Facets (multimedia zine)

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Title: Facets
Publisher: Xanthii-Oracle Press
Editor(s): Shelly Kelsheimer, Mark Pennington & June Tisdale
Date(s): 1990s
Medium: print
Fandom: multifandom
Language: English
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front cover

Facets is a gen multifandom fiction anthology. It is not dated and contains 132 pages (130 numbered pages). The zine has a single piece of uncredited art.

  • I Dream by Lisa Savignano (Blake's 7 poem) (6)
  • Beauty & the Beast by Lisa Savignano (poem) (24)
  • Thief's Reflection by Lisa Savignano (Blake's 7 poem) (38)
  • RoboCop by Lisa Savignano (poem) (55)
  • Double by Lisa Savignano (Blake's 7) (56)
  • Time Trip by Susan Mills (Doctor Who) (57)
  • To Boldly Go by June Tisdale (Star Trek poem) (60)
  • Riker, Riker by John Erik Ege (Star Trek the Next Generation (77)
  • Beauty by Lisa Savignano (Beauty & the Beast poem) (104)
  • Oops! by Susan Mills (Doctor Who) (105)
  • Eternities Gateway by June Tisdale (Beauty & the Beast) (108)
  • Blake & Avon by Lisa Savignano (poem) (128)
  • Greenmantle by Lisa Savignano (Robin of Sherwood poem) (129)