The Boss and Bodacious Special Gen Collection

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You may be looking for the Riptide zine, Boss and Bodacious.

Title: The Boss and Bodacious Special Gen Collection
Publisher: Neon Rainbow Press
Editor(s): Cinda Gillilan & Jody Norman
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Riptide
Language: English
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The Boss and Bodacious Special Gen Collection is a gen anthology made up of stories written by Cinda Gillilan, and first published in non-Neon RainBow Press multi-media zines.

Issue 1

The Boss and Bodacious Special Gen Collection 1 contains 167 pages.

  • Indian Country--A story set in Vietnam. Nick meets another young lieutenant on a dangerous mission to rescue a pinned down squad. Crossover with War of the Worlds. Reprinted from Green Floating Weirdness #13. (8)
  • Take This Heart of Mine--A story set in Vietnam. Nick's feeling guilty over the death of another pilot, but a trip into DaNang helps lift his spirits. Reprinted from The Yule Tide #3. (8)
  • First Assignment Stateside--Post-Vietnam/Pre-Agency. Nick heads off to his new post after military police training, meeting up with Cody Allen again. But their reunion is almost cut short when a training exercise turns deadly. Reprinted from Prime Time #7. (13)
  • What's a War Between Friends?--Post-Vietnam/Pre-Agency. Cody Allen attends a reunion of Pitbull Johnson's old unit, hoping to run into Nick Ryder, but when he does, he finds a changed man. Can he get Nick to open up and join him in the Riptide Detective Agency? Reprinted from The Eyes Have It! #3. (20)
  • Who You Gonna Call?--Post-pilot. The three detectives accept an unusual challenge -- to spend the night in a haunted theater. Reprinted from PI³ #6. (16)
  • Surfin' Safari--A tag to "The Orange Grove." Memories let us in on a particular search and rescue in Vietnam that helped cement the friendship between Nick and Cody. Reprinted from Prime Time #7. (15)
  • All Ill 'Cept the Boz, Still--During the series. Nick and Cody both have colds and Murray's at his wits end. The two detectives better run! Reprinted from The Eyes Have It! #3. (6)
  • Innocence Lost--A tag to "Be True to Your School." Nick's still depressed over Deke's death and the arrest of the football team, but life goes on, and that means accepting a case that takes them back to Anacapa Island. But things go wrong, and Cody thinks Nick is dead. (16)
  • Things We Have To Do--A missing scene from "Prisoner of War." Nick explains why he has to search for Peggy alone. Reprinted from Fireside Tales. (4)
  • A Friend From Out of Town--While engaged in a series of war game exercises Nick is forced to crashland. The bad news is: the bad guys saw him and are tracking him down to kill him. The good news is: a government agent found him first. The question: can Dom get Nick to a hospital before he dies or the bad guys find them? Reprinted from Psychic Investigations #7; also in Black Magic #1. (31)
  • The Burning Time--A tag to "Only 36 Hours Until Dawn." Losing Renee digs up some painful memories for Nick. Reprinted from Our Favorite Things #12. (8)
  • If Only in My Dreams--A tag to "I'll Be Home For Christmas." Nick's home from Wyoming, but lands in the hospital with pneumonia. Reprinted from The Yule Tide #1. (11)

Issue 2

The Boss and Bodacious Special Gen Collection 2 contains 167 pages.

  • Call On Me, Brother--Once before Cody was kidnapped and tortured by Harrison Crawford, but this time Crawford grabs Nick. His reason? Revenge. And he might just have done what nothing before could: destroy a friendship. Reprinted from The Pilot's Prayer #2. (34)
  • More, A Matter of Policy--A tag to "A Matter of Policy." Still mad at Nick over how he wrecked the Riptide, Cody holds the 'Vette hostage, forcing Nick to take a bus to the post office. But on the bus is a man crazy with grief, and Nick is in his sights. In the aftermath of a tragedy, Cody searches for a way to keep Nick from giving up. Reprinted from Remote Control #1. (27)
  • Depth of a Soul--With their friendship going a little wrong, Nick and Cody embrace the opportunity to spend some time apart. But Nick's in for a surprise when a special visitor arrives to help mend his friendship with Cody. Reprinted from Strictly an Indulgence. (17)
  • Triskaidekaphobia--Nick isn't usually superstitious, but there is one exception, and given his luck, he's right! Reprinted from Our Favorite Things #13. (9)
  • Lay Down Your Sword--A sequel to "Echoes." Sheriff Kane escapes a Texas mental institution and heads straight back to California to take revenge on Elaine, Nick and Murray. Caught up in the man's twisted plot, Nick is nearly killed, and his soul nearly destroyed. Reprinted from Fireside Tales; also in Anything Goes #7. (22)
  • Reunion at Deadman's Curve--A sequel to "Be True to Your School." Five years after his disastrous 15 year reunion, Nick is seeing ghosts. Bebber is back from the dead and challenging Nick to a last race on Deadman's Curve. Reprinted from Our Favorite Things #7. (18)
  • What We Did On Our Summer Vacation--The detective head off to Tucson, Arizona. Nick's doing his duty for the Guard, but that duty becomes more complicated when one of his charges spots an unusual sight: A car with three license plates. Then the shooting starts. Reprinted from Compadres #10. (25)
  • A Son--A sequel to "Only 36 Hours Until Dawn." When Renee is killed in a plane crash, Nick receives some unsettling news. Reprinted from Of Dreams and Schemes #7. (4)