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Name: Diane Duane
Also Known As:
Occupation: author
Medium: published novels, television scripts
Works: The Young Wizards sequence; Several Star Trek novels; several fantasy novels
Official Website(s): www.dianeduane.com
Diane Duane's Tumblr
Diane Duane's Twitter
Fan Website(s): The Owl Springs Partnership site for Diane Duane and Peter Morwood, her husband: www.ibmpcug.co.uk/~owls/
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Diane Duane is a writer of science fiction and fantasy novels. Her works have been written for in Yuletide, particularly the Young Wizards series and the Tale of the Five series.

She is also the author of several Star Trek: The Original Series novels, including Spock's World, My Enemy, My Ally, The Wounded Sky and The Romulan Way. Her detailed exploration of Romulan culture and language was generally embraced by Trek fandom. The Wounded Sky includes several scenes in the U.S.S. Enterprise's recreation room, one of which quotes a Star Trek filk song based on John Denver's Calypso.

Diane Duane is active in fandom as a con attendee, con guest of honor, and as a commenter in fan spaces. In 1985, she attended Take My Con... Please! as Guest of Honor. In 1980, she wrote a long letter to Zeor Forum #2 in which she addressed two fan's reviews of "The Door into Fire." Duane has also been known to comment on Fandom Wank. ("Yes, that Diane Duane.")

She also has a Tumblr. The tag "#not you DD" is common in Tumblr-based Young Wizards fandom; Diane has blocked that tag so that she can avoid fanfiction, speculation and RPing based on the Young Wizards series, which she is still working on.

See Professional Author Fanfic Policies.

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