A Secret Place

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Title: A Secret Place
Publisher: Mkashef Enterprises
Editor(s): Alayne
Date(s): 1988-1992
Medium: print
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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A Secret Place is a het adult Beauty and the Beast anthology.

a 1990 flyer

From a 1992 ad in Zine Scene: "An adult Beauty and the Beast zine! What really goes on Below? Well, we have some possibilities for you!"

Issue 1

front cover of issue #1, by Jean Kluge or Alayne
back cover of issue #1, Linda Lakin

A Secret Place 1 is 176 pages long and was published in 1988. Artwork: Alayne (front cover), Kay Wells, Linda Lakin, Sara B. Leonard, Dragon, Shellie Whild, Carol A. Pierce, Charlotte Howey, Gayle F, T.J. Burnside.

From the editorial:
Welcome to the first issue of A Secret Place, I'm very pleased that you have joined us in our first little excursion into this new realm of wonder and romance and beauty and mystery and...well, you get the idea. I'm very excited about this zine. It's been a labor of love and a great deal of fun. I hope it becomes a like experience for you. ...it was also a delight to watch the stories I received parallel the episodes of Beauty and The Beast. Especially noteworthy of this parallel is Dovya Blacque’s “Ocean Upon the Sky” and the episode "A Happy Life". I can guarantee you that “Ocean Upon the Sky” was in my hands, complete, before “A Happy Life” was aired!...
  • The Beauty of Sky to Stone by Wendy Rathbone (4)
  • December by DVS—Catherine spends Christmas Below and receives a most unexpected gift... (5)
  • I Am by Carol Pierce (19)
  • Two Worlds One by Cybel Harper (21)
  • Guardian by Robin Hood (22)
  • Fulfillment by Barbara Gipson—A seduction. (23)
  • An Intangible Nothing by Alayne Gelfand (29)
  • Untitled by Jeanne Cloud (30)
  • Some Way Back by Jeanne Cloud—After Vincent's encounter with the gang Above, Catherine and Father deal with his blindness, his injuries, and his growing need for the woman he loves but thinks he cannot have. (31)
  • Dreams of Desire by Scarlet Warner (55)
  • Tethers by Carol A. Pierce (58)
  • Spirals by Elizabeth Hillman (59)
  • A Well of Stars by Robin Hood—Will Vincent's resolve to shut off Catherine and their bond survive Catherine's decision to the contrary? (60)
  • Foundation by Carol A. Pierce (89)
  • Conqueror by Jo Ann Sides (90)
  • A Secret Place by Meg Fine (92)
  • Shadows by Cybel Harper (93)
  • A Truth Beyond Knowledge by Lynn Reinhardt—Catherine has a true—if as yet unfulfilled—story to tell Vincent... (94)
  • From Below by Charla T. Menke (102)
  • Faraway Beast by Nere Saga—A frank, honest, open discussion results in Catherine and Vincent arriving at a new and mutual understanding of one another's desires... (103)
  • Confession by Carol A. Pierce (123)
  • A Different Beauty by Alayne Gelfand (125)
  • Silence is Broken by Robin Hood (127)
  • Untitled by Jeanne Cloud (128)
  • Saowen by S. Randant—A son follows in his father's footsteps on a distant Halloween Eve... (129)
  • Impossible Loss by Charla T. Menke (132)
  • The Leaving by Robin Hood (133)
  • Paradise Eve/When Dreams Come True by Judy Darnell (135)
  • Mirrors by Alayne Gefland (137)
  • A Presence by Wendy Rathbone (139)
  • Ocean Upon the Sky by Dovya Blacque—Exhausted by work, Catherine falls ill only to be doted over by a well-meaning but stubborn Joe Maxwell... who comes face-to-face with the love of Catherine's life on a balcony 18 stories above Manhattan... (140)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

The first in the series of this Adult zine is comprised mainly of first-time stories that delve into how Catherine and Vincent overcome his hesitations about a physical relationship. One non-Adult story, 'Some Way Back,' by Jeanne Cloud is particularly touching, as is a very short story about Catherine and Vincent's son, Jacob, going Above on Saowen. Lots of poetry, fanart. Explicit sex.[1]
All I can say about A Secret Place #1 is WOW! The art work is the best I've ever seen in a 'zine. And the quality of the stories is really impressive. You've some great writers. I hope they keep up the good work. Thanks for making the- wait for the new season a lot more bearable.[2]
One comment I would like to make about ASP 1. I know the flyer stares in bold letters that the zine contains explicit sexual material, WHOA, to my surprise I thought it meant like the type you would find in the Harlequin Romances, my goodness! It turns out it is more like those really fat Romance books by R. Rogers, Beatrice Small, etc. Every detail I mean really in my opinion some of the stuff could be let out The imagination is a lot more powerful! That's just me. My favorite was Saowen. I love the poetry. I wish I could write. Sigh.[3]
I received ASP #1 yesterday and I was up till 1:30AM reading 90% of it. It's wonderful and so well written. Dragon's art is gorgeous. The stories are as professional as the show's writers, if they wrote such things. I found nothing or objectionable about any of the stories... how could such a beautiful love story be "dirty"? One of our more eminent helpers didn't care for it - I think she has rocks in her head. Please rush ASP vol. #2 and let me know when vol. #3 is ready.[4]
I received ASP #1 a few weeks ago and shared it with my fellow lion-lovers who appreciated it as much as I did. It was my fIrst taste of B&B literature, and was very exciting. I've received other publications since, and I must say, they suffer by comparison. Yao asked for comments both positive and negative in your foreword for ASP #1, but the worst I have to say about it is that yes, indeed, it could use some serious proofreading.... And as far as your own abilities, you type, edit, layout, and provide art and poetry. Are you talented, or what? Seriously. I was amazed by the extent of your abilities...I hope you and your talented staff will continue to produce ASP. We enjoy it. By the way, please send me ASP #2.[5]

I just wish to write to you and tell you how much I have enjoyed the fanzine, "A Secret Place". As I have communicated to you, I am very new to "Fandom" and was not all that sure what to expect from your zine. Yes. I knew it would be adult in nature, but didn't know how well written it was going to be. I think I expected to be totally embarrassed by the whole thing. Glad to say, I was wrong.

I was very happy and mildly shocked at how well it was presented. For me, it does serve a need and sort of rounds out the whole "Beauty And The Beast" romantic concept. I adore the show and admire the acting abilities of Ron, Linda and Roy. The show means a lot to me on, oh, so many levels that it is hard to discern all the threads that make it so special to me. The romance is sweet and one is aware of the underlying sexual tension tbat is building between the two characters. However, T.V. being what it is, I doubt very much that 'Vincent' and 'Catherine" will never get beyond the sighing stage. In the real world their love would eventually be consummated, of that I am sure. Since they are not in the real world, your zine definitely fills in the gaps between the two. I look forward to my reserved copy of "A Secret Place II" and all of the rest yet to be published!

If I may be allowed, just a few brief comments on the stories? In December: I found it to be very sweet and could mentally hear 'Catherine' and 'Vincent's' voices saying those words, but I do not believe 'Vincent' would be quite that shy! Jeanne Cloud's story was terrific. She should write more. She certainly has a handle on the show and it's characters. However. I am sorry the story was induded in this zine because it didn't fit the theme of the rest of the stories.

The story Saowen is another example, but I do dream of them eventually having a family of their very own, one day. They are all fine stories and I am not criticizing in any way their talents, just whether they belong in the scheme of things.

I believe Ocean Upon The Sky to be the truest line I think. 'Catherine' and 'Vincent' would follow. I could almost imagine that on a T.V. episode. The poetry was enjoyable and the art work appealing. My only regret is that the zine was only 176 pages long. I hope I can get A Secret Place II before the November 18th airing. It would put me in thc mood for what is to come this season!

One, other thing: being married for 20 years, I am not upset by sex if it is presented in a tasteful manner. I do not cringe at the word and I am not blasé about it. I realize it is important in a well rounded relationship. So, your work and that of the authors is very acceptable to me. Your zine fills in the gaps perfectly for me from the other zines I have managed to get. Other stories are semi-romantic, adventurous and sometimes sad. I like to go back to your stories to alleviate my some times frustrations with the above concepts! Please keep up the good work. I sent a SASE for III, don't forget me - EVER! [6]

What a treat this was -- well worth the wait. [know there are lots of B&B skeptics who think the "relationship" can't ever be consummated. I hope they all read "ASP"!

My farorite long story was "Faraway Beast" by Nere Sago. Though the idea itself - Catherine going Below for vacation - isn't unique, the presentation was the best I've seen. The inter-play was very well handled between V&C and, especially be- tween they and Father (who is often too harsh in fan fic). I wish we could have heard some of those tantalizing childhood escapes. Father regales Catherine with! The first time scene stood out in this zine crammed with lots of lovely first time scenes. Vincent is treated with care concerning his special needs - and special problems in "that area". (A euphemism - always a euphemism!)

My favorite shorter piece was "Saowen". Lovely, just lovely and quite unexpected. I had to read it twice just to digest the nuances. The accompanying art by [Gayle F] was perfect. The kitty was a nice touch! It's always nice to see B&B art that isn't taken directly from available stills. I also liked the Sarah Leonard sketch on pg. 22 (for "The Guardian") very and peaceful and simple.

Other fun things -- Vincent's favorite food is ice cream!, the "you are magnificent" line in one form or another in a bunch of the stories, all Dragon's art.

One mention that must be... well... mentioned was the extraordinary layout/design of the zine. The page borders, and fill ins a special treat. What a thoughtful way to add just a bit more loveliness to ASP. It really shows the love and care that went into the making.[7]

I just received A SECRET PLACE #1 (and only a short time later finished reading it) and wanted to send my congratulations on a zine beautifully done. All of the stories were well written, especially Dovya Blacque's "Ocean Upon The Sky."

There are many things about Ms. Blacque's tale that are excellent -- a thoughtful plot, poetic style with perfect restraint and accurate characterizations. It is noteworthy, I thought, that Dovya captured some depth of character especially. Most of the other authors seemed primarily intent on Vincent's portrayal, a temptation perhaps because he is such a novel creation just as, for instance, Spock was in his universe.

I recall when I first watched the televised BEAUTY AND BEAST (I didn't catch the first few episodes) I was immediately captivated by Vincent but appreciated little of Catherine. It was only as the series progressed that I came to see Catherine as the beautiful and worthy woman that she is, perhaps partly because that is how Vincent sees her. Now she seems to me to be a whole and valuable person in her own right and I very much enjoy episodes that center on her and her trials in the world Above.

Another thing that is very right about this first zine is a little variety. In my humble and probably minority op1n10n I think it best to include stories that don't fixate on explicit sex. If every story is a contrivance to get Vincent and Catherine into bed, no matter how innovative the method or the manipulations, over time the overall enjoyment, the magic will be diminished. Sometimes a little is better than a lot; it's better to get up from the table a little hungry. All stories are better off for having a strong, interesting, believable plot....

Another comment about the zine: the poetry was lovely. Ordinarily I don't dwell on fanzine poetry but Sharon Pearsonls "Shadows" and your own "A Different Beauty" and "Mirrors" were all delightful. And Dragon's illustrations were wonderful (pp. 136 and 138) and added a special touch to tile zine.

One last MINOR point that I hesitate to add is this. In Jeanne Cloud's interesting tale "Some Way Back" Father gives Vincent steroids for a suspected infectious pneumonia. That's risky business. Giving steroids for smoke inhalation is okay but if Vincent's pneumonia is an infectious aspiration pneumonia (was he unconscious and simulateously knocked over in the course of the attack?) and he received steroids -- well, that can be a lethal combination. Contrary to popular opinion steroids are not a panacea or harmless drugs. And I very much enjoyed Ms. Cloud's story otherwise.

Boy, talk about picky LOCs. Disgusting, isn't it?

Anyway, I very much enjoyed all stories in ASP and would like to order ASP #2 and #3. Enclosed is a check and a SASE should any further issues come forth. Thank you very much for all the hard work you do, Alayne, in writing, artistry and publishing. Without you, none of these wonderful works would reach us, the readers. I appreciate that and you.[8]

Issue 2

front cover of issue #2, Alayne

A Secret Place 2 was published in 1989 and contains 168 pages. Artwork: Alayne (front cover), Dragon, Charlotte Hawey, Caro Hedge, Shellie Whild, Edith Crowe, Gayhart.

  • Editorial (3)
  • The Seduction of Virgins by D.V.S.--A verbal seduction? Vincent has his reservations... but apparently only for a short while... (4)
  • Dreams Die by Cybel Harper (27)
  • The Crystal and the Rose by Elaine Landman—After asking Father's advice on his physical attraction to Catherine, Vincent is convinced it was never meant to be... creating a challenge Catherine is determined to take up... and win... (28)
  • That Was Then... by Nina Thomas—Dorissa calls herself a spiritualist... she speaks of past lives, of past lives Catherine and Vincent have shared... The night after Catherine first visits Dorissa, she begins to dream... (43)
  • The Legend of the Beast and Beauty by Wendy Rathbone (57)
  • Moontide by Nancy Dell—It was another night for revelations, for admissions, for commitment... for love... and Catherine wasn't about to let one more chance to have what she wanted slip through her fingers... (61)
  • Beauty/Beast by Sue-Anne Hartwick (75)
  • Rubicon by Edith Crowe (77)
  • Dreams by R.C. Prince—Concerned more and more each day over Vincent's attachment to Catherine, Father seeks out the help of Narcissa in breaking the unearthly hold on his son... (78)
  • Midnight Obsessions by Jo Ann Sides (99)
  • A Gray Dawn Breaking by Elizabeth Bell—It was a crazy idea, taking Vincent to see the ocean, but it was an idea that, once it had occurred to her, Catherine was loathe to forget... (103)
  • Among the Ruins by Cybel Harper (128)
  • Mists of the Night by Merlyn Dane—Vincent gets fleas from a rescued kitten. (129)
  • Wings by Sue-Anne Hartwick (168)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

The Adult story lines continue in this anthology of 8 stories centering on the consummation of Catherine and Vincent's relationship. In 'The Seduction of Virgins,' Catherine argues her case for advancing the relationship; in 'That Was Then....' Catherine's erotic dreams of past lives with Vincent draw him to her during the night; and in 'Dreams' Father gets a potion from Narcissa to make Vincent forget Catherine. Other stories include 'Gray Dawn Breaking' in which Catherine takes Vincent to her beach house; and in 'Mists Of The Night,' after 3 weeks apart, Catherine searches Vincent out. Explicit sex.[9]
I don't have time to write a proper LOC on ASP #2, but I did want to say how very much I enjoyed "'The Seduction of Virgins" by DVS (whoever she may be). The dialogue was perfectly delightful, and by far the most erotic lead-in to a love scene between V&C that I've read yet. Please thank DVS for me.[10]

Let me catch my breath! I just finished ASP 2 and I'm still panting a bit. I've read steamy stories before but "Mists of Night" by Merlyn Dane fogged my contacts and carbonated my hormones! Talk about woman's fantasy! I could quote my favorite lines but they all make me blush. Chain this writer to a typewriter and keep her at it!

There were so many wonderful things in this zine. I love the wordplay in "The Seduction of Virgins" by, cryptically enough, D.V.S. I like the image of Catberine convincing Vincent with logic and love. The "past lives" theory in "that Was Then" by Nina Thomas had me speculating on those other five men. (I'll resist adding that Nina is mistaken -- he should have nine other lives!) Ever first kiss was very special, every first time exquisitely wrought. Reading "Gray Dawn Breaking" by Elizabeth Bell made me think, of course, of the aired episode, "Remember Love." To see Father so accommodating in this story made the RL Father seem very selfish indeed.

It's kind of a private joke how many times the word "magnificent" -- ahem -- arises when dealing with Vincent. I think the writers must find it irresistible. I look for it in every "first time" story. Keep those "magnificent" coming!

I have to mention the lovely art. I loved your cover -- very atmospheric and unusual. Dragon's pieces were perfect for every story they appeared in - especially (you know what I'm going to say) the fabulous full-length on pg. 144. That one goes in my private scrapbook for sure! But C&V as Romeo and Juliet was sweet and the kissing close-up on pg. 94 made me sigh. Congrats on the lovely Caro Hedge borders. I especially liked the all-too-brief candles around pg. 57-60. But they are all so fitting and elegant that I won't complain.

P.S. Shall I just send along my pay check for the next dozen issues -- anything to make sure you keep publishing!! [11]

Issue 3

front cover of issue #3, Phyllis Amason
back cover of issue #3

A Secret Place 3 It was published in 1989 and contains 168 pages. Artwork: Phyliss Amason (front and back covers), Caro Hedge, Phyliss Amason, Vicky Kime-Macky, Dragon, Cheryl Meidinger-Carter of "Solar Winds" ("Solar Winds" is a pen name of two fans), Shellie Whild, Gayle F. Cover by Phyliss Amason.

From the editorial:

First of all, I want to thank everyone for their support both In purchasing and In contributing to ASP. Without you, there would be no zine to read. And, though a few of you have been quite disapproving in your comments about the zine, most everyone has been highly positive about ASP and its contents.

The entire reason I decided to print ASP in the form In which I do (extremely adult) is be- cause I wanted to read this kind of story. And, since I couldn't find what I wanted to read else-where, It seemed it was up to me to provide the kind of story for which I was looking. I do my best to forewarn everyone of the nature of ASP, to make sure they understand that this is not an anthology to read if you're touchy about explicit written love scenes. Yet, as I've said, some readers have been highly offended. I can do no more than I have done to let people know exactly what they are ordering when they purchase ASP. So, to those few of you who are still offended that I even print ASP, I simply request that you ignore the fact that I'm here. I truly mean no harm to anyone, least of all the characters or the show; so as long as I don't force you to read what I print, please don't take it upon yourself to try to stop me from printing it.


I have a favor to ask all of you: please, In the future, do not order from me until you have received a flyer stating the zine is available! It's easy to make sure you know when the next issue of ASP is for sale... just make sure you have a # 10 (business size) SASE on file with me and you'll receive the next available flyer. The main reason for this request is that I don't want to owe anyone anything I may not be able to deliver. After all, this is a hobby and life happens.


As you may have noticed already, I've included a LOC (Letter Of Comment) section in this issue. I hope it will serve to show the wide range of people who read ASP and what they think of it. It's a little uncomfortable for me to print such glowing letters, but since there seemed to be an interest in seeing some LOCs, I've done so. It's especially awkward for me when those letters cite my own writing. I want to give extra thanks to everyone who wrote saying how much they enjoyed "Dovya's" work, we both thank you!


And I hope to continue printing a LOC sec-tion, so keep sending them in.

I hope to have ASP #4 available this June to premier at Koon-ut-CALI-CON here in San Diego June 14–16. The convention will be an adult convention, including "stralghf' adult and "slash" adult (stories about two men who are in love). There will be a lot of things to buy, many interesting panels to attend, fun things to do, a beach party, contests... and lots of California sunshine!
  • Real by Cybel Harper (6)
  • To be Proper by Neré Sago—To be proper, a young woman's beau meets her family, wins their respect, even asks permission to share her life... Catherine finds herself facing her father—and herself—on the matter of 'being proper' about her present 'beau'. (7)
  • Through Light and Shadow by Marye Lynn Wexford—Catherine's having a costume party designed especially so that Vincent can meet her friends. But unfriendly forces are at work to see that the evening ends in upheaval and tragedy... (25)
  • Melinda by Elaine Landman—The mysterious woman from Vincent's past is beautiful, friendly, curious, and intriguing... but her interest in Catherine isn't as innocent as it seems... (39)
  • Amber by Cybel Harper (49)
  • Crystal Demon by D.A. Martin (51)
  • Day/Night by Gina Alkazian (52)
  • The Secret Stairway by M. West—Tired of not being able to be together but for fleeting moments on her balcony or Below, Catherine goes about executing an elaborate plan that will enable her and Vincent to be together... always. (53)
  • Sacrifices by Sue-Anne Hartwick (113)
  • Winter's End by Cybel Harper (115)
  • Make Love to the Night by Sue-Anne Hartwick (116)
  • Daddy's Little Girl by Gina Alkazian—Charles Chandler was prepared for nearly any explanation of his daughter's unusual behavior over the past several months, any explanation but the one Catherine offers... (117)
  • Saturday by Christine Woodford—It's a beautiful Saturday morning when Catherine wakes to find Vincent still with her, a Saturday which is spent in relaxation, companionship, and love... (135)
  • Love's Song by Cybel Harper (163)
  • Beauty and Beast by Wendy Rathbone (165)
  • No Other by Cybel Harper (167)
  • What Can I Say to You by Gina Alkazian (168)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

This is one of the few zines with both front and back cover art. The Adult story lines continue in 'The Secret Staircase,' where Catherine renovates a house (and installs a stairway into the Tunnels) to help convince Vincent to consummate their love; 'Saturday,' which has Vincent staying over in Catherine's apartment and spending the day; and 'To Be Proper,' where in Vincent finally meets Catherine's father. In 'Melinda,' an ex-Tunnel dweller in love with Vincent returns and is upset to find that Vincent and Catherine are having an affair. Charles Chandler follows Catherine to the park entrance and soon discovers the world Below in 'Daddy's Little Girl.' Explicit sex.[12]

I just read A SECRET PLACE #3. I want to commend you on your excellent work down on this fanzine. Please send my thanks to M. West on the outstanding work done on "A Secret Stairway". Out of all the stories I have read, M. West has truly brought Catherine's and Vincent's relationship alive to me. Well done!

Also, the art done by Sharon Young was incredible. I hope these two fine talents will again appear in A SECRET PLACE #4 which I wish to order as soon as it becomes available to the public.

Keep up the good work!

[Editor's note: lid like to M. West and 'Solar WindsI in another issue of ASP, too!] [13]

Enjoyed A SECRET PLACE 113 very much especially "The Secret Stairway". That drawing next to page 56 -- oh my god! Hope the artist does more for you! Just took my breath away and definitely carbonated my hormones! (What is "Solar Winds" -- another zine? Any idea where to get that one?)

Would you consider printing my address in a future issue? I would dearly love to correspond with other B&B fans -- I seem to be the only one locally. Have posted signs in the comic book stores, taken out an ad in the paper -- all to no avail. Even my local CBS affiliate says 11m the only one to call about B&B not being on the fall schedule! Feel like 11m living in Outer Mongolia! So hearing from other fans of the show (& A SECRET PLACE) would make my day! And if by chance there is anyone in the immediate area out there\ I would. especially love to get in contact with you! Promise to answer everybody who writes. Look forward to hearing from you.[14]

Issue 4

front cover of issue #4, Jean Kluge -- from the zine's editorial: "I want to especially thank Jean Kluge for granting me the print rights for the beautiful little Vincent on the cover of this issue. I bought the original at IDICon in Houston in October of 1988 with only a glimmering of a hope that I could print it... and, thanks to Jean's generosity, I can share it with all of you. (I'm fairly sure she has... or at least had... prints available."

A Secret Place 4 was published in 1989 and contains 146 pages. Art: Alayne, Edith Crowe, Dragon, J. Ley, Kay Wells. Color cover by Jean Kluge.

[from the editorial]: Many people seem to think zine editing is a business and are surprised when they are not treated with the "professionalism" which they are expecting. Zine editing (or anything connected to zines such as writing or drawing) is a HOBBY. It must come after life considerations such as a job, a family, health, pets... life itself. I (and most zine editors) do this for fun. Letters such as those I mentioned briefly in item 2 above do not make producing a zine fun; they make it a pain in the ass, to be quite frank. We are in this for the enjoyment, please try to keep that in mind when corresponding with any zine editor. Remember, she's as much a fan of the show as you... she wouldn't be doing her zine otherwise... and is not producing a zine for the purpose of ripping anyone off.
  • Editorial (5)
  • The First Lesson by Ann Hart (6)
  • A Promising Disappearance by DVS—Finding Catherine's apartment empty and sensing a vague unhappiness through their bond, Vincent sets about discovering just where Catherine has gone... (7)
  • Soul of an Angel by Gina Alkazian (31)
  • Destiny by Cybel Harper (32)
  • The Beast Within by Gaia Propylaea—Wandering the depths of the tunnels, an accident brings Vincent and Catherine face-to-face with the inevitable possibilities of their relationship... (33)
  • When We Awake by Cybel Harper (45)
  • Tunnels by Crystal Hart (46)
  • The Power of Love by Anita M. Hooson—Finding the ambiguous nature of their relationship too frustrating to withstand, Catherine takes drastic steps to force Vincent's hand... (47)
  • The Crystal and the Rose by Gina Alkazian (58)
  • Gifts by Margaret Chase—A lesson in loving between two established lovers... (59)
  • Otherworld: Catherine's Poem by Ann Hart (65)
  • Escape by Crystal Hart (66)
  • A Knight to Remember by 'Nea Dodson—Upset over Michael's attraction to Catherine, Vincent discovers the truth behind Catherine's loyalty and love... (67)
  • Until the Dawn by Ann Hart (73)
  • The Light of My Life by Gina Alkazian (74)
  • She's Waiting by Dovya Blacque—Mouse has a few words for Vincent about love... (75)
  • A Dream Come True by Gina Alkazian—The bond that unites Catherine and Vincent in dangerous times proves to be just as strong during times of certain other intense emotions... (77)
  • The Other Side by Cybel Harper (88)
  • Vicent's Lament by Crystal Hart (89)
  • Endings by Ann Hart (90)
  • Home from the Sea by Anne Evans—Catherine is certain Vincent never wants to see her again; Vincent is certain he is doing the best thing for Catherine in keeping her at arm's length. It takes some time apart and a little intervention by a caring brother to set things right... (91)
  • Blessings by Cybel Harper (105)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 4

Besides more first-time stories, this volume contains some of Dragon's most well-known pieces of artwork. Stories include: 'A Promising Disappearance,' in which Catherine disappears (her father kidnaps her for a much needed vacation) and in Vincent's search for her, he meets Joe, Edie and Charles Chandler; and 'The Beast Within' has Catherine and Vincent going for a walk after leaving a wedding of Tunnel friends. The walk results in their first kiss and more. In 'The Gifts' Catherine teaches Vincent the ways of physical love and in 'A Dream Come True,' Vincent shares Catherine's erotic dreams. The longest story, 'Home From The Sea,' is set in the aftermath of 'The Outsiders.' Catherine misunderstands Vincent's intentions and believes he doesn't want to see her again. Meanwhile, Elliot Burch is one of her father's new clients and he is trying to get Elliot and Catherine together. Devin is featured and saves the day. Explicit sex.[15]

Issue 5

cover of issue #5, A.V. Whild

A Secret Place 5 contains 160 pages and was published in 1989. Artwork: Vincent portrait cover by A.V. Whild; art by J. Ley, Dragon, Arlene Geller, Rita Terrell, Sharon Reynolds.

  • Remember Love by Cybel Harper (10)
  • This Palace of Dim Light by Rebecca Eschliman—Everyone says Vincent has lost the fight with his darker self... everyone except Catherine who, with Narcissa's help, fights to prove she's right... (11)
  • The Beginning by J.A.M.--It's Christmas and Catherine has been invited Below to share the festivities. Little does she know that she's being asked Below to become part of that world... (21)
  • Nature's Child by Sue-Anne Hartwick (45)
  • Tell Me by Kassandra (46)
  • Completion by Gaia Propylaea—Fighting his darker half in the bowels of the tunnel world, Vincent calls for the woman he loves... and when she comes to him, they discover a truth they've both known for far too long... (49)
  • Imgination is Everything by Kassandra (71)
  • Sweet Dreams by Kriss Farver—After a hard day working in the tunnels, Vincent discovers an invitation to dinner in his chamber. It is from Catherine... Meanwhile, Catherine has some very specific plans for her evening with the man she loves... (80)
  • Fear/Joy by Sue-Anne Hartwick (107)
  • Wondrous Knight by Mia C. (109)
  • To Be Touched by Sue-Anne Hartwick (111)
  • Cry for the Children by Jeanie Humphrey—The words of a sick old man remain in Vincent's subconscious from the time of his childhood, staining his relationship with Catherine... until he learns that only love can heal a wound this deep... (112)
  • The Memory of Music by Dovya Blacque (139)
  • Promise of Today by Jessica—It has been some time since Catherine died in a car accident when a strange woman comes Below with news of how and why she died, bringing feelings to the surface of Vincent's soul he thought long faded from existence... (140)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 5

Volume 5 contains a variety of Adult story lines. Two stories, 'In This Place Of Dim Light' and 'Completion,' are centered around what happened in the cave. In 'For The Children,' Vincent and Catherine finally consummate their love, only to have Vincent decide it was a mistake. When Joe tries to console Catherine with dinner and wine, the evening almost ends with them in bed. Just in time she realizes it's Vincent he longing for. 'Promises Of Today' has Vincent trying to come to terms with his grief over Catherine's death in a car accident after detectives come to the Tunnels to deliver a letter left behind by Catherine. Vincent realizes there is something strange yet familiar about the young woman and decides to find out her mysterious secret. Explicit sex.[16]

Issue 6

cover of issue #6, Marilyn Cole

A Secret Place 6 was published in 1990 and contains 157 pages. Artwork by Judy Ley, Kriss Farver, Barbara Gipson, Dragon. Marilyn Cole is the front cover artist.

  • Server Soul by Dovya Blacque (10)
  • Dance With Me, Vincent by Joanne Gillmeister—A beautiful New Year's Eve, some candlelight, champagne and Catherine... the perfect setting for seduction... (11)
  • Unfinished Symphony by Kate Sheridan—The beginnings of a friendship for which both Vincent and Diana doubt either is quite yet prepared... (25)
  • The Path Chosen by Anita Hooson—Catherine's illness in the morning is only one indication of some extremely important changes that are about to take place in her life... (29)
  • In Dreams by Dovya Blacque (59)
  • Beauty by Cybel Harper (60)
  • Flight Into Darkness by Jeanie Humphrey—Catherine's attraction to the "Beast" inside Vincent causes some difficult and painful problems... (61)
  • The Morning After by Jessica—What really did happen last night? Father can't seem to remember... nor can Vincent. And then Catherine starts to remind Vincent of all that passed between them... (107)
  • Stasis by Dovya Blacque (119)
  • For A Moment I Allowed Myself To Dream, Catherine by Kassandra (120)
  • A Stroke of Fate by Gaia Propylaea—Devin's surprise appearance mere days before Catherine and Vincent's wedding, affords Catherine a wonderful opportunity to learn more abut her future husband's past... (121)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 6

A variety of Vincent and Catherine in sexual relationship stories and poems. Nice art. Does contain one 3-page Diana and Vincent (non-sexual) romance story that is clearly labeled for those who wish to skip it. Explicit sex.[17]

Issue 7

cover of issue #7, KOZ

A Secret Place 7 was published in 1990 and contains 157 pages. Art by Judy Ley, S. Leonard. Barbara Gipson, Kriss Farver, Dragon, Anja Gruber and KOZ (front cover).

  • Directions by Roberta Swinson—The voice spoke to Vincent of Catherine's spirit and how it would return to him... but he wasn't quite prepared for the sight that greeted him when he was drawn to a strange hospital room.. (11)
  • To Journey Beneath the Earth by Gaia Propylaea—To escape the oppressive heat Above, Catherine accepts Vincent's invitation to spend more time Below exploring the mysteries of his world... (17)
  • Evermore by Joan Ann Mrazik—Elliot Burch, finally released from protective custody, seeks out Vincent... only to find he's not the only one who's death had been greatly exaggerated... (49)
  • The Dark Side by Kassandra (81)
  • The Heart of Childhood by Jessica—It's Winterfest and something is bothering Mouse... Father and Vincent ask Catherine to see if she can urge the boy to talk... (83)
  • Sweet Dreams, Part 2 by Kriss Farver—After their night of discovery, Catherine and Vincent take a vacation Below... (91)
  • We Belong by Mia C. (127)
  • To Believe in Faery Tales by Sandra Orr—Catherine comes back to consciousness after her attack to find her mysterious doctor—Vincent Wells—nowhere to be found; only rumors exist and her father's and Peter Alcott's amazing stories of the doctor who saved her life... (128)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 7

More Vincent and Catherine stories. Also contains the second part of 'Sweet Dreams,' begun in ASP 5. Beautiful borders and an especially sexy art piece by Kriss Farver. Explicit sex.[18]

Issue 8

cover of issue #8, Dragon

A Secret Place 8 It was published in 1991 and contains 164 pages. Art information: Barbara Gipson, Kriss Farver (borders), Judy Ley, Dragon (cover).

  • Catherine, at Night by Dovya Blacque (1)
  • Walls of Brick and Stone by Pamela D. Davis (11)
  • Writing Grief by Dovya Blacque (47)
  • Enchanting Vincent by Dovya Blacque (49)
  • Another Season by Lori A. Meyers (51)
  • You Dreamt by Kassandra (71)
  • The Rites of Spring by Trinette L. Kern (75)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 8

Volume 8 in this series contains a nice mix of stories and poetry. There is a delightful first-time story well as the novelette, Rites of Spring, wherein Edie meets Vincent. Explicit sex. Gorgeous artwork.[19]

Issue 9

cover of issue #9, Barbara Gipson

A Secret Place 9 was published in September 1991 and contains 113 pages. Art information: Vincent-in-blue-jeans cover by Barbara Gipson; interior art by Gipson, Jackie Kapke, Alayne, Deb Base-Smith, Lee.

  • Catherine's Longing by Jackie Kapke (5)
  • Tomorrow Will Come, Diana by Kassandra (19)
  • The Hush of Silence by Dovya Blacque (25)
  • Months After, poem by Dovya Blacque (27)
  • You Have the Right, poem by Kassandra (28)
  • Truly Together by Annalisa Castaldo (29)
  • Lover, At Last by Jackie Kapke (41)
  • Explorations by Kassandra (45)
  • Wither Thou Goest... by DeBorah Maureen Eaton (49)
  • Dreams Last Night by Dovya Blacque (57)
  • Differences by Kassandra (59)
  • You Purred for Me, poem by Kassandra (60)
  • In Sight of Shangri-la by Dovya Blacque (61)
  • The Rival by Annalisa Castaldo (95)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 9

This zine contains a variety of stories and poems dealing with the sexual relationship of Vincent. Diana appears in one moving piece of poetry. Mention is made of Vincent's brief sexual relationship with a Tunnel-dweller in his youth. Lovely art. Explicit sex.[20]

Issue 10

cover of issue #10, artist Jim Garrison

A Secret Place 10 was published in 1992 and contains 176 pages. Art information: Much art, by Sandy (Chandler) Shelton, Kriss Farver (pictures and borders), Judy Ley, DeBorah Maureen Eaton, Barbara Gipson (1 bluejeans V portrait), Jim Garrison, GEM.

  • Fires by David A. Crowther (8)
  • Distant Sands by Pamela D. Davis—The revenge of an Arabian sheik takes Vincent and Devin halfway around the world on a search for the missing Catherine... with the grudging assistance of Elliot Burch... (9)
  • To Keep You Safe and Warm by DeBorah Maureen Eaton (31)
  • How Came We Here? by Kassandra (43)
  • Ties That Bind by K.J. Morgia (45)
  • Do I Dare? by DeBorah Maureen Eaton (56)
  • Dare to Dream by DeBorah Maureen Eaton—Vincent's increasing confusion over his emotions for Catherine cause him to seek Father's advice... who sends him to the source for his answers... (57)
  • Night of Beauty by Robbie Sturm (64)
  • Let Me Love You by Sylvia Sutton (65)
  • New Horizons by Christine Cunningham (71)
  • That Subtle Knot by Annalisa Gastaldo—With Vincent under the weather, Catherine comforts him by reading some of his favorite books aloud... but one too many tragic love stories forces her hand in her own unfinished love story. (113)
  • Myth by Janet M. Aspinall—A newly adopted kitten causes concern and soul searching that eventually leads Catherine to a discussion about Vincent's origins. (121)
  • Kiss Me by Kassandra (137)
  • Origins by Gaia Propylaea and Patti Astore (139)


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