Counterstrike (1990 TV series)

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Name: Counterstrike aka Force de frappe
Abbreviation(s): N/A
Creator: Mario Azzopardi, Robin Davis (creator), Julian Marks (producer)
Date(s): July 1, 1990 – May 9, 1993
Medium: Television
Country of Origin: Canada, France
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Counterstrike is a Canadian/French crime-fighting/espionage television series with three seasons, airing 66 hour-long episodes in total.

Canon Overview

Follows Alexander Addington (Christopher Plummer), an international industrialist who after the death of his wife in a terrorist operation, assembles a private team of troubleshooters to help combat terrorism around the world.

Main Characters

  • Christopher Plummer as Alexander Addington (1990–1993)
  • Simon MacCorkindale as Peter Sinclair (1990–1993)
  • Cyrielle Clair as Nicole Beaumont (1990–1991)
  • Stephen Shellen as Luke Brenner (1990–1991)
  • Laurence Ashley-Taboulet as Suzanne Addington (1990–1991)
  • Sophie Michaud as Gabrielle Germont (1991–1993)
  • James Purcell as Hector Stone (1991–1993)
  • Patricia Cartier as Hélène Previn (1991–1993)
  • Andre Mayers as J.J. (1990–1993)
  • Tom Kneebone as Bennett (1990–1993)



The vast majority of zines in the series are focused on relationships gen, slash being a minority in this particular case. Peter Sinclair/Hector Stone seems to be the only pairing submitted by fans.


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