Parallax Ring

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Title: Parallax Ring
Publisher: Empyrean Publications
Editor(s): Pam Trippel
Date(s): January 1984
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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front cover by B.P. Gordon
back cover, B.P. Gordon

Parallax Ring is a 277-page gen Star Trek: TOS anthology edited by Pam Trippel. The covers are by B.P. Gordon.

From the Editor

The editor included a questionnaire on the last page: "Kindly take a moment to complete it so that the next issue, and the novels, can be better."

There was an announcement about three upcoming novels, none of which came to be, at least under these descriptions: "1. 'J.D. Banner': 'A revolutionary discovery, a diplomatic hotbed, a rogue, and an eccentric provide Kirk, Spock, and McCoy with an 'excedrin headache' as they attempt to carry out their mission. Planned for Winter '84 from Crissandra Scott.' 2. 'Framework': 'An ordinary rescue mission becomes complicated by Starfleet policies and Spock's personal dilemma. An alternate, post-V'Ger novel.' 3. 'Eminence Griese': "The Enterprise crew becomes entangled in a game of deadly intrigue when their path crosses a Kai team's."


This zine contains extensive art, and a sample is in the gallery below.

  • Letter from the Editor (ii)
  • Clair de Lune, story by D. Courtright, art by TACS (1)
  • Doomsday by B.L.Barr (36)
  • Early Morning Musings by Dawn E. Law, art by S. Olezeski, (37)
  • Behind the Scene, story by Darien Duck, art by Andrea Kunz and Barbara Gordon (In the hours immediately following Spock's death, we follow McCoy as he deals with the chaos in sickbay, cares for Kirk, and tries to deal with his own grief.) (38)
  • The Darkened Road by Flora Poste (45)
  • First Best Destiny, story by Barbara Gordon, art by Barbara Gordon and ERIC (46)
  • To Wish Upon a Star by Meg Fine (65)
  • Tholian Afterthoughts by B.L. Barr, art by E.B. Lacey (66)
  • Down by the Seashore, story by C.J. McNally, art by June Grandy (67)
  • A Very Short Study in Bad Taste by C.J. McNally (70)
  • Paperwork by Meg Fine, art by TACS (71)
  • Story Contest (72)
  • Five Princess, story by Linda Slusher, art by June Grandey (73)
  • Desoloatin by Dre'Lanzer, art by E.B. Lacey (85)
  • Spare My Crew, story by Debbie Gilbert, art by Caren Parnes (87)
  • The Touch of Your Thoughts by George Marshall (123)
  • Mind Touch by George Marshall, art by Danaline Bryant (123)
  • The Symbol, and One by Teresa Sarick (125)
  • Touch by Crystal Ann Taylor, art by Nan Lewis (126)
art for the story contest by TACS, entrants were to write a story based on this picture
  • To Seek a Balance, story by Crissandra Scott, art by June Grandey and Lydia A. Moon (Alternate version of the time following the 5 year mission. Spock is on Vulcan attempting to attain the Kohlinar while Kirk and McCoy are continuing to serve on the Enterprise. Both Kirk and Spock are not dealing successfully with their life apart, but Spock refuses to respond to all messages from Kirk. McCoy, worried for the sanity of both men, takes matters into his oun capable hands.) (127)
  • Last Days of a Legend, story by Richard Pollet, art by Barbara Gordon (143)
  • An Equation of the Heart by Crystal Ann Taylor, art by E.B. Lacey (154)
  • The Meld by Joan Ryan (155)
  • Swan's Song by Meg Fine, art by Barbara Gordon (160)
  • Things that Go Bump in the Night by KIRK, art by Gennie Summers (The Enterprise encounters the Courageous, a derelict ship rumored to be haunted. A boarding party does meet what appears to be the supernatural entities of the ships crew. McCoy is seized by whatever controls the derelict and the Enterprise is propelled away from any chance to rescue their CMO.) (161)
  • Star Trek Connections by Art S. Kert, art by Maureen B. (184)
  • Perchance to Dream, story by Moria Washburn, art by Washburn, Barbara Gordon and Lydia A. Moon (185)
  • First Impressions by Lynlee Brice (223)
  • If I Could Choose by Crystal Ann Taylor (228)
  • Invited Intruder by Dawn E. Law, art by Caren Parnes (229)
  • Enterprise by Meg Fine (230)
  • Dilemma, story by Crissandra Scott, art by Gennie Summers, Andrea Kunz, Caren Parnes (231)
  • Transporter Blues by Meg Fine (277)