Poems, Prayers and Promises (Professionals zine)

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Title: Poems, Prayers and Promises ("Poems, Prayers & Promises" on the cover)
Publisher: Entwhistle and Duck Productions
Date(s): January 1986
Medium: print
Fandom: Professionals
Language: English
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Poems, Prayers and Promises is a slash 122-page Professionals anthology.

From Palelyloitering, "This may have been the first Pros slash zine produced in America... In actual fact, the contact address for the zine is Canadian, so perhaps it's the first Pros slash zine produced in North America." [1]

An Ad

POEMS, PRAYERS AND PROMISES: title of our zine based on THE PROFESSIONALS. A "/" zine, we expect to have it ready before Christmas. We are now accepting SAE plus postage from those interested in being notified when the zine goes to the printer. This will be a small print run & the number of zines will be based on the number of SAEs received.

Song Lyrics as Inspiration

From the table of contents:

Poems, prayers and promises,
Things that we believe in,
How sweet it is to love someone,
How right it is to care...
-- John Denver


Reactions and Reviews

This neat, no-frills zine with its attractive graphics concentrates on the written word. Starting with Melanie's light-hearted "Ode...," it is a delightful mixture of the merry and the serious. [Billie's] "If" is warm, [Melanie]'s "Babe...," is caring, and then we get into "Tricks...," which is loving, teasing, caring, adventurous, frightening—one right on top of another, a real page-turner. I was suspecting all the way through that Ray really wasn't under, but decided it wouldn't matter if he was or not, since they both obviously love each other and love playing games on each other. With the lover uppermost in both their hearts, I knew it would have to end well, with heartfelt apologies. The song choices were perfect for each part of the story (Elvis, of course), and the Henry James quote at the end has always been my personal philosophy of life. This story goes high on my re-readable list. Jean's poem "The Last Thing...," is beautifully apt as a follow-up to that story, yet it refers to so many incidents in their lives, basic character flaws, no not flaws, but individualities. Mutual needs. "...Amid the noise..." I always enjoy between-the-lines stories, and this one will add pleasure whenever I watch that favorite episode. I also have Bodie-bears (among my Harry bears). Sue-Anne's "If" is sad, but we know things will get happier. "It Started with..." a splinter. Aaahhh. Limericks are their own punishment.

"Roll of the Dice" - but he didn't, and we know he'll learn to play. "Question of..." - This one has some interesting thoughts to explore, but it's not pleasant to see CI5 people at odds with each other, nor Bodie and Doyle so ill-at-ease. I think they are stronger and more stable than this, but it does no harm to read how someone else sees them. "What Wild Justice" another of Jean's poems, has a haunting depth of caring and an insight into Bodie's fierce loyalties. And his love. I enjoyed the whole zine and will be rereading it for sure. [2]


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