Sue-Anne Hartwick

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Name: Sue-Anne Hartwick
Alias(es): Sue Ann Hartwick, Sue-Ann Hartwick, Sue Anne Hartwick
Type: writer
Fandoms: Star Trek: TOS, Wiseguy, Simon and Simon, Alien Nation, Star Trek: TNG, Stingray, Riptide, Professionals, Hardcastle and McCormick, Beauty and the Beast (TV)Hunter, Hill Street Blues, Lethal Weapon, Blake's 7, Moonlighting, Alias Smith and Jones, Starsky and Hutch, Knightrider, Magnum P.I., Star Wars, Kiefer/Lou
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Sue-Anne Hartwick (not to be confused with Sue Ann Sarick) was a gen and slash writer in many, many, many fandoms. She was, perhaps, the most prolific zine fanfic writer of all.

She was a frequent and enthusiastic contributor to letterzines, often writing heated and controversial letters.

Zines her work has appeared in: