The Star Trek Historical Calendar

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Title: The Star Trek Historical Calendar
Publisher: DataZine Publications
Contributors: prepared by Atlanta Star Trek Rediscovery Association (ASTRA)
Date(s): 1985-1990
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek
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The Star Trek Historical Calendar is a monthly calendar annotated with various dates associated with the people and events related to the production of the Star Trek series and movies, supplemented with dates from history, science and technology as they related to Star Trek. Cartoons are interspersed throughout the calendar. Staple-bound with stiff paper covers.

The first calendar was published in 1984 (for 1985). Starting in 1987, the name changed to 'The Star Trek Hysterical Calendar'.

In 1988, a separate Star Trek: TNG calendar was published, and the Star Trek: TOS calendars were renamed to "Classic Trek".


1984/1985: unknown

1985: Tim Farley and Don Harden

1986: Don Harden

1987: Don Harden

1988: Michael C. Goodwin

1989: Michael C. Goodwin

1990: Michael C. Goodwin (ST: TOS and ST: TNG), Michael Fisher (science fiction movies)

From the Back of the 1985 Issue

"This calendar is the result of many months of research and effort on the part of members of the Atlanta Star Trek Rediscovery Association (ASTRA), Atlanta's finest and fastest growing Star Trek organization.... This calendar is our latest project. The material in this calendar was researched and the pages laid out by Tim Farley, with thanks to Don Harden, Randy Landers, Alex Rosen, and Ruth Breisinger for material and ideas. The cartoons were drawn by ASTRA's own Don Harden, with thanks to Tim Farley, Randy Landers, Alex Rosen, Anson Kennedy, Tony Gray and the correspondents of Interstat for idea and material... The information in this calendar is not intended as an exhaustive history of the Star Trek phenomenon. We concentrated on people and events closely related to the production of the Star Trek series and movies, but even some of these dates were less than simple to track down. These were supplemented with dates from world history and the history of science and technology which were considered significant to Star Trek."

Looking Back: The 1985 Issue

From one of its creators, Tim Farley:
In the 1980s I was a college student and in my spare time I was involved in Star Trek fandom, including running a local fan club. In order to raise money for the group, for a couple years we printed a commemorative calendar featuring the cartoons of Don Harden and historical dates relating to Star Trek on the calendar pages. The dates and the page layout were my work.

In those pre-Internet days, researching the material for the calendar was quite tedious. It involved hundreds of note cards and many trips to the library. And creating the page layout was even more tedious, involving an IBM Selectric typewriter and literal cutting and pasting.

Each daily fact had to be sliced from a typewritten sheet and glued into place on the appropriate date. (You may notice that some of the text is not perfectly aligned.) [1]






1989 (TOS)

1989 (TNG)

1990 (TOS)

1990 (TNG)

1990 (science fiction movies)


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