Small Favors Repaid

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Title: Small Favors Repaid
Publisher: Solstice Press
Date(s): 1994
Series?: yes
Medium: print
Fandom: Stingray
Language: English
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Front cover, art by Peggy Spalding.

Small Favors Repaid is a gen 243-page Stingray anthology in the series, "Favors." It includes crossovers with Quantum Leap, Man from UNCLE, War of the Worlds, Lucan, Green Card, Spenser, X-Files/Phoenix, Magician and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

The Favors Series


  • The Teddy Bear Dancer by Michelle L. Levigne (5)
  • Gentle Soul by Sue-Anne Hartwick (22)
  • Memories in Montmartre by Laurie Keeper (23)
  • A Greeter's Pitch by Cheryl A. Pederson (36)
  • Silhouettes of Death by Susan Haigler (37)
  • Stingray was an Agent by Teri Sarick (64)
  • The Phoenix-File by Laurie Keeper (X-Files crossover) (67)
  • Ray by Teri Sarick (78)
  • The Fork in the Road by Michelle L. Levigne (79)
  • Secrets for Barter by Teri Sarick (96)
  • To the Wild Country by Gillian Holt (97) (reprinted in Green Floating Weirdness #6 and Black Ops #8)
  • Wren's Story by Michelle L. Levigne (125)
  • Burial Ground by Sue-Anne Hartwick (142)
  • The Mirror Image Affair by Laurie Keeper (143)
  • Stingray Top Ten by Teri Sarick (151)
  • Dog Days by Elizabeth Knaul (153)
  • Day in the Life by Debbie Goldstein (164)
  • The Other Side of Life, pt 2 by Terri Librande (166)
  • Daphne by Teri Sarick (196)
  • Quantum Mechanic by Laurie Keeper (198)
  • Chances by Terri Librande & Donna Tingle (211)
  • The Ride by Teri Sarick )240)


Reactions and Reviews

A review of the story "The Phoenix-File":
From reading this story, I get the feeling that this is a sequel to an earlier Stingray/Phoenix crossover, but it is easy to follow as long as you are familiar with all three shows. Mulder discovers information on a man with strange solar powers who healed a ward full of burn victim children and was in the company of another, unidentified man. He and Scully set out to find the first stranger by tracking down the second who is, of course, Ray. He isn't exactly pleased with helping the FBI track down Bennu, but agrees to help them when Mulder tells him about his missing sister. Things get a little crazy when they track down Bennu and get caught in a crossfire. This story tries to do too much in too little time, and has a very rushed feel to it. The characters get short shift because of the length, and things fall into place too easily, so there is little suspense. The story is eleven pages of medium text and has a rather nice piece of frontispiece art. [1]


  1. from X-Talk #1