Alias Heyes and Curry

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Title: Alias Heyes and Curry
Publisher: Territorial Press
Editor(s): Erika Frensley and Sue Wells
Date(s): 1990-?
Series?: yes
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Alias Smith and Jones
Language: English
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Alias Heyes and Curry is a gen Alias Smith and Jones anthology.

Issue 1

front cover of issue #1, Cathy Schlein
back cover of issue #1, Margaret McNickle

Alias Heyes and Curry 1 was published in 1990 and contains 144 pages.

From an ad in GAZ:
It's here! The Kid and I finally cracked that Brooker 202 safe and its contents include: "Coming of Age" - 13 years after their amnesty, Curry's son must pay the price for his father's earlier misdeeds; "Duel at Devil's Hole" - To fend off a challenge for leadership of the gang, Heyes must face down a crafty gunslinger; "Tenderfeet (ASJ/VOYAGERS)" - Heyes and a new friend are caught by bounty hunters, and the Kid must rely on a 14 year old tenderfoot to help spring their partners; "A Favor for the Friend of a Friend (ASJ/WILDSIDE)" - Heyes goes to prison, and Curry becomes an honorary member of the Chamber of Commerce of Wildside; "Sometimes When We Touch" - The thorny trip escorting Leyna to San Francisco becomes more dangerous for Heyes and Curry in Devil's Hole.
  • The Kid Speaks (Editorial) (1)
  • Duel at Devil's Hole by Sue Wells (2)
  • Sanctuary by Juli Cleveland (18)
  • A Favor For the Friend of a Friend by Lynn Gill. Reprinted in Compadres #18. (19)
  • Sympathy for the Outlaws by Sue-Anne Hartwick (34)
  • Rest In Peace by Deja (35)
  • Moustache by Sue-Anne Hartwick (44)
  • A Study in Contrasts by Juli Cleveland (45)
  • Sometimes When We Touch by Erika Frensley (46)
  • A Night Out With the Boys by Corinna Hansen (68)
  • Gypsies, Trust and Thieves by Shiloh. Reprinted in Compadres #19. (70)
  • Dream Girl by Sue-Anne Hartwick (88)
  • No, Lom, It's Really Me by Dee Beetem (90)
  • Lom Trevor's Reverie by Juli Cleveland (95)
  • Tenderfeet by Erika Frensley and Dee Beetem (96)
  • Incident at the Lucky Dollar Saloon by E. Smith and S. Jones (113)
  • Grandpa Curry by Sue-Anne Hartwick (118)
  • Coming of Age by Joyce Strohm (119)
  • Let's Make a Deal by Juli Cleveland (135)
  • Just Another Universal City Working Day by Janet Busell (136)
  • Longshot by Erika Frensley (137)
  • To a Hollywood Cowboy, Lately Departed by Jane Tesh (141)


Issue 2

cover of issue #2, Catherine Schlein
back cover of issue #2, Margaret McNickle

Alias Heyes and Curry 2 was published in 1991 and contains 125 pages.

From a 1993 ad in GAZ:
It's finally here! Our second heist includes even more stories, art and poems than our first. Crossovers include Young Riders, Paradise and MacGyver (not a typo!) "Gentleman's Game" - A friendly game of chess becomes a matter of life and death for Heyes; "Knight of the Gypsy Queen" - A bewitching beauty holds both the secret to a lost silver mine and the Kid's heart; "The Haircut" - Heyes is killed by a rival bounty hunter, and the Kid must deal with his grief while escaping hunters on his trail.
  • Revelcon Skit by The Devil's Hole Gang (1)
  • A Good Enough Reason by Callie Whitestone (2)
  • Night of the Gypsy Queen by Joyce Strohm (19)
  • Nightmare Reverie by Juli Cleveland (49)
  • The Young Runaways by Paula Smus (Young Heyes and Curry run away from home and encounter some Pony Express riders.) (51)
  • Character Flaw by Dee Beetem (58)
  • The Haircut by Carol Mingst (59)
  • Small Talk by Erika Frensley and Sue Wells (90)
  • Gentleman's Game by Damoran Yarrow (94)
  • Alias Smith and Jones and MacGyver by Erika Frensley (crossover with MacGyver) (100)
  • Trojan Horse by Ramona Lucius (110)
  • One Winter's Night by Sue-Anne Hartwick (123)


  • Catherine Schlein (Front Cover)
  • Juli Cleveland
  • Corinna Hansen
  • Nancy Miller
  • Diane Stein
  • Erika Frensley (inside Back Cover)
  • Margaret McNickle (Back Cover)