Strictly an Indulgence

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Title: Strictly an Indulgence
Publisher: originally Our Little Secret Press, which became Neon Rainbow Press
Editor(s): Cinda Gillilan & Jody Norman
Date(s): 1993
Medium: print zine
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Strictly an Indulgence is a gen, slash and original fiction 276-page one-shot anthology. It has two sister zines: Over the Edge and Not In Your Wildest Dreams.

Original Focus

The zine was proposed as original fiction, but apparently gained much media content.

From a 1993 flyer:

STRICTLY AN INDULGENCE - an ORIGINAL fiction zine open to just about anything and everything. I'll accept stories on the basis of pure personal enjoyment. Anything goes. Your own characters, media characters, mythological figures, I really do mean it...ANYTHING. Alternative writing styles welcomed, story fragments, adult stories, slash, whatever! I'm shooting for a late 1993 print, so the deadline is open for now.


Original Fiction

  • Excuse Me, Sir (by Alyx Lynn) An original story based on an incident in the life of the late actor Pete Duel. (5)
  • The Moment After Sixteen Years (by Alyx Lynn) Another story based on the late Pete Duel, this time after his death. (11)
  • Kiwi (by Carol Mingst) A fantasy involving a special plant, a special woman, and the talent created by their joint application. (50)
  • Can't You Just Feel It? (by Krista Lebednik) A ghost story. (5)

Slash Fiction

  • All's in Free (by Karrene) War of the Worlds and Counterstrike. When a plane goes down with Addington and Stone on board, it's a sure bet that Peter won't be far behind. The problem is, the plane's gone down right in the middle of a nest of aliens, and Colonel Ironhorse, Harrison Blackwood and the Omega squad are closing in. Includes a first time for Stone and Peter. (28)
  • In the Cold Light of Dawn (by Elle Cica) Houston Knights. LaFiamma is going through a rough period, but Lundy's there to help. And Lundy knows exactly how to do that. (9)
  • In Search of Pleasure (by Mary L. Millard) Starsky and Hutch. A first time story between partners that's a real warm fuzzy. (8)

Gen Fiction

  • The Lesser Sin (by Christine Wirick) Quantum Leap. (Sam Beckett leaps right into the middle of a moral dilemma. Can he let a young man die to save thirteen women in the future?) (SYNOPSIS: Sam leaps into another medical doctor who has to sit next to a crazed teen on a public bus. Al tells him the bus originally had an accident with a drunk driver and that the doctor Sam has leaped into saved the life of the crazed teen. Ziggy is convinced that Sam must let the boy die or he will later kill several women! NOTES: I wrote this story after I had a dream in which I was Sam Beckett chasing after a teenager. Al popped in yelling "Let him die!" I couldn't rest until I'd written the story. [1]) (9)
  • The Depth of a Soul (by Llyr Chaves) Riptide. Once upon a time, Nick and Cody weren't getting along so well, but a mysterious stranger arrives at Pier 56 to help out. A modern-day fairy tale. Reprinted in The Boss and Bodacious Special Gen Collection #2. (18)
  • Concerned Friends (by Christine Jeffords) Simon and Simon. When A.J. is hurt Rick pairs up with a spunky female detective to nail the people responsible. He also learns a little about himself and his relationship with his younger brother in the process. (113)
  • Poetry by Duval, Alyx Lynn, and Lana G. Merkel. Art work by Lana G. Merkel.