Addington International Restricted Files

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Title: Addington International Restricted Files
Publisher: Neon Rainbow Press
Editor(s): Jody Norman & Cinda Gillilan
Date(s): 1990-2000
Series?: yes
Medium: print
Genre: Gen
Fandom: Counterstrike
Language: English
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Addington International Restricted Files is a gen Counterstrike anthology.

Issue 1

cover of issue #1

Addington International Restricted Files 1 contains 191 pages. It won a 1994 FanQ. Summary from the publisher:

  • 7 Dead Horses (by Connie Furcolow) A wonderful episode story in script form. This script was actually reviewed by the production company and received very positive feedback. A definite must for CS fans. (64)
  • Reap the Whirlwind (by Jeanine Sorel) Peter's past has caught up with him, and only Nikki and Luke can keep it from destroying his present. (31)
  • The Call (by Jeanine Sorel) A missing scene from Claire Sinclair's point of view. (3)
  • Chance Meeting (by Kathy Condon) Sometimes you just have a bad day, and that's exactly what Stone's having, but he gets some help from an old friend of Peter's, a guy named Luke Brenner. (8)
  • The Forgotten Ones (by Kate Nickell) The team's in Texas following up on JFK's assassination when things get a little out of hand. (8)
  • Old Friends (by Loretta Greco and Kristi Nelson) Peter's deep-felt guilt over Luke's death drives him to seek out an old friend, Nikki. (28)
  • Hide and Seek (by Karrene) A crossover with War of the Worlds. Addington and Stone are on a plane that's crashed right in the middle of Colonel Ironhorse's area of operation. (27)
  • New Moon Rising (by Tracy Fretwell and Gillian Holt) A crossover with War of the Worlds. Colonel Ironhorse was out chasing aliens, he didn't expect to rescue Hector Stone, and he especially didn't expect Stone to survive an attempted takeover. Part one of a longer story. (19)
  • Plus poetry by Jeanine Sorel. Art by Priscilla Tweed.

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Addington International Restricted Files 2 was published in 1993 and contains 248 pages.

  • Judas (by Jeanine Sorel) When a friend of Alexander's and her daughter turn up missing the team is sent to find out what's up, but Luke doesn't like the answer when an old mentor turns up. (26)
  • Prize Packages (by Kathy Condon) A missing scene that explains why Peter was so uncomfortable in the morgue. (2)
  • A Matter of Trust (by Kathy Condon) Luke is gone, but he hasn't forgotten Peter and he wants to be sure that Stone will back Sinclair up. The problem is, it's driving Peter over the edge. Sinclair finds help amongst an unusual group of psychics. (32)
  • Valley of Darkness (by Jeanine Sorel) Peter's kidnapped by a madman, then things really go wrong. (20)
  • Fun in the Colorado Mountains (by M.A. Calhoon) A crossover with the High Mountain Rangers. When Stone and Alexander go down in a plane crash Peter is placed in charge of the rescue effort. The only problem is, the plane went down on the property of a man who wants to be left alone. Peter is forced to ask for some local help. (29)
  • Rabbit Holes (by Jeanine Sorel) When Stone is injured he has the strangest vision - at least he hopes it's a vision! (3)
  • The Hunted (by the SL Round Robin writers) A crossover with Manimal. Peter's been kidnapped - more than once - and finds himself caught in the middle of circumstances he can only guess at. Too bad Stone and Gabby are following him! (48)
  • Full Moon Falling (by Tracy Fretwell and Gillian Holt) A crossover with War of the Worlds and Manimal. The sequel to "New Moon Rising." The Blackwood Project and the Counterstrike team move a little closer to discovering what the aliens are up to, but events at their own safehouse take precedence - especially when it's Stone, changing into a wolf! (14)

Plus filks by Kristi Nelson. Art work by Priscilla Tweed.

Issue 3

cover of issue #3

Addington International Restricted Files 3 was published in 2000 and contains 180 pages.

  • Deja Vu (by JJJunky) Alexander thinks it must be a terrible nightmare when Peter Sinclair is kidnapped, just like his wife was. But this time there's more to worry about. Peter is still recovering from an injury and Nikki and Luke fight the clock to save their friend. (13)
  • Friends and Enemies (by Loretta Greco) At first it appears that they're on the trail of men who might have information on Chantel's kidnapping, but the tables are quickly turned and Stone finds himself facing an old friend turned enemy. (22) (winner of a 2001 FanQ)
  • Ties That Bind (by Lee Alexander) Peter is shot, and Stone is taking full responsibility for the incident. Guilt leads the ex-SEAL to make a few bad choices, and he nearly pays for them with his life. (32)
  • The Midnight Caller (by Fern Field-Brooks) A treatment for a fourth-season episode, written by one of the executive producers. Gabby finds herself being stalked while the team works to put a fraud out of business. (14)
  • Strike Out (by Kay Kucharik) Gabby and Stone have a surprise for Peter and Addington, but before they can break the good news, Stone is kidnapped and almost beaten to death. And now the villain is after the rest of the team. (20)
  • White Out (by Jamie Hector) The team crashlands in the Colorado Rockies, and if that isn't bad enough, they soon discover that the bad guys are closing in to finish off the job. (24) (reprinted from Teamwork)

Plus filks by Kristi Nelson and wonderful black and white art by Priscilla Tweed.