Crystal Visions

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You may be thinking of the proposed zine Sahaj zine called "Crystal Visions."

Title: Crystal Visions
Publisher: Spelunker Press
Editor(s): Sharon Dickerson & Mariann Howarth
Date(s): 1992
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast & multimedia
Language: English
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front cover

Crystal Visions is a 136-page crossover Beauty and the Beast anthology, published in 1992.


A crossover zine mixing B&B with shows including Wild Cards, Man From Uncle, McCloud, Doctor Who, Equalizer, Night Court, Batman, Shadow Chasers, Counter Strike, and Dark Justice. The UNCLE/B&B crossover by Paulie. The story has Ilya wounded by THRUSH and brought to safety Below by Vincent. "Daddy's Girl, " by Karen Robertson, an Equalizer crossover, concerns C's maturation after meeting Vincent. The Night Court crossover by Joy Riddle is a Mouse's origin story. The Counterstrike/B&B crossover by Catherine Nickell proposes Elliot Burch is an old friend of Alexander's and helps oppose Gabriel's machinations. "Lost and Found--December, 1989" by Nickell and Sharon Dickerson is yet another Quantum Leap/B&B crossover. "Dark Victory, " by Dickerson is a Dark Justice crossover featuring Bruce Abbott/Devin as the protagonist. Other fiction and poetry by Nickell, Marsha Battey, Robin Cloward, Robertson, Heather Adcock.[1]


  • Foundling by Katherine Nickell, art by Joy Riddle--When Doc Tachyon is presented with an abandoned baby, he thinks he knows just the person to raise the child. (Wild Cards crossover) (1)
  • Ally From the Secret Place by Paulie, art by Mariann Howarth--Wounded and escaping from THRUSH, Illya Kuryakin stumbles upon a secret world and an unusual ally. (Man from UNCLE crossover) (5)
  • Urban Cowboy by Katherine Nickell, art by Joy Riddle (McCloud crossover) (15)
  • Give My Regards to Broadway by Katherine Nickell, art by Joy Riddle--When Sarah Jane Smith accompanies the Doctor on a visit to the Big Apple, she discovers a New York quite different from the one she remembers. (Doctor Who crossover) (17)
  • Simply Catherine by Marsha Battey (poem) (20)
  • Daddy's Girl by Karen Robertson (Equalizer crossover) (21)
  • Shadow Man by Marsha Battey (poem) (26)
  • Animal Magnetism by Katherine Nickell, art by Joy Riddle--Catherine's assignment to fill in at Manhattan's Criminal Court Part 2 was uneventful until Dan Fielding returned from vacation. (Night Court crossover, reprinted in Night Beast) (27)
  • A Dark and Stormy Knight by Katherine Nickell, art by Peggy Spalding, Joy Riddle, and Mariann Howarth--A visit to New York City turns into a working vacation for a certain Gotham City millionaire when his photographer girlfriend is kidnapped along with an assistant D.A. who happens to have her own protector. (Batman crossover) (29)
  • The Beast of Times by Robin Cloward, art by Diane Hawley--Jonathan and Benny are looking for ghosts in Central Park and discover something quite different. (Shadow Chasers crossover) (41)
  • Journey's End by Katherine Nickell (poem) (50)
  • Puss in Boots by Joy Riddle, art by Joy Riddle--There's been a rash of minor robberies in the tunnels and Vincent's boyhood friend from Above volunteers to catch the thief. (Night Court crossover, reprinted in Night Beast) (51)
  • In the Shadows by Karen Robertson (poem) (60)
  • Guardian Angels by Katherine Nickell, art by Peggy Spalding--When Catherine asks Vicki Vale to help her get the goods on some slumlords in the worst part of New York, some friends decide to make sure they don't get into any trouble. (Batman crossover) (61)
  • Questions...Unanswered by Marsha Battey (poem) (64)
  • The Price of Friendship by Katherine Nickell, art by Joy Riddle (Counterstrike crossover) (65)
  • Lost and Found--December, 1989 by Katherine Nickell and Sharon Dickerson, art by Diane Hawley and Mariann Howarth--Sam thought he'd borrowed some unusual bodies while leaping from place to place and time to time, but this one had to be the strangest of all. (Quantum Leap crossover) (70)
  • From the diary of Devin Wells by Heather Adcock (78)
  • Dark Victory by Sharon Dickerson, art by Mariann Howarth and Diane Hawley (Dark Justice crossover) (79)


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