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Title: APA Enterprise
Editor(s): Mark Ernst, then S. Schnitger
Date(s): 1980-1985
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
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APA Enterprise (which stands for "Amateur Press Association Enterprise") was the first Star Trek APA and was created by Mark Ernst in 1980. Other participants included Derek McCulloch.

There were 25 issues, the last mailed in July 1985.

From an Advertisement

"APA Enterprise is not a fanzine, but an APA to which members belong, not subscribe. It costs $2.00 to join --$3.00 initially to become a member with additional dues collected as needed to pay postage and other expenses. Membership is limited to 25, but we only have five currently. Minimum contributions of 5 pages each of these mailings are expected and 30 copies are required of each page, or printing is available at cost to member. Deadlines will fall in Feb, Apr, June, Aug, Oct, and Dec. The central theme, of course, is ST, but anything is accepted."[1]

The End in 1986?

WHATEVER HAPPENED TO APA ENTERPRISE? After four years and twenty-four thriving issues helmed by three competent central mailers, the healthy roster of some twenty members elected Phylliss D. Langdon of Pueblo, Colorado as its fourth Captain to lead the amateur press association into its fifth year, who in turn appointed Judy M. Korte of Denver, Colorado as her First Officer. The two new officers mailed the twenty-fifth issue of Apa Enterprise to the membership in July, 1985... ...and that's the last anyone that I know of has heard about Phyllis, Judy, or the apa. Several members of the apa are regular contributors to INTERSTAT: [Susan Beth S], [Ruth K] Lym, [Dawn L], and others. I've received absolutely nothing concerning the fate of Apa Enterprise in my own mail and am extremely surprised not to have seen any reaction from any of the other former members. I ask again, of anyone with any knowledge at all: Whatever happened to Apa Enterprise? To the zines that were sent for the August 30, 1985 deadline? To the $58.25 treasury entrusted to them? To the back issues and all other materials connected with the apa? [2]

Reactions and Reviews

With APAs now listed in Forum, a combination review/explanation might be in order... Each member produces X number of copies of their 'zine' or contribution for each mailing. All contributions are sent to the OE who collates together all of them and mails on complete set back to each member. The general effect is something like a group letter, and something like an exclusive letterzine with required participation... Anything and everything gets discussed in an APA, but they are generally built around a theme. 'APA Enterprise' is the newest of a very small number of Trek or Media APAs. Its Official Editor is Mark Ernst, and there are currently eleven members. They'd like twenty-five members. The current membership is an odd blend of Trek fen and comics-fen-into-Trek, and several interesting discussions are developing... 'APA Enterprise' has a curious way of reducing costs by selling back issues for a dollar. An APA is very hard to describe, as it's the combined personalities of many people. They can be especially useful to new fans. There is the benefit of 'writing' to a dozen people at once, as well as the discipline of the for! 'APA Enterprise' is considerably more structured than most APAs I've seen.[3]


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