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Name: Peggy Spalding
Type: fanartist, zine publisher, zine editor
Fandoms: Highlander, Stingray, The Phoenix, Beauty and the Beast, Remington Steele, V, The Professionals, Buckaroo Banzai, Robin of Sherwood, Star Wars, The Real Ghostbusters, others
Communities: Solstice Press
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Peggy Spalding is a fanartist and zine publisher active from the mid-1980s through the 1990s.

Her art has appeared in fanzines including Vive la Resistance! (1985-1986), On Wings of Light (1985-1990s), Professional Junkies (1986), The Penny Paradox (1986-1987), ....Small Favors (1988), The Book of Secrets (1988-1989), More Small Favors (1989), Another Small Favor (1990), Crystal Visions (1992), Good Guys Wear Fangs (1992-1993), Oaken Heart (1993), Small Favors Repaid (1994), Highland Fling (1994-1998), Relativity (1995-1997), The Force Whisperer (1997), Works of Steele (1997), Revenants and Roses (1997-1998), and Last-Minute Favors (1990s).

Peggy's art also appeared at convention art shows: Her art was exhibited at RevelCon 4 (1993) and was due to appear at MediaWest*Con 15.

She was a zine ed for Highland Fling (1994-1998) and was a contact for Solstice Press. She received an Honorable Mention for Highland Fling #2 at the 1996 Fan Q Awards.

Sample Art