi Nelson ("Sam can't leap to the old west, but a malfunction by his computer sends him there. Unless he corrects events in the past he won't be born.") (Quantum Leap/Alias Smith and Jones)
  • Reunion by Phoebe Alexander ("Ex-husband and wife, Ed Straker and Mary Rutland meet for the first time since the death of their son. What will they say to each other?") (UFO)
  • Sorcerer's Apprentice by Gillian Holt ("Lt. Colonel Ironside, Drs. Blackwood and McCullough travel to the southwest in search of aliens. Ironside is drugged by an alien/witch. Only the Indian legends of his youth can save him if they are in time.") (War of the Worlds) (reprinted in Mind Games)
  • The Windy City Affair by Wendy Karmell and Jan Kraft ("On vacation in Chicago Napoleon Solo has called a priority alert, but after a serious injury he can't remember why. Illya must help him unravel the mystery but they're running out of time.") (Man from UNCLE)
  • other fandoms include Equalizer, Airwolf, Counterstrike, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Black Sheep Squadron
  • other contributors: Nelson, Alexander, , Draft, Linda Knights, Lisa E. Brazdil, JM McClure Susan Smith, Creco, and Hadow.

Issue 2

cover of issue #2
flyer for issue #2

Anything Goes 2 was published in March 1993 and contains over 200 pages.

  • If Looks Could Kill (Pros)
  • Past Hauntings (Pros)
  • The Lethal Liaison by Barbara Samuels ("On special assignment, Bodie is given Taylor Wescott as a temporary partner. They have a very enjoyable assignment. However, Taylor has decided to become Bodie's permanent partner, and the only way to do that is to kill Ray Doyle.") (Pros)
  • The Mr. Waverly Isn’t Going To Like (Man from UNCLE)
  • All In A Day’s Work (Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea)
  • Just One Favor Before I Leap by Kristy Nelson ("Stingray comes to collect his favor from the person Sam Beckett has just leaped into. He only has to climb a mountain and save Ray's life. The problem is that Sam has never climbed a mountain in his life. Will he be able to change history or die in the attempt?") (Quantum Leap)/(Stingray)
  • Beginnings by Loretta Greco ("The volatile partnership of Harriet Makepeace and James Dempsey has taken a giant step sideways. As Makepeace worried about what the new relationship would bring a new complication arrived with the arrival of her ex-husband.")
  • The Bet (Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea) (Dempsey and Makepeace)
  • A Stranger in the House by Gillian Holt ("Hit by an alien beam, Paul Ironhorse goes into a coma. Nothing medical science can do is able to revive him. When he does finally awake, he knows nothing of the aliens or his friends. He doesn't even know his own name.") (reprinted in Green Floating Weirdness #14) (War of the Worlds)
  • The Women’s Sewing Circle and Terrorist Society Affair (Man from UNCLE)
  • Dark Night by Charlene Kirby (won a 1994 FanQ) (Batman)
  • Dilemma From Yesterday, An Answer From Tomorrow (Star Trek)/(UFO)
  • The Women's Sewing circle and (Terrorist) Society Affair by Wendy Karmell ("Friends of Mildred Waverly are missing. Needing help, she turns to Napoleon Solo who turns to his partner, Illya Kuryakin. Illya finds out that their old adversaries, THRUSH, are behind the disappearances, but before he can pass on the information, he and Mrs. Waverly are kidnapped. Now Napoleon must locate and rescue them.") (A Man from U.N.C.L.E.)

Issue 3

cover of issue #3

Anything Goes 3 was published in April 1994 and contains 196 pages. The art is by Pat LoHenry.

  • The Thief by Wendy Karmell (Pros) (8 pages)
  • Frame Up by Barbara Samuels (Pros) (19 pages)
  • Eye Marks The Spot (Pros) (15 pages)
  • Argument Marcia Brin (Robin Hood) (Robin of Sherwood) (2 pages)
  • The Cloak, Dagger and Martini Affair by Steve Brooks (Man from Uncle) (4 pages)
  • Ultimatum, poem by Melissa Mastoris (MacGyver)
  • Going Home by Loretta Greco (James Bond) (9 pages)
  • Don’t Lose Your Head by Kristi Nelson (Quantum Leap)/(Highlander) (25 pages)
  • The Price of Freedom by J.M. McClure (Kung Fu: The Legend Continues) (12 pages)
  • Argument (Robin of Sherwood)
  • The Cry in the Night Affair by Mary Millard (Man from Uncle) (5 pages)
  • Nightmare by Wendy Karmell by Wendy Karmell (Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea) (23 pages)
  • Art Portfolio (Star Trek TNG)/(Deep Space Nine) (8 pages)
  • A Life in Runes by Charlie Kirby (Batman) (22 pages)
  • Storm by Gina Martin (Hawaii 5-0) (17 pages)
  • Requiem for a Bumblebee by Gillian Holt (reprinted in Green Floating Weirdness #17) (War of the Worlds) (8 pages)
  • Surprise by Wendy Karmell (Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea) (4 pages)
  • The Recollection Affair by Alice Wellington-Brown (Man from Uncle) (6 pages)
  • A Failure to Communicate (multifandom) (3 pages)
  • The Beginning: Al, poem by Melissa Mastoris (Quantum Leap)
  • Living Forever, poem by Melissa Mastoris (Blake's 7)

Issue 4

Anything Goes 4 was published in 1995 and contains 147 pages.

cover of issue #4

Issue 5

cover of issue #5

Anything Goes 5 has 176 pages and is undated.

Issue 6

cover of issue #6, revised
cover of issue #6

Anything Goes 6 was published in 1997 and has 176 pages. It was edited by W.A. Karmell.

  • Unfinished Business by Loretta Greco (Airwolf) (17 pages)
  • Storm Season by Robyn Joradine (Kung Fu: TLC/Walker, Texas Ranger) (36 pages) Reprinted in Black Ops #6.
  • Seeds of Darkness by Angela Field (Star Trek: Voyager) (21 pages)
  • Sands of Time Raid Jackie Paciello by Rat Patrol ("Moffitt discovers an archaeological treasure in an area soon to be a battlefield.") (reprinted from Syndizine #2) (12 pages)
  • Journeys End by Gina Martin (Hawaii 5-0) (13 pages)
  • Poems! Poems! Poems! by Melissa Mastoris (Multimedia) (6 pages)
  • Clipped Wings by Cindy Rancourt (Airwolf) (18 pages)
  • Private Visions by Gina Martin & Maura Kelly (Star Trek: Voyager) (6 pages)
  • Containment by Angela Field (seaQuest DSV) (20 pages)
  • Lifeline by J.M. McClure & Barbara Ogle (Kung Fu: TLC) (20 pages)

Issue 7

cover of issue #7
cover of revised issue #7

Anything Goes 7 was published in May 1998 and has 120 pages.

Issue 8

cover of issue #8

Anything Goes 8 was published in May 2008 and has 115 pages.

  • Demon Dog (Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea) (21 pages)
  • A Fishing Expedition (Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea/The Professionals) (53 pages)
  • Full Moon (Ghostbusters) (8 pages)
  • Out of Control (UFO) (7 pages)
  • The Bank Vault Affair (Man from UNCLE) (6 pages)
  • Worry (The Big Valley) (6 pages)
  • Late Night Conversation (Garrison's Gorillas) (4 pages)
  • Why (Lord of the Rings) (7 pages)