Meg Fine

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Name: Meg Fine
Type: fan poetry
Fandoms: Star Trek and Starsky & Hutch
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Meg Fine was an early contributor to both the Star Trek and Starsky & Hutch fandoms.

In addition to her fan writing, she helped proofread the early issues of T'hy'la in the days when zines were typewritten.

She passed in 2001.


"I was so sorry to hear [of Meg's passing] - I'd lost contact with Meg in recent years, but she used to go to the NoCal K/S parties..... One year a huge group of us went to Idicon in Houston - we took over a big section of the plane - everyone was filled with energy. It was Meg's first flight and she was so thrilled to be there. She helped proofread a couple of the early issues of T'hy'la, when they were typewritten. I'd have a small zine-producing party when most everything was ready to go to the printer - proofreading and pizza!" ~ Source: Kathy Resch, 2001, quoted with permission.