Captain's Quarters (Star Trek zine)

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Title: Captain's Quarters
Editor(s): Eric L. Watts
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek
Language: English
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Captain's Quarters is a newsletter published by United Federation of Trekkers.

"The United Federation of Trekkers is one organization concerned with the more practical, mature side of fandom."

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Issue 11

This was reprinted in APA Enterprise #2.

Issue 12

This was reprinted in APA Enterprise #3.

Issue 13

This was reprinted in APA Enterprise #3.


This was reprinted in APA Enterprise #4.


This was reprinted in APA Enterprise #4.


This was reprinted in APA Enterprise #5.

Issue 18

Captain's Quarters 18 was published in February 1982 and contains 8 pages. It was also reprinted in APA Enterprise #6 in April 1982.

cover of issue #18, Eric L. Watts
from issue #18

From the zine:

When Gene Roddenberry first sat down to actively conceive STAR TREK in the early Sixties, he had little idea of the phenomenon it would become. One of the single most popular programs in television history, STAR TREK, during its three years originally on the air, produced seventy-nine episodes that touched the hearts of millions. Its format of exploring morality, ethics, human understanding, human weakness and strength, and reminding its audience of the human spirit through well-conceived entertainment has made STAR TREK a cult among its diverse fans. Fourteen years after STAR TREK's cancellation, the TREK following is still in full force. STAR TREK's continued popularity is a testament to the incredible influence of television. Community organizations and lobbies were established throughout the nation by loyal followers to communicate and share in the prospects of the future and the human spirit as STAR TREK strove to promote. While some of these community organizations are exercises in irresponsible fantasizing and an irrational glorification of STAR TREK (which has given the fandom movement as a whole a bad name), still others are dedicated to a practical realization of a better future and concern for the continuation of the human race as indicated in STAR TREK.

  • Indicia (2)
  • Greetings! (3)
  • Galactica Ad Infinitum (5)
  • Departments (7)

Issue 19

Captain's Quarters 19 was published in March 1982 and contains 12 pages.

cover of issue #19, Bryon Barnette

It was also reprinted in APA Enterprise #6 in April 1982.

This issue contains a large update on the upcoming CarolinaCon , a one-day comics and Star Trek con (September 4, 1982, American Legion Hall, Columbia, SC).

  • Indicia (2)
  • Greetings! (3)
  • Collapsar Command Screening Room (best and worst Star Trek films) (4)
  • Jean Lorrah's Writers' Workshop ("The Jesse Stuart Creative Writing Workshop of Murray State University Presents 'A Workshop in Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy' June 19-25, 1982 -- Jean Lorrah and Jaqueline Lichtenberg) (7)
  • Galactica Ad Infinitum, article by F. Douglas Gore III called "Star Trek and the Eighties," foci: commercialism, attitudes, societal norms (9)
  • Departments (11)